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    Poker Night

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    Poker Night

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:51 am

    Please note this story is set well after 'A Lizard and a Cat walk into Sand' and 'Destiny'.

    The doors opened and K'hotiim strode through, followed by a Targ pup. The officers mess was dimly lit, like all Klingon vessels, but there was enough light for his reptillian eyes to see who was there. Pretty much everyone he expected. S'ag and Srin from the Assault squad, Thraak rounding out the Gorn group. Kazengo with her pink hair tied up in a ponytail and in full uniform sat beside Toshme, a recent addition with the new ship. Her blue hair was in a similar style to Kazengo, but although she wore uniform trousers and boots, she liked the more traditional Orion attire for her upper body. K'hotiim had initially wanted her to wear a proper uniform, but she stated it made her too hot and it was too bulky to work on the engines with those shoulder pads, so he relented. K'hotiim strode up to the table and spun a chair around, sitting on it backwards and seperating the two Orion women. "I was hoping for more of a turn out. But I expected only you five would turn up."

    S'ag looked across the table at his Captain and leaned forward. "You must admit, forcing all of the Klingons on board to wear full battle helmets and armour didn't exactly endear you to them."
    "I'm simply looking out for them. They don't have the resiliant skin we Gorn do, or the enhanced healing factor of the Orions."
    Kazengo chuckled. "You do know that's a myth?"
    "Yes. But don't tell any Klingons that. It's a good way not to have to stare at their prune shaped heads all day."

    Everyone at the table started chuckling. K'hotiim tapped some commands into the table panel and the doors sealed shut. "We may now speak freely."

    He looked at everyone in the eye before continuing. "Most of you served with me on the last command. Now we have been granted this Vor'cha cruiser, the Toraga, and a larger crew compliment. Firstly, we welcome Toshme to the senior officers. I'm sure you will perform your duties as well as you did for your previous Captain."

    "I'm sure I will."

    "Secondly, as you are aware, I picked each and every one of you for this command based not only on your performance, but also your beliefs. You all believe the Klingons as a species are too arrogant, and need to be taken down. Initially, I intended to have a crew of pure Gorn, as the only ones that can be trusted with such a delicate matter, but after knowing Kazengo for so long, I've become convinced Orions, at least the females, share our beliefs and can be trusted. But let me remind you, anyone tries to cross me, or endanger our mission, I will rip your heart out with my teeth and feast on you as you bleed out."

    There was a moment of silence as they took in what was said. K'hotiim continued. "Now, I believe we were here to play a card game?"

    S'ag picked up the deck of cards and started shuffling. "Thraak found this Terran game. Called Poke-Her."

    Srin looked up confused. The shortest of the Gorn, he was still an impressive six foot, if lacking in brawn. Which made him twitchy. "Poke-Her? Sounds.... interesting?"

    S'ag just laughed as he dealt. "I'm just glad we have some women here. Otherwise it would get very awkward, very quickly." Toshme looked at her cards and frowned. "So.... when do I get poked?"

    Everyone just stopped and slowly looked at her. Thraak scratched the end of his nose. "I don't think there's any actual poking involved."
    "How dissapointing." K'hotiim winked at Toshme before looking at his cards. "So if I read those rules you sent out earlier right, Srin goes first."
    "Oh. Ok. Errr.... I will bet forty."
    Kazengo made a note on a PADD, then bet fifty. K'hotiim also bet fifty. After everyone else bet fifty, they looked around at each other. "Now what?"

    S'ag looked about. "One moment." He checked his own PADD. "Now we deal more cards and bet more."
    Kazengo shook her head. "Really? That's the entire game?"
    "For the first seven rounds."

    The Orion threw her cards on the table in disgust. "I've just got off a twelve hour shift. I'm not sitting around doing this. Captain, I understand this was meant to be a bonding excersice, but I'd rather go bond with some sleep."

    K'hotiim waved a claw. "Go. This isn't a formal thing." As Kazengo excused herself, Srin also stood up. "I think I'll go as well Sir. This game does not seem very entertaining."

    And just like that, there were three left. S'ag laid out another six cards in the centre of the table. Everyone bet fifty and this continued for another four hands. While S'ag was dealing, and making a considerable pile of upward facing cards in the centre of the table, Toshme leaned back in her chair. "I've been meaning to ask you something S'ag. It's a bit personal so you don't have to answer."

    The Gorn simply paused mid deal and looked at her with his one eye. She took that as permission to ask. "The eye patch. The implants, the robotic tinge to your voice, the clearly cybernetic legs. What happened to you?"

    "An accident."
    Toshme waited for more but it didn't seem to come. "And?"
    "And it virtually destroyed the entire left side of my body. That's all I'm saying on it."
    Toshme let out a dissapointed huff as she picked up the new set of cards. "Do you know what happened Captain?"
    "Yes. I was there. But it's not my place to say."

    Toshme looked slyly at K'hotiim with narrowed eyes, sizing him up. "You two have been friends for many years. I can tell."
    "Bravo." S'ag sarcastically replied. "That's not a difficult thing to work out."
    "Ok, allright. Just trying to figure out who you are. I'll stop asking." She looked at her cards and suddenly leapt out of her seat, a massive grin on her face.


    She slapped her cards down on the table. She had every card from the Eight of hearts up to the King of hearts. And the Ace of hearts was showing on the pile in the centre. K'hotiim looked at it, then at his cards. "I've only got three pairs of numbers, two of those... stupid shape ones and a Jack of three curved things. That's nothing." He threw his cards on the table in disgust. S'ag calmly placed his cards down.

    "A six, two nines, six random cards and two Jokers. I think the Joker pair means I win."
    "What? That's not fair! I've got many more cards."
    "Yeah, but it's about the combination, not the number."

    Toshme sat back down in a huff. "This game's stupid."
    K'hotiim picked the targ up and put him on the table, letting him lick his finger. "Yes. Yes it is. I thought maybe we could learn about humans by playing what they consider sport. But this game makes no sense, improves no skill and is just sitting around. It's pathetic."

    "Just like humans."
    "Heh. Good one S'ag."

    K'hotiim slammed his elbows on the table and held his claws out. "How about a real game. An old fashioned test of strength."

    S'ag grinned and copied K'hotiim's pose, gripping the other Gorn's claws. As they started pushing to knock the other down, Toshme crouched on her seat, bobbing in excitement.

    "I've got the winner!"

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