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    Disrupted Arrival pt. 1

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    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Medical Division Rank : MD Lieutenant
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    Location : Off ship-Work
    Ship Name : USS Quastinet
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-89239
    Ship Class : Constitution Class, Medical Refit
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

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    Name: William Bridgeman

    Disrupted Arrival pt. 1

    Post by W.Bridgeman on Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:42 pm

    The USS Quastinet remained steady in a nearby planet's atmosphere, effectively making us invisible to the hunting Klingon Warship somewhere out there. I scanned the Bridge quickly and nodded to myself.
    "Rig for silent running."
    "Rig for silent, aye."
    The power reduction would further conceal us from the prowling Klingon.
    "Chief, what's the status of my warp capabilities?" I asked confidently.
    A moment of pause then the gruff voice of of my Chief Engineer came over, "I'd say four hours."
    I sighed quietly to myself, Chief Hadley was a reliable man and if he said four hours then he meant four hours. He was also one of the few enlisted men that I allowed to forgo the 'sir' in any statement he said to me.
    "Very well," I ended the conversation and looked at Lieutenant J.G. Tuckett, "Commo, did we get out our SOS to Serenity Station?"
    The 'Commo' or Communications Officer Tuckett is a fine officer, she could use our radios to their maximum capabilities and speak several alien language.
    "Well, sir. I got off an Emergency Action Message for Serentiy and all nearby friendly vessels before the planets atmosphere over came us. I can launch a rescue probe if you want sir, but..."
    I nodded in understanding, "With that Klingon ship somewhere out there that a negative. I'm afraid we've been outclassed and outnumbered."
    The USS Quastinet, you see, is a Constitution Class, Medical Refit ship. Starfleet expected us to go out as fleet support, participating in combat only in the direst of circumstances. But, we were not designed for this one on one fighting. The ship was an antique, originally in mothballs before myself and the rest of the crew made her fit for service again. Most of my compliment is Medical professionals, the rest are engineers and a small compliment of Marines. I still remember being asked, "Marines or just ship security, sir?"
    Naturally, being a former SFM I replied, "Marines, do you think I'm crazy? Of course I'm getting Marines."
    The ship itself began showing signs of fatigue during our trip and with only a day left to Serenity Station the Quastinet rebelled and ceased warp functions. Impulse was reduced to half effectiveness and I had an angry Chief Engineer to deal with.
    Sensors picked up a strange anomoly which I immediately attributed to a cloaked Klingon ship. My experiences aboard other combat vessels probably made me jumpy, but I ordered the ship into the atmosphere of a nearby planet and made sure were were running silent.
    We were a ghost, but we were equally blind as well to the outside world.
    "Sir, the computer has finished filtering the anomolies and it has been interpreted as a Klingon Warship, class unknown, possibly something new."
    "Alright, "I nodded, "Lets hang tight for a day. If Serenity Station or any other ship has received our message we'll wait for them. If they didn't get it, we'll try and make a break for it."
    I looked at my Number One, Commander Quigley, "You have the conn Ms. Quigley."
    "I have the conn, aye."
    I retired to my quarters and exhaled audibly. If we could only close in on the Klingon and get a good lock, we could beam over and fight.
    I shut my eyes and shook the idea from my head. The Marine inside me was talking and he craved blood. But, as a Captain and a Doctor I could not recklessly endanger the lives of my crew.
    "You're a wimp." The Marine said, I could feel the scowl, "Let me take over, there will be bloodshed on both sides but we will be victorious."
    The chilling voice of my past life made me shudder a bit. The other side of me was dark and deadly, a result of numerous battles where the fleet could not bring it's arms to bear. I saw many horrifying sights on those scorching or freezing planets as we fought tooth and nail for strategic locations. We were the boots on the ground, we were the expendables.
    I snapped upright from my bunk, sleep still in my eyes. My tablet which had rested on my chest clattered onto the deck as it flashed Klingon Ship specs across it's screen. It was dark in the cabin and the lights didn't immediately come on.
    Then I saw her.
    The little girl was there, she stood there with wide eyes, her very life slipping away in front of me. Her complexion was pale, her mouth moved silently. I took in a horrified breath and the lights flicked on, she was gone.
    I cursed quietly to myself and broke out some whiskey, "Ship's Counselor to the Captain's Quarters."

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