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    Undine Terradome - Guide

    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Lieutenant JG.
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    Undine Terradome - Guide

    Post by Lorth on Sun May 16, 2010 4:07 am

    1) Space combat: easy just have to look for enemies to destroy

    2) Ground combat (Deja Vu): Speak to Myles and you will have special
    scanning device. Equip it in your inventory belt and use it to scan the
    people who are real humans. The real humans will flip a coin, the undine
    who are disguised as humans do not flip coins. When u scan the humans,
    click on selected person to scan. It will not cause the others to become
    undine. But if u click to select on the wrong person to scan, the
    undine will appear. Try not to make too many mistakes, otherwise there
    will be alot of undine later. Press M to see the map, you will see 10
    circled areas where the engineers are..

    3)Protect engineers part: Here split into 3/2, 3 go left, 2 go right.
    There are 5 consoles where 5 engineers will go to. The rear console do
    not have undine... The undine will always spawn from the same area, so
    build turrets near them to keep them busy.

    4)Go up to command centre using the lift which is seen in the map M.
    Destroy everything and turn on the consoles.

    5)Quark's Bar: Destroy everything, remember to go up to the 2nd and 3rd
    floor. Then enter using the ground door near the bar.

    6)When u enter the basement, destroy the incubators as that is where the
    undine come from. Also, destroy the power nodes. U can also shoot the
    hanging undine stuff at the ceilings as they do damage to nearby
    enemies. Be careful of the toxic gas, it will make u target

    7) Where's Sulu part: Destroy all the power nodes at the 4 corners of
    the room, then shoot all the incubators at the top of the middle room.
    It is okay to respawn many times, the progress will not reset.
    The strategy that works is: IGNORE THE CONSOLES AND DO NOT JUMP INTO PIT
    Here are the steps:
    a)There are 8 fake sulus, and 1 real sulu. The real sulu will say
    "ARRGGHH" when u shoot him. So when u find the real sulu, hit him with
    your rifles and push him out of the middle bridge area. Use forcefield
    push to push him to the corner of the room. Then everyone stay at the
    corner , protect Sulu. Allow the rest of the sulus and the boss to kill
    themselves. When the last fake sulu is dead, an army of undine will run
    towards you. Everyone crouch at the corner and use split beam weapons to
    shoot them. Someone must constantly talk to Sulu by pressing the talk
    to sulu button when it appears. Otherwise, if u do not talk to Sulu, he
    will not follow you and run out like Rambo with guns blazing...
    b)Do not aggro boss until most of the undine are dead. Then shoot boss
    by crouching and using large powercells for extra DPS damage. When boss
    life is about 50percent, use powercells to DPS him to zero life. You
    only have 20 seconds to kill boss when his life is 50percent, otherwise,
    the deathwave will hit you

    Lorths's Notes
    (To no avail this is the only guide I found on the Terradome STF as soon as a better one is released ill edit this one)

    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Number of posts : 77
    Ship Name : USS Tiber
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-47805
    Ship Class : Prometheus Class
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: Undine Terradome - Guide

    Post by MacGrath on Sun May 16, 2010 6:23 am

    Good guide, its the same strat I tried to use last night but the boss fight is too buggy and insane as in its like its on elite difficulty. With 4 tact we could not get the dps high enough for that 20 secs. I'm staying away from this place until they do something about it.

    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Number of posts : 77
    Ship Name : USS Tiber
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-47805
    Ship Class : Prometheus Class
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: Undine Terradome - Guide

    Post by MacGrath on Thu May 20, 2010 9:25 am

    Well I did cave in and go in a few more times. Finally I completed the Terradome yesterday only after a few times. There is a spot in the room to get Sulu bugged out but you def need power cells. If anyone needs a hand let me know, I am well versed with that place now.

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    Re: Undine Terradome - Guide

    Post by Sponsored content

      Current date/time is Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:30 pm