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    Disrupted Arrival Part 6

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    Name: William Bridgeman

    Disrupted Arrival Part 6

    Post by W.Bridgeman on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:32 am

    I crouched down, the sweat was pouring into my eyes as I peeked around the piping. More phaser fire disrupted my attempt and I cursed to myself. "Bridge, this is the Captain. I'm pinned down in engineering, we're near some vital equipment here and this guy is shooting everything."
    "Aye, Captain. Sensors are picking up three life forms. I can see you, Dr. Green and Dr. Molly Reginal."
    I cursed, were they caught in the crossfire? Were they both saboteurs?
    'Take them out. It's the only way to be sure.' The Marine said in my ear. 'Remember what Drill Instructor Springer used to say? You're a killer! Let me take over, I can end this nice and quiet like.'
    I swallowed hard and wiped sweat from my brow. It was burning my eyes badly and time was being wasted. I felt the Marine take over, his killer instincts were coming to bear. He grasped the phaser tightly and flipped the phaser from stun to kill.
    He leapt from the cover of the pipes and charged forward, the sound of phaser fire confused him, it was not directed towards him?
    "I got him!!" a voice yelled, Dr. Reginal.
    I was standing in front of them, the phaser was still pointed at the two and I couldn't remember how I had even reached this point. "Captain? Captain! It was Dr. Green. I had my suspicions but I couldn't prove anything."
    Dr. Green lay prone on the deck, in front of him was another small box that would neutralize the shields. Next to that was a phaser that he had dropped. Dr. Reginal was looking down at him, "I hope I didn't hurt him. All I had was this."
    She held up a small box, something that looked like it had once shielded a device similiar to what Dr. Green was using. I kicked the phaser away from Green and sighed as the adrenaline abated.
    "We still have the Klingons to worry about, I'm going to..."
    The shot rang out from nowhere and I felt it strike my torso. The pain was intense and incapacitating. My mind raced as things began to come together. Dr. Green had tried to stop the true Saboteur, Dr. Molly Reginal.
    She was trying to install the box again, cursing loudly and communicating with the Klingons. I was barely conscious, all my willpower was being focused to try and regain motor control of my body. My phaser lay limp in the palm of my hand. I urged my hand to close, urged it to grasp the weapon and fire. There was no effect.
    "The device is installed...yes, I have the operational files. Mission accomplished."
    The Doctor disappeared and the scene was quiet once again.
    "Captain, the Klingon's have just beamed someone aboard. They have disengaged and have withdrawn from our sensory range."
    Lieutenant Malloy knelt down next to me, "Malloy to Bridge, I have the Captain and Dr. Green here. Looks like they've been stunned."
    I tried to respond but the effort only made me pass out.

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