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    One Night: Stunshock's Dilemma

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    One Night: Stunshock's Dilemma

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:45 pm

    Author's note: This is the final part of the One Night story. Set during the same time as the other two, obviously, and like them, Amy Vok is played by Claudia Black.

    Life is a series of changing events. These events shape who we are as a person and can take days, months and years to play out. Or they could happen in one night. Love comes in many shapes and forms. From the love of a good song, to the enjoyment of a favourite meal. From the longest friendship, to a newborn puppy. But sometimes, the love of two different things can come into conflict, such as the love of your life mate, and the love for your uniform. And when such a conflict arises, a choice must be made. One that could spell the end of one.

    In the Transporter Room, Stunshock, Emony, Talaina, Bosip, Xui Li and Luawra stood in their white dress uniforms, awaiting the arrival of the ambassador.

    Luawra leaned over to Xui Li. "I just came out of surgery and didn't have time to catch up with what's going on."
    "We are, ah, picking Ambassador Vok, a Trill ambassador to the local systems in this sector. We are, ah, to transport her to Deep Space Nine for a classified meeting."
    "I see. Any idea what it's about?"
    "No. It is, ah, classified."
    "Huh. Ok then."

    The transporter then energised. On the transporter pad was a Trill female, her black hair tied into two pig tales. She wore leather boots and a black jacket over a strapless top that revealed her bosom in a classy style. She held a small case. Stunshock approached the pad, welcoming the guest to his ship. After all, the briefing on Deep Space Nine over the recent odd behaviour of the Borg was one of the utmost importance and Ambassador Vok was an expert on the Borg. Or at least her last host was.

    "Welcome on board the Sentinel. I am Captain Stunshock."

    Ambassador Vok smiled a cheeky, yet oddly sweet smile. "Thank you Captain. I'm sorry to divert you from your business."

    "Not at all Ambassador. I understand the importance of this briefing. Allow me to introduce my senior officers. My First Officer, Talaina Kazzur, Commander Emony Bearlo, Commander Bo-"

    He was cut off by a comm from the Bridge. "Bridge to Captain Stunshock. We're picking up a call from the Evenstar. Captain Arwen is requesting to beam on board." This was odd. Although the Evenstar's usual supply run was Bajor to K-7, they were well out of range of either point. They hadn't arranged any meeting. That instantly sent alarm bells ringing in Stunshock's mind, yet he maintained his calm composure.
    "Acknowledge Bridge. Tell her to stand by."

    He turned back to the Ambassador."My apologies Ambassador. Commander Talaina can show you to your quarters. We have a small dinner scheduled at 21:00."

    Ambassador Vok stepped down off the transporter pad. "Thank you Captain. That would be nice. But I'd like Commander Bearlo to show me around. It's been that long since I saw a Trill, it would be nice to spend time with my kind."
    Emony spoke up with a smile. "I would be happy to show you around Ambassador."
    Stunshock nodded. "Very well. Until 21:00."
    As the officers left the room, Stunshock announced for Captain Arwen to beam over. As the Vulcan materialised on the pad, Stunshock noted she was wearing the blue robes he gave her when he proposed. Although to the untrained eye, she appeared as stiff and calm as any other Vulcan, Stunshock knew her better. Her body was trembling, and she seemed to be forcing herself to remain perfectly static as she looked at Stunshock and raised her hand in the traditional Vulcan greeting. What happened? What could have caused this? He turned and dismissed the transporter operator. As the door hissed shut, Stunshock was only half turned back towards his Life Mate when a strong force knocked him backwards. Arwen had leapt off the pad and wrapped herself around him, kissing him passionately. He stumbled back, hitting against the console and trying to hold her up. "Arwen.... Ar-wh-hang on!" She stopped and moved her head back slightly, frowning. "I need you Cromone. I need you now."

    "Just... hang on." He tried to manoeuvre to let her down, but she clung on tightly. "Arwen. Get down. Tell me what's happened."
    "Oh Cromone." She was breathing heavy, nuzzling her nose up against his cheek. "My life.... is in danger. You.... you are the only person.... that can help me." She bit down hard on his lip and pulled back slightly. The surprise jolt of pleasurable pain forced Stunshock to drop her. Landing effortlessly on her feet, she started stroking his head horns. "It's my time Cromone. I've entered Pon Farr. We talked about this. We knew this would come soon."
    "Yes, but not for a few more months yet."
    "It is not precise to the day. It is earlier than anticipated, but still anticipated. You know what we need to do." Stunshock knew what they needed to do. They had discussed such matters at length. Talked about the incompatibility of their biology. Though the physical act could be performed, it would destroy any possibility of Arwen bearing children. It was why they had not consummated their relationship yet. But now it seemed there would be no choice. "Arwen, we should talk about this in private."
    "I don't need to talk. I need you."
    "Then let's move to my quarters. It'll be quieter."

    Nodding, Arwen snuggled up to Stunshock, letting him wrap an arm around her as they made their way there.

    Once in the quarters, Stunshock didn't even have chance to turn before Arwen tore the sash off his uniform and started ravishing him. They both collapsed against the couch and rolled onto the floor, Arwen's hands moving gracefully over his body, tearing his uniform off. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down closer, locking in a kiss that quickly lead to more. Then the comm went off. Stunshock forced his head to the side as he answered it, trying to ignore the woman clawing at him. "Stunshock here."
    "Captain. I need to brief you and your First Officer before we arrive at DS9."
    "Can it wait Ambassador?" Stunshock saw Arwen pull back, a look of horror and desperation on her face. She quickly shook her head, mouthing the word 'NO!' Stunshock could tell how painful this was for Arwen, but he did have a responsibility to Starfleet, and he needed to be briefed. "I'll be in the Observation Lounge in thirty minutes." That should give them enough time to sort Arwen out.
    "I'm sorry Captain, but I do need to see you now. There is a lot of information to go over, and I'd rather make sure you understand it all before we get there."

    Stunshock dropped his head on the deck with a sigh. "Alright. I'm on my way."

    The comm cut out and Stunshock gently tried to extract himself from under Arwen. Her pained expression cut right to his heart. He desperately wanted to help her. "There must be a way to help you. What about a hologram?" Arwen curled up like an animal on the floor as she watched him get changed into his standard uniform. "No. I don't want a hologram. You, and you alone are the only person I will be with."
    "Well, what about a holographic me?" She shook her head. "Still not you. Just.... just hurry back." Stunshock nodded, giving her a lasting kiss on her head. "I'll be back."

    In the Observation Lounge, Stunshock sat across the table from Talaina. The time was 20:00, and with only an hour before the small dinner for the Ambassador, Stunshock doubted he could make it. Not if he was going to help Arwen. Still, it was only a small thing to make her feel welcome on the ship. No one would care if he was unavailable. He tapped his clawed finger on the table, waiting anxiously for Amy to arrive. Talaina tilted her head to the side, watching him. "Problems Sir?" Stunshock sighed. "Yes. Personal problems. Simply a case of bad timing, but after this meeting, I-" He stopped as the door opened and Amy hurried in carrying a PADD. "So sorry. Had to do some last minute tweaking." Stunshock turned his chair to face her as she set up at the end of the table and activated the wall screen. "Ambassador, forgive my frankness, but I have other time sensitive issues that require my immediate attention. I hope you can make this brief."

    Amy blinked at Stunshock and cracked that cheeky smile of hers. "Of course Captain. I don't want to be the one to interfere with ship operations. What I'm about to tell you is classified top secret. It is not to go beyond the two of you." She pushed a button on the PADD and the wall screen showed an image of a star system. "Captain, Commander, as you may be aware; an Iconian gate was recently discovered in Romulan space. This gate was activated and provided a stable portal to the Delta Quadrant." Talaina nodded. "Yes, what is being called the Salonae Sphere." Amy clicked her fingers and pointed at Talaina. "Exactly. Although Starfleet is having issues with the Voth in that Dyson Sphere, they were still able to send probes out to scout the area around it. One of the probes found this system approximately seven light years from the sphere. Needless to say, it's got the higher ups worried." Stunshock focused on the screen, wishing she would just get to the point already. "What's so special about this star system?" Amy pressed another button and the screen shifted to another image, closer to a pearlescent blue planet. "Nothing about the system itself is special. Three planets, an asteroid field, normal yellow star. Completely ordinary. But in orbit of this planet is the issue." She magnified the image. Talaina's antennae shot straight up in surprise. Stunshock's eyes widened as he realised the implications. The screen showed a pair of Borg cubes hanging in orbit of the planet. "How far did you say they were?"

    "Seven light years." Amy answered the Captain. "Needless to say, we're fairly certain the Borg have detected the Salonae Dyson Sphere. What we don't know is if they've picked up on the Omega inside." Talaina frowned at that. "Omega?" Stunshock looked slightly towards her. "Highly classified. I'm surprised the Ambassador brought it up."
    "Unfortunately, for what this upcoming briefing will entail, Commander Kazzur will have to know what Omega is. But you can be briefed on that later. This is not the most disturbing part of the scans." Amy pushed another button on the PADD and the image shifted to one taken from the far side of the planet. Stunshock instantly sat forward. "By Grethon's Beard! Are they massing to attack?"

    Amy shook her head. "We don't think so. These seven cubes have been orbiting the planet for over two weeks now. That.... well, I forget Starfleet's official designation, but that diamond ship seems to warp in and out of the system at random intervals. And as for this structure in orbit they appear to either be building or assimilating.... we can only hazard a guess that it's a either a shipyard or an orbital weapons platform. The probe didn't detect any lifesigns, power signatures, any sign of civilisation on the planet. It's mostly a water world with only one large landmass. This group appear to be in a geosynchronous orbit above that landmass. These scan readings were taken last month." She pushed a button on the PADD once more, and the image changed to show another four cubes had arrived in orbit, along with a couple of smaller ships. The orbital construct had advanced its construction massively, and seemed to be constructed in a way that suggested it was pointing at the planet. "This was taken last week. Whatever the Borg's interest in this planet is, we need to know. It's obviously enough to keep them from accessing the Dyson sphere, and given what we know about their obsession with Omega, we know it's got to be big. Tomorrow's briefing will be putting together a task force and organising how to deal with this. Captain, Commander, I believe they will be wanting to assign your ship as one of the support cruisers. As part of Firefly Fleet, you've had extensive experience in recovery and rescue operations. That will no doubt come into play. But the Admirals will be able to tell more. I believe I've brought you up to speed at the bare minimum, as you asked." Stunshock nodded slowly, deep in thought as he stared at the screen The Borg were essentially forming a small fleet. The Borg never form small fleets. Not unless they are doing something of vital importance to the survival of the entire collective. "Yes. Yes you have. Thank you." Amy nodded and shut the screen down, picking up the PADD. "Well, I'll see you later." Nodding at the pair, she left the room. Talaina let it sink in a moment before turning in her chair to fully face Stunshock, reaching her hands across the table and clasping them. "Well. I certainly wasn't expecting that. We should go over the information and sensor scans. And I need to know what Omega is." She waited a bit, but there was no reply. "Captain?" Still no reply. "Stunshock?"
    "Hhhm? Yes? Sorry Talaina, I was thinking. Yes.... errr, we should plan. But later. I have something urgent requiring my attention. And if you could, I'm going to need to be off the grid for a while. No interruptions. Can you take command for an hour or so?"
    "Is everything alright?"
    "Yes. Well, it will be."
    "Captain Arwen?"
    Talaina looked to the side. She wasn't stupid. She looked out for her Captain, for her friend. She probably figured out right there what the issue was. "I understand Captain. I have the Conn."
    "Thank you Talaina." The two officers got to their feet and left the room.

    Upon entering his quarters, he saw Arwen pacing furiously. She was biting at her nails, muttering, her entire body quivering. The effects of Pon Farr were not something Stunshock enjoyed seeing. As she heard the door hiss open, she spun to him, her eyes almost pleading. He moved quickly over to her, wrapping her in his arms and holding her close. "It's ok Arwen. I'm not going anywhere else." She slid a hand under his uniform, caressing his flesh. "I can't take it anymore. I.... my training..... It’s not enough." She looked up into his eyes. "My body.... it's.... it can't handle this." She grabbed the back of his neck with her free hand and forced his face close to hers, almost snarling. "It's now or never. And I don't want it to be never."
    "Luawra hasn't yet found a way for us to safely mate. Not if we want to have children. And I do want to have children with you."
    "If you don't, I won’t be around to even talk about this. I love you Stunny. And given the choice, I would spend the rest of my life with you, even if it means we can never have a family." She didn't let him reply, simply forcing herself on him as the ship shuddered. Stunshock's instincts told him to check with the Bridge to see what had happened, but he had made a decision to put his command aside for the night. Whatever it was, Talaina could handle it. He had a future to save.

    In the morning, Stunshock lay in bed with Arwen. Never had he expected a Vulcan female to be so passionate. The scratches could be healed pretty quickly, but the question of if Arwen was better was one that would take more time to answer. As he held her close, letting her sleep, he noted her breathing was calmer, more regulated. Even in her sleep, her movements were becoming more restrained, more in keeping with how she usually carries herself. They had saved her life. But at what cost? Hopefully the damage was not too serious, but there was now a very real chance he would never know the joy of holding his own child in his arms. Then the comm went off. Talaina sounded very worried. "Captain. We need you on the Bridge. Now."
    "On my way." It sounded like something serious had happened. Perhaps he should have found out what happened last night? Something told him he was about to. Slipping out of bed, he grabbed the blue robes and quickly put them on as they were the quickest and easiest thing to wear. He moved quickly to the Bridge. When the turbolift door opened, he saw Talaina, Ttorkkinn and Roderick standing near the Captain's chair. He approached them. "Report."
    Talaina turned and gave the report. "Sir, last night at 21:14, there was an explosion in a science lab. Two officers were killed and a third was badly injured. Science Lab Two was completely destroyed, and there was serious damage to the surrounding areas. This is a full report of our findings." Stunshock took the offered PADD. "Thank you Commander. I'll review this in my Ready Room. How long until we reach DS9?"
    "One hour."
    "Very well." Stunshock made his way into his Ready Room and sat on his chair. His blood ran cold as he read the report. Bosip had willingly violated safety protocols? Not for the first time in his career, but the first time since he had been under Stunshock's command, even going as far back as when he joined them on the DarkFyre. And causing the deaths of two crewmembers? That was unacceptable. He hit the comm. "Captain Stunshock to Commander Kzeph. Report to my Ready Room. NOW!" As he waited, he went over the report again. By his own testimony, Emony had told him not to power up the device as it was highly dangerous and probably unstable. He would come down hard on him this time. That was when he heard the comm go off. It was Luwara. She sounded very tired and more than a little stressed. "Captain? I've just finished a physical on Captain Arwen. She asked me to inform you of the results. I'm sorry, I truly am. But the damage to her reproductive organs is too severe. She will not be able to have kids. I'm.... I'm so sorry."
    "I understand Doctor. Is she otherwise fine?"
    "Yes. Her Pon Farr has diminished, and all other readings have returned to normal."
    "Thank you Doctor. And thank you for looking at ways to help us conceive."
    "I just wish there was more I could do."
    "Just make sure she's ok. Stunshock out."

    He closed the comm and paused for a few moments. The thought of being a father was something that had appealed greatly to him. But it was now confirmed. That future was gone. Yes, there were other ways. Adoption for one. But it would not be his kid. It would not be Jeroan and Vulcan blood flowing through the child's veins. At best, all he could be is a long term babysitter. He threw the PADD down and punched the table in frustration. Then the door chime went. He took a brief moment to compose himself and pick up the PADD again. "Enter." Bosip walked in. He was clearly in high amounts of pain, evidenced by his slight slouch and twitching of his antenna. A perminant sadness washed across his features. He clearly regretted what he had done. But with the news he just had, Stunshock was in no mood to play the caring father figure. And Bosip seemed to realise that. Stunshock looked up from his PADD and glared at him. "Did Commander Bearlo tell you not to power up the device?" Bosip cleared his throat before replying. "Yes Sir."

    "And what happened in there?"

    Bosip shifted uncomfortably as he gave his reply. "I... uh.... I ran scans on the artifact with Pannu and Vol'Sak. Once we were finished, we powered the device up to activate it and see what would happen."

    Stunshock sighed, pinching the top of his nose between his fingers. Bosip was going to make him ask about every single thing. Draw this out as much as possible. Stunshock knew what happened, and Bosip knew he did. But the Captain wanted to hear the story from Bosip before he passed judgement. "To see what would happen. And what happened?"

    "There was some kind of energy build-up that was released. I tried to knock Pannu to cover as soon as I realised what was happening. Vol'Sak was standing directly beside the device and was too far from me to attempt to aid." Stunshock look up at Bosip in disbelief. "So, having been told NOT to power up the device, to only run passive scans on it, you completely disregarded that, putting the safety of this ship at the potential hands of a Borg nanite attack."

    "Yes S-"

    Stunshock slammed both palms on the table, pushing himself to his feet quickly as he exploded. "STAND AT ATTENTION! THIS IS NOT AN INFORMAL MEETING!" He paused a moment to compose himself, noting how Bosip did straighten, despite the agonising pain it obviously put him in. "You disobeyed safety instructions for a dangerous and unknown artifact. Your actions directly resulted in the deaths of two members of my crew. That is behaviour I do not expect from my Chief Engineer."

    "No Sir. It will not happen again."

    "Except it did happen again. Starfleet may have sealed your history files, but I had some favours to call in. I don't let anyone on my ship without knowing their full history. I was willing to give you a second chance. But this is too far. I am officially removing you as Chief Engineer of the Sentinel and marking disciplinary actions on your Starfleet record."

    "I understand Sir. May I ask what actions will be taken?"
    Stunshock knew he was not in the right frame of mind to punish Bosip right now. Anything he did inflict would be over the top in response to Arwen’s situation. As such, he decided to give him the more immediate affects now, and deal with the rest of his punishment later, when he had calmed down and was able to think clearly.
    "I will decide at a later date. For now, you will continue your shifts in Engineering. I am promoting Gweevle to the role of Chief Engineer. You will work under him. You are also restricted from accessing any science labs or research materials without direct authorisation from myself, or Commander Kazzur. Is that understood." It wasn't a question.

    "Perfectly Sir."

    "Now get out of my sight."

    As Bosip turned to leave, Stunshock glared after him, muttering. "First I have to deal with Arwen, then the big meeting on the station, and now this." He slowly sat back down, still muttering. "I take one night off and everything crumbles. I wonder if anyone had a good night last night."

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