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    Disrupted Arrival Pt. 5 (Vote)



    Who should the sabateur be?

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    Total Votes: 2
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    Disrupted Arrival Pt. 5 (Vote)

    Post by W.Bridgeman on Fri Jan 08, 2010 2:06 am

    All the viewscreen revealed to us was twinkling, beautiful stars and infinite space. However, some of those beautiful stars, some of that infinite space was a clever Klingon technology rendering a hostile warship invisible.
    "Commo, did you get a fix on exactly where the transmission originated from? I asked quickly, breaking my eyes away from viewscreen.
    Lieutenant Tuckett typed several things onto her panel and paused as she interpreted the results, "Looks like the signal came from engineering sir!"
    I turned to Quigley, "Notify the Marines, get someone down there now!"
    "This is Chief Hadley, I think I see the sabateur, I'm moving in." He whispered quietly.
    "Be careful, Chief. Chief?"
    The silence was unbearable and I smacked down on to my arm rests.
    "Captain! The Klingon ship has uncloaked, locked on to us and has fired torpedos!"
    I turned to the viewer, "Very well, Lock weapons and return phaser fire, knock down their shields! Helm, evasive maneuvers! Your discretion!"
    The ship creaked and groaned as it changed course and speed rapidly, avoiding enemy fire was difficult but not impossible. The ship buffeted violently and I fell forward out of my seat, pain shot through my back but I ignored it, "Status report!"
    "Sir, shields are down to 60% I have fires reported on decks 3 and 9. Loss of gravity reported on 7."
    I paused for a moment and thought out loud, "Why is he firing torpedos at our shields? Why is he using a killing shot when he has none?"
    I thought hard but it was just impossible, it was too crazy, "The sabateur? Could they be trying to knock out our shields?"
    Lt. Malloy looked at me, "Sir, if I was a sabateur, I would try just that."
    It was a good enough answer for me, "Malloy, your with me. Cmdr. Quigley, you have the conn. Continue evasive maneuvers and keep up the fire!"
    Malloy and I extracted phasers from the armory and quickly made our way to engineering.

    The engineering compartment was strangely quiet, there was a lack of activity, a lack of life here. I held my phaser at the ready and cautiously moved around a corner. Chief Hadley lay still on the ground.
    "Lieutenant." I whispered, catching his attention. I motioned for him to check on Hadley, "I'll press forward and see if I can locate this guy."
    Malloy nodded and began his examination of the Chief.
    I turned another corner and immediately noticed the two Marines on the ground, just as Chief Hadley was. I approached slowly then paused, no, froze is more like it. My brain was registering something that I was missing. Then I saw it, it was a rather small inconspicuous device attached to the bulkhead. However it wasn't so innocent looking when you knew what it was: a booby trap. Specifically, when a person disrupted the devices light emittions 'tripping the wire' the device would let out a high pitched sound and render anyone within five feet of it unconscious.
    Carefully, I disarmed the device with the experience I had gained on planet BA-11001. As a victim of one of these contraptions I still squinted in pain at the memory of intense sound and unconsciousness.
    With the device now neutralized, I cautiously moved forward, my grip on the phaser tightening as the adrenaline coursed through my veins. I flipped a button, setting the phaser to stun only. Whoever this sabateur was, they had an odd way of going about their business.
    They wanted to destroy the ship, but they only stunned their victims? It was something about the sabateur, something that may be a weakness. They couldn't actually kill themselves, so they let someone do it for them?
    A shadow moved across my vision and I froze, I scanned with my eyes, this wasn't a jungle, it wasn't an urban environment or a desert. This was a starship with many sensitive and vital components. I braced myself for the encounter...
    ...a shot of energy rang out and my right arm went limp, the phaser clattered to the deck and I scooped it up with the other hand. Luckily the shot had just glanced off me, had it been a solid hit it would of been lights out for me. Fortunately, the attackers weapon was also set to stun.
    I took cover a bit lower behind a set of pipes and yelled, "HOW COULD YOU BETRAY US! BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS?!"
    Reanna Aloi
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    Re: Disrupted Arrival Pt. 5 (Vote)

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:45 am

    Dunh dunh dunhhhh! Where's the rest? Don't leave us suspended in anticipation and curiosity....hehe


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