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    Infected - Guide

    Heart Of Gold

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    Infected - Guide

    Post by Lorth on Sat May 15, 2010 1:19 pm

    Guide: Infected

    From Star Trek Online Wiki



    if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); }

    WARNING! This guide contains spoilers!

    “Infected” is a Special Task Force (STF) mission requiring a team of five players. Each
    member of the team should have the following:

    Part I (Space)

    The large, green hexagons you must head

    This mission starts out with your team facing some Borg ships nearby.
    Destroy them, and head towards the large, green hexagons to the left and
    in front of your starting point. The largest of the hexagons has a
    shield around it. Fly around to the opposite side of the shield from
    where you started. (This will help you when new enemies spawn.)
    There will be a large fleet of various probes and spheres to
    begin with. Destroy them, but be careful to stay close to the large
    hexagon. Once the last ship of a spawn is dead, the shield on the large
    hexagon will drop. Do as much damage to it as possible quickly, because
    the shield will go back up after a few seconds.

    Do NOT destroy the smaller hexagons. If you do, your group
    will not receive a purple drop at the conclusion of this part.

    After the shield comes back up, a new spawn of Borg ships will
    appear. This process will repeat until the large hexagon is destroyed.

    Each spawn will include progressively more powerful ships.
    It's best to destroy the large hexagon as soon as possible.

    Part II: Fact or Fiction (Ground)


    This part of the mission takes place inside Starbase
    . You will have to progress through a long series of rooms full of
    Borg. The Borg will range from Protodrones (easier to kill) to Elite
    Tactical Drones (harder to kill). All of these Borg will belong to one
    of two groups; they will either be in a patrol or near an interlink
    The Borg that are stationary will be standing around interlink
    nodes. Destroying these nodes are essential. If you kill Borg standing
    near an interlink node before the node is destroyed, the Borg will
    respawn, and continue to do so until the node is destroyed. Once the
    node is destroyed, the Borg can be killed.

    When fighting the Borg found around interlink nodes, it's
    important to pay attention to where the Borg patrols are. You don't want
    a patrol walking into a fight. A good strategy is, after destroying a
    node, to get the Borg to chase you into a previous room. That way you
    won't get surprised by a wandering patrol.

    Continue room to room in this fashion until you come to the mini-boss
    room. You will know when you're there because it's very different from
    all the other rooms, and looks like what you would expect to see on a
    Borg ship, not a starbase. The same rules apply for the mini-boss.
    Destroy nodes first, and retreat back so you don't have to fight them
    all at once.

    Be aware that one interlink node spawns during the fight. It
    will appear in the left corner of the room nearest the door (left
    meaning the left side of the room as you enter it).

    Once the mini-boss is destroyed, that room will be your new respawn
    point, and you will be on the final part.

    Part III: Deeper Into the Mystery (Ground)

    After killing the mini-boss, you will proceed through a few more
    rooms that look like a Borg ship. The strategy here is the same as
    before. Destroy the nodes, and kill the Borg until you get to the final

    The final room has a giant cylinder with a glowing green orb
    that is visible from the doorway. Do NOT enter the final room until all
    players are ready.

    Players have about 15 seconds to all enter the room before a
    forcefield goes up sealing the entrance. From this point on, if a player
    dies and respawns, they will be outside the forcefield and no longer
    allowed to enter the room. The only way a player can come back in is if
    every member of the team dies and respawns. It is important to remember
    that if you die in the final room, do not respawn — one of your
    teammates will need to resurrect you, even if you die in the plasma

    The liquid all over the ground is plasma. It will kill you
    very quickly if you fall into it.

    However, if you do fall, have a teammate get as close to you
    as possible, and resurrect you. You will have very little health
    once raised, and will quickly have to jump to safety. (If you can't make
    it to a platform, jump onto a pipe.) Quite often the person that fell
    won't get back to safety on the first try. Be prepared to raise them a
    few times until they can get back up.


    There is certainly more than one way to complete the final
    room. You will have to figure out what works best for you and your team.
    The following is one proven strategy.

    If any Engineers on the team have Bunker Fabrication Kits, now would be
    the time to equip them.
    Upon entering the final room you will run up the ramp to the
    center platform and be greeted by — who else? — the Borg. All 5
    teammates should kill the Borg on the center platform. Engineers: it is a
    very good idea to drop some turrets, mortars, medical generators, and
    support drones in the middle.
    The team will then break up into two parts: Mids and Jumpers.
    The Mids will consist of two people (preferably Tactical
    officers). The job of the Mids will be to clear the platforms for the
    Jumpers. You'll be glad you brought all those Shield Charges and Hypos
    at this point. The Mids must first engage the Borg on the
    platform where the Jumpers are, then start clearing the one they will be
    going to next. The Mids will have to draw Borg fire from all directions
    — and try not to die. It's no easy task, but it's a good job for
    someone who doesn't feel coordinated enough to jump from box to box over
    a pool of plasma while being shot at. This is where the Jumpers come

    Mids should not use Plasma Grenades when clearing the
    corner platforms. If you do, the plasma fire you start will keep the
    Jumpers from being able to do their task

    The three Jumpers (preferably Engineers with Bunker
    Fabrication Kits) should start at the bottom-right — the corner on your
    right and closest to you when you enter the room. On the corner
    platforms are three green, cylindrical command modules. However, there
    are also 3 Borg Drones on these platforms.
    This is where the Bunker Fabrication Kit comes in handy. As a
    Jumper, you do not want to shoot the Borg. Shooting them will
    make them focus their fire on you, and you won't be able to activate the
    command modules like you need to while taking damage.
    If, for some reason, the Mids haven't cleared your platform (e.g.
    they don't have line of sight on one of the Borg, or just have their
    hands too full), you can clear them yourself without having to fire a
    shot. Pushing the Borg into the giant pool of plasma is a fast way to
    kill them.
    Time is important. after you drop the first shield and
    upload the virus, a timer (appearing as a progress bar) will start. Each
    corner has its own timer, which is set at around 6 minutes. This means
    that if you don't get the fourth shield down until after the first one
    has reappeared, you will have to go back to the first one and repeat the
    process. However, before you drop the first shield, there is no timer.
    Jumpers can use this time to help kill off some of the Borg before going
    to the corner. It is not recommended to kill them all, because they
    will then all respawn at the same time. Thin them out a little, then let
    the Mids take over.
    The best way for a Jumper to push the Borg into the plasma is to
    stand behind him and activate your Cover Shield. It will push him right over the edge.
    However, if it doesn't, or if you don't have a Bunker Fabrication Kit,
    then it's no problem; just use the knockback attack with your weapon
    until the job is done.

    Do NOT engage the Borg if they aren't attacking you. Even if
    one is standing right next to you, but attacking the Mids, leave him
    alone. Time is critical, in case someone falls in the plasma once
    or twice. You won't have time to revive people and fight Borg

    Now that the platform is clear, or at least none of the Jumpers are
    taking damage, now it's time for each Jumper to stand in front of one of
    the command consoles. You will have an option to enter a code. The
    shield will only fall if all three codes are entered at the same time.
    So, when you're ready to enter your code, look at the other two Jumpers
    and make sure they're ready (i.e. not fighting a Borg or taking damage)
    and are standing in front of their consoles. When it looks like they
    are, begin entering your code — or, if you hear another jumper
    entering their code, begin entering yours as well.

    Remember, the codes have to be entered at the same time, or
    the shield won't come down.

    Once the codes are entered, the shield in the middle of your platform
    will fall, and you will be able to upload a virus to the computer that
    it was protecting. Only one person needs to stay and upload the virus.
    The other two Jumpers should immediately go to the next corner and make
    sure there are no Borg there that are going to attack them.

    It may be easier to start at the bottom-right and go counter-clockwise.

    It will only take a couple of seconds for the third Jumper to enter
    the virus before following the other two. Continue doing this until all
    four viruses have been uploaded.

    If you haven't completed the task in time, simply continue
    going counter clockwise around the room until you see that the shields
    in all four corners are down. At this point, you will have a small
    amount of time to destroy the column in the middle of the center
    platform. So, blow it up as fast as you can, or you'll have to start all


    Rebecca Simmons, a.k.a. Manus
    of Borg

    As soon as you've destroyed the column in the center, all five
    teammates need to run back to the bottom left corner — this is farthest
    from where the boss and other Borg spawn.
    Rebecca Simmons, a.k.a. Manus of Borg, will now appear.

    When returning to the corner platform, do not go into
    the actual corner. Stay beside the corner platform that is closest to
    the center platform. Vents open from the ceiling and drop plasma gas in
    the far corners, and at the door where you came in. It will kill you
    faster than falling in the pool of plasma.

    You'll have a few seconds while Manus/Rebecca gives a little speech. Deploy
    Phaser Turrets, Mortars, Security Teams, Shields, everything!
    After her speech she will target one of the team members at random (a
    blue circle will appear on that person). Fire everything you have at
    her, and make sure your Shield Charges and Hypos are handy.
    Because you're all on the same platform, if someone dies someone
    else (who's not being attacked) can revive them. Keep shooting
    Manus/Rebecca as fast as you can, and if you're lucky you'll kill her.

    Mission Complete!

    You've done it! Just go back to the center platform and get your
    loot. Don't worry about any other Borg in the room that spawn. You can
    kill them if you want to, or just exit the room.
    Object in Space

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    Re: Infected - Guide

    Post by McPhearson on Sat May 15, 2010 1:45 pm

    HAH! They make it sound so easy. "Stand in the corner with 16 bunker kit spawns and Rebecca dies". Well, I look forward to trying this again tonight. Thanks for posting this, Lorth.

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