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    Disrupted Arrival Pt. 4

    Heart Of Gold

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    Name: William Bridgeman

    Disrupted Arrival Pt. 4

    Post by W.Bridgeman on Thu Jan 07, 2010 1:35 am

    "Captain on the bridge!" a voice said and I waved a dismissal.
    "Report." I ordered and sat down in the captain's chair.
    "ETA to Serenity Station is 20 Hours, 10 minutes sir. We are in a green status. Ship integrity is 100% with no issues to report." Cmdr. Quigley responded.
    "Very well. Engineering, are we holding everything together down there?"
    CE Hadley came on, "Barely. We may need an entire overhaul so we'll definately be bothering Serenity Station's Engineers for a bit, but they're the best at what they do."
    "Ok. Medical, how are the wounded?"
    "All but two have been returned to light duty, sir. Nothing serious to report at this time." Dr. Alan Green said quietly.
    "Alright-"A large jolt shook the ship and my eyes widened, "Status report! All stations!"
    Cmdr. Quigley began running through her checklist, "Sir, structural integrity is good, computer shows 100% nominal in all compartments..."
    Reports flooded in to me but only one really caught my attention, "Engineering, Bridge: We are coming out of warp, the warp core is fluctuating again. Captain, I have a lot of info I need to pass on to you. I'm on my way up there now, sir."
    I paused, did he say, Sir?
    "Alright, chief."
    Several minutes passed and I ordered the crew to perform regularly scheduled maintainence in all sections of the ship. Hadley entered the bridge and I accompanied him to the ready room.
    "All senior officers, report to me now, I want status reports from all of you." I ordered, disappearing into the ready room.
    Everyone filed in and sat down in their appropriate spots, "Well, now that everyone is here, Chief, what's going on?"
    Chief Hadley downed his cup of coffee and set it carefully down on to the table, then he looked at me then back and forth at the other officers, "I can understand, ladies and gents, having failures on board ship. It happens to modern vessels all the time, this older vessel it'll happen more often. But, we are having too many failures that are inhibiting our warp capabilities."
    Cmdr. Quigley raised her hand, "Are you saying someone is doing this on purpose, Chief? A saboteur?"
    The Chief sighed, "I hoped not, I really did but," He extracted a heavy, misshapen artifact from his bag and set it on the table, "I recovered this. It piggy backed on our input computers and caused the warp core to overheat."
    I picked up the object and rotated it in my hands, "Magnetic base. What is this coating? It feels like some sort of strange synthetic."
    "Sir," Dr. Green spoke up, "I can analyze the object and see if I can recover some DNA."
    I nodded, "Good idea, Doc."
    I raised an eyebrow, "Have a Marine escort the doctor and this object to sickbay, nothing happens to this. Nothing, am I clear?"
    A chorus of Yes, sirs.
    "I'm also instituting General Quarters 4, that's right GQ-4 Ladies and Gents. I want no movement whatsoever unless your on duty or are a Marine sentry. Am I clear?"
    Another chorus of Yes, Sirs.
    "Very good, get to it."

    "So, you found nothing." I asked the Doctor.
    I knealt over his instruments, looking over his shoulder and interpreting the data with my own knowledge, "Interesting that you couldn't even find my own or the Chief's DNA on it."
    Dr. Green smiled, "Well," he handed me a piece of paper, "That coating you felt on the box? It's something new. I couldn't identify it with the computer but it's some sort of DNA neutralizer. It won't even pick up someone's fingerprints."
    I looked at him astonished, "Are you serious?"
    He smiled and keyed some information into his tablet, "I'm sorry I don't have further news on this, skipper, but it was a pleasure analyzing it."
    I nodded my thanks and made my way to the bridge.

    "Captain's on the bridge."
    I sat down, "Any reports?"
    Cmdr. Quigley shook her head, "None, sir. We have Marine guards patrolling the hallways and reporting in every fifteen minutes. If anybody is out or where they aren't supposed to be they will be arrested."
    I nodded, "Very good. Any leads yet? Any ideas of who we can narrow this down to?"
    The Marine Officer, 1st Lieutenant Jim Malloy, shook his head, "The only thing we can agree on is that it has to be somebody from engineering. It must be. Nobody reported any other personnel in there when the device was planted."
    I massaged my eyes for a moment, "We need to find this guy. Who knows what's gonna happen next if we don't."
    The commo turned suddenly, squinted her eyes than said, "Sir, I just picked up a rapid transmission coming from within our ship and it stopped just as quickly. I can't be certain..."
    TacOps yelled, "Captain, I have a cloaked Klingon Ship bearing down on us fast! I've lost contact!"
    "The transmission must have been some kind of beacon." Cmdr. Quigley noted and I nodded.
    "Red Alert!"
    Reanna Aloi
    Dean of the Academy

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    Re: Disrupted Arrival Pt. 4

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:06 pm

    OOC: Totally awesome! Dunh dunh dunh! One question though? What is the time frame of this story. Just curious...

    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Medical Division Rank : MD Lieutenant
    Number of posts : 48
    Location : Off ship-Work
    Ship Name : USS Quastinet
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-89239
    Ship Class : Constitution Class, Medical Refit
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: William Bridgeman

    Re: Disrupted Arrival Pt. 4

    Post by W.Bridgeman on Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:51 am

    OOC: It's supposed be current to what the Online game will be, with poetic license of course Smile but I also like to leave it to the readers imagination. Most of my information is coming from a variety of books and movies but especially the star trek wikis. Also, thank you for your comments, I enjoy writing and it's nice to occasionally get a response Very Happy

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    Re: Disrupted Arrival Pt. 4

    Post by Sponsored content

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