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    One Night: Bosip's Defiance

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    One Night: Bosip's Defiance

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:07 pm

    One Night: Bosip's Defiance

    Life is a series of changing events. These events shape who we are as a person and can take days, months and years to play out. Or they could happen in one night. Morality is usually a set thing. The many agree on what is morally acceptable. But there are those who think differently. Those who think certain rules should be ignored simply because it's an inconvenience. And when they decide to break those rules, they cause trouble not just for themselves, but for those around. Trouble that can have long reaching repurcussions.

    In the Transporter Room, Stunshock, Emony, Talaina, Bosip, Xui Li and Luawra stood in their white dress uniforms, awaiting the arrival of the ambassador.

    Luawra leaned over to Xui Li. "I just came out of surgery and didn't have time to catch up with what's going on."
    "We are, ah, picking Ambassador Vok, a Trill ambassador to the local systems in this sector. We are, ah, to transport her to Deep Space Nine for a classified meeting."
    "I see. Any idea what it's about?"
    "No. It is, ah, classified."
    "Huh. Ok then."

    The transporter then energised. On the transporter pad was a Trill female, her black hair tied into two pig tales. She wore leather boots and a black jacket over a strapless top that revealed her bosom in a classy style. She held a small case. As Bosip focused on the case, his antenna dipping slightly in anticipation of getting hold of it, Stunshock approached the pad.

    "Welcome on board the Sentinel. I am Captain Stunshock."

    Ambassador Vok smiled a cheeky, yet oddly sweet smile. "Thank you Captain. I'm sorry to divert you from your business."

    "Not at all Ambassador. I understand the importance of this briefing. Allow me to introduce my senior officers. My First Officer, Talaina Kazzur, Commander Emony Bearlo, Commander Bo-"

    He was cut off by a comm from the Bridge. "Bridge to Captain Stunshock. We're picking up a call from the Evenstar. Captain Arwen is requesting to beam on board."
    "Acknowledge Bridge. Tell her to stand by."

    He turned back to the Ambassador."My apologies Ambassador. Commander Talaina can show you to your quarters. We have a small dinner scheduled at 21:00."

    Ambassador Vok stepped down off the transporter pad. "Thank you Captain. That would be nice. But I'd like Commander Bearlo to show me around. It's been that long since I saw a Trill, it would be nice to spend time with my kind."
    Emony spoke up with a smile. "I would be happy to show you around Ambassador."
    Stunshock nodded. "Very well. Until 21:00."
    As the officers left the room, Stunshock announced for Captain Arwen to beam over.

    Bosip left the room and cast a quick glance down the hall, where Ambassador Vok had emerged and was talking with Emony. Bosip leant over to Talaina who was walking beside him. "Have you heard what's in that case?"
    Talaina shook her head as she looked up at Bosip. "No. What have you heard?"
    "I've heard it's a key component in stopping Borg assimilation. Something so powerful, we could have Borg incursions any minute to get it back."
    Talaina snorted at the rumour. "And they'll come shooting jam beams to stop us in our tracks. Be serious Bosip. Something that potent wouldn't be left in the guard of a simple Ambassador."

    "It could be a deception. You know, make something look unimportant so the enemy ignores it and it can be moved freely."
    "I think you've been watching too many human conspiracy films. I'll see you at 21:00 Bosip."
    Talaina entered the turbolift. As Bosip waited for the next car, he looked back down the hall, but Vok and Emony had disappeared. He hoped he would get to see that device at some point.

    After changing into his standard duty outfit, Bosip made his way to Main Engineering. He was busy running a diagnostic on the warp field when Emony entered, carrying the case. She seemed slightly off, as if something was on her mind, but Bosip paid it no mind. It wasn't any of his business, or he would be told about it. "Hello Emony. What brings you down here?"

    "The Ambassador asked me to give you this. Scans and tests are fine, but there are strict warnings not to power the device, or it could become unstable."
    Bosip took the case and set it down on the nearest console. "Thank you Commander. I'll be sure to initialise the proper safety protocols."
    "Very well. If you... em.... if you excuse me, I'll see you at 21:00."

    Bosip watched the Trill leave, then looked down at the case. His antenna started twitching in anticipation of opening it. Gweevle came over, rubbing the underside of his nose with a finger. "What's in the case?"

    Bosip slowly stroked the corners of the case, pouring over every inch of it. The case was a seemingly standard metal silver case, but he could tell there was more to it than that. "In here is something of immense power. Something that can stop the Borg once and for all."
    "A can of soup?"
    Bosip blinked a dozen times, trying to actually work out if Gweevle had just said that. He slowly turned to the alien. "No, not a can of soup! Why would it be a can of soup? HOW would a can of soup stop the Borg?"

    Gweevle just shrugged. "I don't know. I just said the first item that came to me."

    "When told about an artifact of unbelievable power, something that could stop a scourge across the galaxy, the first place you go to is soup?"
    "I'm hungry."
    Bosip shook his head in disbelief. Turning back to the case, he slid a finger under each catch, flicking both open in unison. Drawing in a breath, he held it as he opened the case. Gweevle stood on his toes to peer over Bosip's shoulder, sounding almost disappointed."Huh. Doesn't look impressive."

    Bosip ignored him as he took in the artifact before him. It appeared to be made from stone, in a shape that reminded him of the old Tholian web weaving ships. But there were additions to it in the form of inert Borg instruments. Some panels and wires covered only ten percent of the artifact, the rest was completely untouched. "Don't you see Gweevle? Only a part of this thing was assimilated. Somehow, it stopped the process dead in its tracks. If we can duplicate that process, we could save billions."
    "Yeah.... but aren't we ordered to only scan? That's not going to tell us a whole lot about the process."
    "No, you're right. We're going to have to power it up. Science Lab Two should be operational at this time."
    "Oh, hey, woah, we were ordered not to do this."
    "Gweevle.... go back to work and don't mention this to anyone. That's an order."
    "Just do it."

    Gweevle pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes before moving off. Bosip closed the case up and left Engineering.

    Entering the science lab, he saw two other officers on duty. Pannu, the Deferi, and Vol'sak, a vulcan ensign. Bosip greeted the pair and put the case down on the centre console. Pannu came over to look at the item. "Greetings Bosip. May your day be Balanced. What is this item?"

    Bosip took the artifact and began setting up scanners around it. "This is a Preserver artifact. And it seems to have the ability to stop assimilation."

    Vol'Sak raised an eyebrow. "If it could be determined how and duplicated, that would prove most valuable."
    "Indeed it would." Bosip finished setting up the scanners. "And that's what we are going to do."
    Pannu leaned in close to the artifact. "I suggest nothing is directly linked to the artifact. If Borg nanites become active, they may spread to the ship computer."
    "Don't worry Pannu, I always intended to set up a quarantine field before we started."
    Pannu nodded. "A wise precaution."

    The three officers got to work, running multiple scans and tests that took them into the evening. Eventually, Pannu dabbed his brow with the back of his hand. "I believe we have achieved all we can without powering the device."
    Bosip nodded in agreement. "Begin transferring power."
    After the needed preparations were made, and informing Xui Li at the Ops station on the Bridge that there was soon to be a power spike in the lab in order to avoid any questions, they started transferring power. Runes started glowing along the side of the obelisk. Pannu monitored the instruments carefully. "No power readings from the device yet."

    Vol'Sak was running a Tricorder over the device. "Fascinating. Power seems to be flowing into the device, but there is no change in the device itself. It is as if the device is simply.... making the energy disappear."

    Bosip frowned at his sensor console. "How is that possible? Where would it be going?" He peered closer to the Runes. "Can either of you identify those markings?" Both shook their head. Bosip asked the computer, but it also came back negative. Vol'Sak raised an eyebrow. "I am starting to detect something in the device."

    Bosip fine tuned his equipment, both antennae and eyebrows shooting straight up in a mix of surprise and shock. "Detecting nanites becoming active! Pannu, shut it down!"
    The Deferi was already shaking his head. "I already have. The nanites have become self powered. We cannot allow them to escape."

    The runes were glowing brighter now as small particles of Borg technology started forming along the skin of the artifact. Bolts started crackling through the lab as power was pulled from other systems. Bosip tried frantically to isolate the lab systems, but the power drain was increasing. "There's a feedback cascade starting in the consoles. Everyone, back!"

    The three officers backed away as the small obelisk rippled, giving an ethereal feel before solidifying, the advancement of Borg technology stopping. Vol'Sak inched closer with his Tricorder. "I am detecting a tremendous amount of energy in the device. It could be storing-"

    Bosip realised too late what was happening. He shouted at Vol'Sak to move as he dove for Pannu, the blinding white light encompassing everything.

    His ears were ringing. He tried to look around, but a blurry mess of colours was all he could see. Bosip tried to sit up, but sharp pain in his chest forced him to stay put. It felt like he was on his back, the acrid stench of smoke and burnt flesh filled his nostrils. Blinking rapidly, he tried to clear his vision. He gradually became aware of someone near him. He turned his head as the colours started to coalesce into recognisable shapes. He was still in the science lab, but the entire room was a blackened wreck, the signs of multiple fires indicative of the amount of energy the device had unleashed. His chest tightened up, forcing a coughing fit. The ringing gradually quietened enough to hear many voices. He recognised them as the ship's medical staff. One of them was talking to him. He slowly blinked, finally recognising the face. "What happened?"

    The nurse laid a cold compress on Bosip's forehead. "There was an explosion. We've stabilised you, but you need to lie still for a moment. This should help with the dizziness."
    Bosip could hear the frantic voice of Luawara nearby. She and some of her team were kneeling over Pannu. Her black robe was stained with Deferi blood, medical instruments of various descriptions were littered around the floor and on the Lieutenant. It was difficult to see from where he was, but Luawara appeared to have her hands well inside Pannu's chest. Her hair was matted from sweat, possibly from the stress, possibly from the warmth in the room. She held a long and thin instrument between her teeth that flashed every two seconds while her nurses passed instruments around. The comm went off, Emony's nervous voice coming over it. "Luawra? Can we talk?"

    Luawara spat out the instrument to the floor. The stress was clear in her voice. "Not now Emony. I'm busy. Pass me that arterial clamp." One of the nurses passed the clamp which Luwara quickly tied onto one of the arteries. "Seven cc Tricordrazine. We need to get his heart pumping again." One of the nurses pressed the hypospray to his neck. Luwara used her telepathic abilities to sense how Pannu was reacting. There was almost nothing there. "No no no. Don't you dare die on me Pannu. I'm not loosing another one tonight."

    The nurses commented his metabolism had stopped. His brain functions were shutting down. Luawra grabbed a cortical stimulant and placed it on his head before plunging her hands back inside his chest. "His heart's too badly damaged to use machines. I'll have to massage it to keep blood flow going. You. Keep his brain activity going. Do whatever you can."

    The doctors worked relentlessly for ten minutes, Luawra growing ever more frantic with her commands. One of the medical Tricorders indicated a flatline. Nurse San gently put a hand on Luawara's shoulder. "I'm sorry Doctor..... but he's gone."

    "No. NO!" Luawara kept massaging the heart, keeping a steady rhythm with her fingers, keeping her thumb over the wound to prevent the blood from seeping out, knowing any attempt to close this kind of wound on his exposed heart with any of their devices would rip the soft tissue apart even more. Eventually, she came to realise she had lost. The rhythm slowed, finally coming to a stop. She carefully removed herself from his chest and collapsed backwards, landing on her rear with a thump. Her hands drenched in blood, her shoulders heaving with the effort. She had sensed his mind fade away. Had made sure he knew she was there. No one should die alone. He had been grateful for that small act of kindness from his friend. That gratitude was the last thing anyone would ever know from him.

    Bosip tried to speak, but a lump caught in his throat. Pannu.... the Deferi had been with them for a few years. Though Bosip didn't know him well outside a professional capacity, he knew Pannu had many friends among the crew. And Vol'Sak had many friends among the science teams as well.... Bosip then realised he didn't know where the Vulcan was. He turned his head, closing his eyes as he saw the broken and burnt body of the ensign. This was his fault. He was told by Emony not to power the device up. But he had to see what would happen. He had to unlock its secrets. And now two people were dead. He should have learnt his lesson from last time his curiosity got the better of him during the Dominion War. Those poor souls. And now there were two more deaths on his hands. "I'm sorry Pannu. I'm sorry Vol'Sak."

    Bosip's injuries had turned out to be seriously life threatening. Luawra thought because he had been diving sideways at the time of the blast, part of the console shielded him from having his chest ripped open as Pannu and Vol'Sak did. But some emergency surgery and a run of a Dermal Regenerator later, he was slowly on the mend. Though she had wrapped him in bandages to keep the healing skin dirt free, she had let him out of sickbay. Unfortunately, Captain Stunshock had asked.... no, had demanded to see him in his Ready Room. As the lift doors opened, Bosip gingerly moved out. It was the morning after now, and the Bridge crew was changing onto the day shift. Xui Li was stood by the Ops console, talking to the Lieutenant who was replacing her. She quickly bowed to the young man and then stepped over to Bosip. "I should, ah, warn you. The Captain is, ah, not in a happy mood."

    Bosip just drew a long sigh. "I'm not surprised. This time, I screwed up badly."

    Xui Li's features took pity on the man. "It is not, ah, all about that. I believe he had some, ah, bad news from Captain Arwen. But, it will not, ah, help you."

    "Thank's Xui Li."

    The Andorian walked over to the Ready Room door and pressed the chime. Hearing the words to enter, he did. Stunshock sat behind his desk wearing his blue and yellow robes. Bosip hadn't seen the Captain in those since his trip to Risa a few months ago. Normally he would consider it a good thing that the Jeroan was in his traditional clothes, but there was something about his posture, the look in his eyes that suggested he had also had a bad night, and he was not about to be lenient. Not that Bosip wished it any other way. Stunshock looked up from his PADD and glared at Bosip. "Did Commander Bearlo tell you not to power up the device?" He was using full ranks and last names. This was bad. Bosip cleared his throat before replying. "Yes Sir."

    "And what happened in there?"

    Why was he asking it like that? Did he already know the answer? Most likely. Talaina, Ttorkkinn and Roderick were masters at uncovering what happened on this ship. Bosip shifted uncomfortably as he gave his reply. "I... uh.... I ran scans on the artifact with Pannu and Vol'Sak. Once we were finished, we powered the device up to activate it and see what would happen."

    Stunshock sighed, pinching the top of his nose between his fingers. "To see what would happen. And what happened?"

    "There was some kind of energy build-up that was released. I tried to knock Pannu to cover as soon as I realised what was happening. Vol'Sak was standing directly beside the device and was too far from me to attempt to aid."

    Stunshock look up at Bosip in disbelief. "So, having been told NOT to power up the device, to only run passive scans on it, you completely disregarded that, putting the safety of this ship at the potential hands of a Borg nanite attack."

    "Yes S-"

    Stunshock slammed both palms on the table, pushing himself to his feet quickly as he exploded. "STAND AT ATTENTION! THIS IS NOT AN INFORMAL MEETING!" He paused a moment to compose himself. "You disobeyed safety instructions for a dangerous and unknown artifact. Your actions directly resulted in the deaths of two members of my crew. That is behaviour I do not expect from my Chief Engineer."

    Bosip was startled by the outburst from the normally calm and collected Captain. He snapped instantly to attention. "No Sir. It will not happen again."

    "Except it did happen again. Starfleet may have sealed your history files, but I had some favours to call in. I don't let anyone on my ship without knowing their full history. I was willing to give you a second chance. But this is too far. I am officially removing you as Chief Engineer of the Sentinel and marking disciplinary actions on your Starfleet record."

    Bosip couldn't believe it. He was being demoted? Still.... given the circumstances, he could hardly blame the Captain.

    "I understand Sir. May I ask what actions will be taken?"

    "I will decide at a later date. For now, you will continue your shifts in Engineering. I am promoting Gweevle to the role of Chief Engineer. You will work under him. You are also restricted from accessing any science labs or research materials without direct authorisation from myself, or Commander Kazzur. Is that understood." It wasn't a question.

    "Perfectly Sir."

    "Now get out of my sight."

    As Bosip turned to leave, he heard Stunshock grumble something about preparing for a big meeting and Arwen, but he knew he shouldn't seek clarification. As he entered the Turbolift, he waited for the doors to close before raising his hands. They were trembling. It seemed this was a bad night for all.

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