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    Khitomer accord - Guide

    Heart Of Gold

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    Khitomer accord - Guide

    Post by Lorth on Sun May 16, 2010 4:00 am

    This is a detailed guide for the STF “Khitomer Accord”. My first piece
    of advice is that if you are thinking about taking it on, make sure you
    have enough time set aside to finish it. It can
    easily take 2.5 hours or more
    for a regular PUG that is not
    completely specced out specifically for this mission. Unlike other STFs
    if someone leaves and you have to go add someone new to the group it
    can set you back an hour or more due to the way the different sections
    are broken up. If you just have a time for a quick run, stick to

    Temporal Gate Defense (space - about 25 minutes)

    When you warp in with your team you will see (in addition to a really
    stunning background) 3 gates. To your left is a transwarp gate similar
    to the one at the beginning of “Infected” but without the 3 transmitters
    around it (this is referred to as the “Left Gate”). To your right is a
    duplicate transwarp gate (“Right Gate”). In the center is a temporal
    gate (“Center Gate”).

    To start with there are some trash mobs including a couple spheres and
    probes, one borg cube and one tactical cube. I recommend flying around
    to the left side of the mobs and clearing the probes and spheres first.
    Then focus fire on the regular cube and finally take on the tactical
    cube. Once you have engaged the tactical cube drag it over to the Right
    Gate and fight it there.

    When the tactical cube is destroyed the shield around both Left and
    Right Gates will drop and a group of 4 probes and 4 spheres will spawn
    at each of the Left and Right Gates. If you destroy the tactical cube
    close to the gate (preferably on the side of the Right Gate that is
    nearest the Center Gate) its explosion will damage the Right Gate and
    may even wipe out the first right side spawn of probes and spheres.
    With the tactical cube down a cycle begins…

    The shield on each of the Left Gate and Right Gate drops and the
    Probe/Sphere spawn warps in. The shield stays down for 15 seconds. The
    probes with their sphere escort make a run for the Center Gate.
    Important note: if 6 total probes reach the Center Gate you fail the
    mission and get a 15 minute reset timer for your group before you can
    start again. The shield stays up on the Left and Right Gates for 2
    minutes and 45 seconds. At this point it drops again and the cycle

    *Side rant* The 15 minute failure lockout is one of the most annoying
    things I can imagine being added to a video game. I really do not
    understand how this was seen as a good idea. Was this supposed to be
    their take on a death penalty? Let me be clear, I LOVE the idea that
    you can fail the mission. That is a cool twist. But it is so hard to
    find a group that has completed The Cure and can even do this mission.
    If we fail we want to try it again, RIGHT AWAY! Pro tip - If you fail the mission due to the
    probes getting through, have everyone go out into sector space. Break
    up the group and then reinvite everyone. When you go back in it will be
    reset with no timer. *End
    side rant*

    How you want to handle this can vary depending on the makeup of your
    group. This is an example of how it worked for me. We had 2 escorts
    and 3 cruisers so it can be done without all escorts. We had our whole
    group except for one escort on the Right Gate. When the shield drops,
    all 4 of us DPS the gate hard. As soon as its shield goes up we hunt
    the four right side probes (ignoring the spheres). Once the four probes
    from the right side are down we pop Evasive Maneuvers and book it to
    the left side. The solo escort on the Left Gate tries to get any probes
    down he can then we swoop in to clean them up before they can reach the
    Center Gate. After all 8 probes are down, focus fire on the spheres to
    get as many down as you can. Pro tip -
    It seems that every once in a while a Sphere will enter the
    Center Gate and it will count against your 6 allowed. However, if you
    shoot each sphere at least once they will turn and attack you and break
    off their run for the Center Gate. (This will not work for the Probes,
    they ignore you and just do a straight run.) Once the gate shield has
    been up for 2:15 start getting back into position for the next shield
    drop. Keep in mind, positioning is important here. You want to be
    close to the Right Gate to increase DPS but still on the path between
    the Right Gate and the Center Gate so you don’t have to chase the probes
    too far. Also mines may be useful here if laid in advance of the

    Once you get the Right Gate down its spawn will also be destroyed, so no
    needed cleanup on that side. However you will get an additional 2 borg
    cubes from the remaining Left Gate. Now all 5 captains can group up on
    the left gate and focus on DPSing the Left Gate when the shield drops,
    taking out the probes before they reach the Center Gate, cleaning up the
    Spheres and Cubes. A tip here, if the cubes are still up, new cubes
    will NOT spawn. But they are regular cubes and not too tough to deal
    with so I suggest positioning them near the Left Gate and timing their
    explosion to do extra gate damage and damage to the next spawn if
    possible. If you have gotten the Right Gate down you are on your way to
    beating this portion of the mission. After the Left Gate is down enter
    the Temporal Gate to advance to the next section.

    Cube Clean Up (space - about 10 minutes)

    There are six regular cubes in orbit with a couple of probes and spheres
    for escort. There is no big secret here. Just mop them up. Tips
    include: 1. Save your Evasive Maneuvers and Brace for Impact. When a
    cube is about to blow pop both and get out of there, the explosions are
    massive. 2. If you can group the cubes together that massive explosion
    will help you take down the next cube. That’s it for here. Beam down
    to the planet.

    Raiding the Underground Bunker (ground - about 35

    Turn around to your right and go scan the shiny rocks. Then enter the

    You will find yourself in an underground facility. There are about a
    dozen groups that you have to work your way through. There is nothing
    you haven't seen before in Infected or The Cure. Pull agro on the
    group, have someone run in and take out the node, focus fire and DPS
    down each drone. Start with the Infected Drones (don't let them get too
    close) and work up from there.

    Proceed down the ramp to the T junction. There is a group of borg at
    the T slightly off to the right. The node for this group is also to the
    right, up against the wall. Go down the right ramp and a second group
    of borg will beam in without a node. At the bottom of the ramp is a
    group of borg in an alcove. The node for this group is inside the next
    room up to the right on a ramp. There is a second node in this room
    that is linked to the group of borg outside the room (on the left side
    ramp). This group can be avoided.

    After you pass through the room and proceed down the ramp another group
    spawns at the T junction with a node in the middle of the group. Again,
    proceed down the right ramp. As you make the turn a spawn will beam in
    with a node tucked up in the curve of the hallway. The next group is
    down the ramp and its node is on the ramp in plain sight. There is one
    more group at the entrance to a large room with multiple ramps. The
    node for this group is opposite the entrance.

    In the large room with the ramps there are 4 groups of Borg that you
    will have to deal with. The first two nodes are on top of boxes to your
    left in plain sight. The third group beams in at the bottom of the
    last ramp. And the fourth group has a node that is behind one of the
    support pillars near the exit of the room. After you have cleared this
    room, proceed down the long hallway, deal with the remaining patrols and
    enter the shield room.

    Shield Room (about 30 mins)

    You will eventually reach a large room with 3 different levels and a
    shield generator puzzle. You need to clear the room of borg first.
    Important note - If you die outside of this big room and respawn you
    will be back at the beginning of the level and have a LONG run back.
    However if you die inside the room you will respawn right outside it.

    The way I recommend you tackle this room is to enter and immediately
    turn left and jump over the railing to the bottom floor. This will
    allow you to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top of the
    room hopefully taking each group on 1 at a time. A word of caution -
    the agro in this room is kind of squirrly. If you use any big AOE
    abilities (Orbital Bombardment for example) it may bring the whole room
    running to you. So starting on the bottom floor go to the left corner.
    At the back left corner near a shield generator is the first group.
    The node off to the right of the group, behind a pillar, near the center
    of the level.

    If you are standing at the first shield generator on the bottom floor,
    turn until you see the second generator on this floor. There is a group
    of borg around that second generator with the node located to the right
    of the group, again behind a pillar. After the bottom floor has been
    cleared make your way up to the second floor and clear the groups there
    as well. There is one group at each of the two shield generators and a
    third in the center of the room. The nodes are located close by and
    can't be missed. Then finish off the remaining groups on the third
    floor (check for nodes on the ramps).

    After the room has been cleared send one person (your lowest DPS
    preferably) to use the center console near the entrance to the room. It
    will transport him to a different room. The four remaining captains
    should group up around the shield generator on the top floor, left side.
    This is where the puzzle begins. The person in the separate room has
    to hit the right buttons to drop the shield around the generator near
    the team. You should be at "Alpha 2". Listen to the female borg voice,
    she will tell you which node you have just approached. The person in
    the room should hit the first button (alpha) and then the second button
    (2). Feel free to experiment with this. It isn't too hard and there is
    no penalty for the wrong shield being dropped.

    Once the shield drops the team of 4 will have only a couple seconds to
    destroy the generator. This is actually pretty tough. You need your
    best burst damage kits on. Try to expose the generator and exploit it
    once or twice. The reason you are at generator Alpha 1 is because there
    will not be any spawns with it when the shield goes down (this is not
    true for the other generators). So DPS the generator down and if you
    fail just try again. Once it is destroyed the solo person in the small
    room will be able to activate a console in there that will "Extend
    Shield Time". Update - The "Extend Shield Time may have been removed. I
    didn't see it after the latest patch and my group didn't need it. The
    solo person may also have to deal with a borg spawn, so the group may
    have to go beam in and help him.

    Repeat this process for the five remaining generators. Each destroyed
    generator will give you a little extra time (as long as the solo person
    deactivates the consoles). But when each of the other shields goes down
    it will spawn a small group of borg with it. You have to ignore them
    and burn down the generator. If you destroy it you can then take out
    the group. If you do not get the generator down in time the group
    despawns and you can try again. Once all 6 generators have been
    destroyed the entire room respawns (Not sure if this is a bug or
    intended, but either way it is really annoying).

    Work your way up to the top floor to a large gateway device. If you
    jump into the device it will kill you and give you an Accolade. There
    is rumor that this is supposed to be what gives you the hidden Borg BO,
    but I can't confirm this yet. Destroy the gateway using the console
    next to it and then exit the room the way you came in. Straight ahead
    there is a second gateway device. Take out the group guarding it and
    then destroy the device. Work your way down the hall (which has a few
    simple spawns) until you reach the room at the end with the ground boss
    in it 6 of 10.

    Bunker Boss Confrontation (ground - about 10 minutes)

    This is a pretty straight forward fight. 6 of 10 is in a small room at
    the end of a long hall. It is standing on a platform in the center of
    the room and there is a bank of alcoves on both side walls of the room.
    When the fight starts the borg in the alcoves start activating and
    coming to attack you along with 6 of 10.

    The only real trick to this fight are the two Interlink Nodes that are
    hidden in the back of the room just out of line of sight from the front
    of the room. One good strategy is to have someone pull 6 of 10 and
    whatever agro they can and then duck just out of the room to break line
    of sight. There is a great choke point at the entrance to the room that
    is very narrow. A force field dome will work wonders here. Once agro
    is pulled have a couple runners (preferably with root and snare
    resistance) run to the back of the room and take out both nodes. Then
    focus fire and take out the minions and finally 6 of 10.

    Pro tip - If you destroy the nodes but
    the group dies while fighting the boss, the nodes stay destroyed
    and your second try will be much easier as you can just focus on holding
    the doorway and doing damage to 6 of 10 and the minions.

    Hide and Seek - Final Boss (space - about 40 minutes)

    Beam back to your ship and prepare for a long fight. You will meet the
    boss in space who proceeds to call in a wave of probes. Dispatch them
    and warp after your prey.

    This fight is a long one, mostly due to the fact that the boss Battle
    Cloaks very often, but it isn't particularly hard. Pro tip - Be sure to fire torpedo's any time
    you have a chance, because there is a good chance they will hit while
    she is cloaked and deal extra damage. The major attacks in the boss's
    arsenal include a Charge Up Super Shot and a Large Torpedo Spread. The
    Charge Up Shot is usually done after she comes out of cloak. There is a
    5 second or so charge up time with a glowing green cone that indicates
    the targeted area. You do not want to get caught in this attack. If
    you can't avoid the attack, pop whatever defense buffs you have and you
    can survive it, but it will hurt. The Torpedo Spread is really devastating. The boss launches about a dozen torpedo's in a rapid fire
    spread. I was one shotted (in an escort) by this attack quite a few

    As the boss pops in and out of cloak she also drops probes and has
    standard energy (beams and cannons) attacks. Once you get her down to
    about 70% the boss warps in a group of cubes and spheres. Deal with
    them and then focus on the boss again. When you get her down to about
    30% she calls in about 4 small groups of probes. Clean them up and
    finish off the boss. Collect your loot and Congrats! You have
    completed the mission and preserved the time line!

    Lorth's Notes
    (This guide is to familiarize you with the basic's of the encounters and strategy maybe altered depending on your team preference)

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    Re: Khitomer accord - Guide

    Post by MacGrath on Thu May 20, 2010 9:26 am

    I would like to point out for those that have not completed this, you get a PURPLE BO for doing the Assimilated Accolade. I dont know if the BO is different for everyone but I got a Liberated Borg Sci BO

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