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    U.S.S. D.C .Fontana key personnel

    Object in Space

    Fleet Rank : Commander
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    Medical Division Rank : MD Commander
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    Location : Austin, TX
    Ship Name : U.S.S. D.C. Fontana
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-94767
    Ship Class : Miranda-class Frigate
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Lt. Cmdr. Richard Cameron

    U.S.S. D.C .Fontana key personnel

    Post by RaiderRich2001 on Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:53 pm

    I may use one or more of these characters when I'm RPing as this ship, so I'm posting them here.

    Captain Paul Allen Warner - Captain of the U.S.S D.C. Fontana
    A man with Warner's commendations and track record is not the type of captain you typically find piloting a frigate on patrol duty, but he was exiled from his cruiser command for disobeying orders in wargames. His action did expose a flaw in a proposed tactical doctrine revision, but the Admiral who proposed this revision had something of an ego and made sure he was send as far away from Starfleet HQ as possible. The incident probably dashed whatever hopes Warner had of being an Admiral, but he's making the best of a bad situation. Plus, he is always willing to take officers he thinks have command ability under his wing, and this assignment gives him a chance to do just that.

    Lt. Commander Richard Cameron - Science Officer/Acting First Officer
    Cameron's Full Bio
    Also making the best of a bad situation is Lt. Commander Cameron. His deep space exploration vessel was recalled back to earth after a year due to a shift in Starfleet budget priorities. He was assigned to the D.C. Fontana as a science officer and second officer. Recently, the D.C. Fontana's first officer was promoted and given his own command, so Cameron has stepped into the role of first officer. Warner's intends to make Cameron's first officer assignment permanent, complete with promotion, but he's running into some resistance from Starfleet, mostly caused by the Admiral that Warner made a fool of.
    Cameron's been one of Captain Warner's "projects" ever since he's been on the ship, which has eased the pain of frigate duty for Cameron (who'd quite frankly rather be exploring).

    Lt. Angelika Echter - Hazard Team leader/Acting Security Chief
    Angelika Echter was born in Bremen, Germany, the daughter of 2 police officers. She became a member of Germany's GSG-9 elite counterterrorism force where she served with distinction. The demand for trained security personnel in Starfleet and the incentives they were offering led Angelika to accept an warrant officer commission. She graduated from the Hazard Team school first in her class. (Think Diane Kruger as a bad-ass action chick)

    Lt. Commander Dr. Miloc - Ship's Doctor
    A child prodigy from Vulcan, Miloc was the youngest person since Wesley Crusher ever accepted to Starfleet Academy and the youngest to graduate from Starfleet Academy Medical School, and the youngest to complete the Kolinahr ritual. His bedside manner, well, it's what you'd expect from a Vulcan, clinical and logical. He often gets into intellectual disagreements with the more emotional Cameron, but the two still play a friendly game of 3D Go now and then.

    Midshipman Tok - Hazard Team Member
    The son of a private security contractor on Ferengiar. Tok grew up around some of the most hardened people in the galaxy, and learned to respect and even emulate them. However, Tok didn't like some of the clients that his father had to deal with, so rather than go to a Ferengi business college, he instead enrolled in Starfleet Academy to become a tactical officer. This is his second training cruise and has requested to be on the hazard team, which Captain Warner has granted despite his personal reservations.

    Lt Commander Bozoel Omiza, Chief Engineer
    Chief Engineer Bozoel Omiza is a former member of the Bajoran Milita who served on the original Serenity Station as part of an engineering exchange program, and was later absorbed into Starfleet. She has the distinction of serving on both Serenity Stations and knew Cameron's dad when he served there. Bozoel took a liking to young Richard, who needed a mother figure when he was away from his mom. Cameron occasionally refers to her as "Aunt Omiza", even though they aren't related.
    Despite her motherly appearance, she's an excellent engineer who has managed to work out the kinks cause by the D.C. Fontana's highly experimental warp core interacting with Starfleet systems of varying quality.

    Lt. Ariyis Didul, Assistant Science Officer/Ops
    Ariyis Didul, like Cameron, is a survivor of the U.S.S. Dom Henrique Infante, a ship that was destroyed while on a dangerous aid mission. Because of the shared experience, the two have forged a friendship, and the two often drink together and watch sports on the video terminal in the ship's lounge, "This Side of Paradise". An unjoined Trill, Didul is a brilliant researcher, but prefers the safety of the ship's science labs to going on the ground. Due to Cameron having to fill in as first officer, most of Cameron's normal responsibilities have fallen on him.

    Ensign Zin Osesila - Flight Controller
    Zin Osesila, a Bolian, was a pilot from the moment she graced the universe. She was born an raised on her parents' trading ship, and learned how to fly a ship in N-space before she could walk. As she got older, she learned more about ship operations. However, she got tired of seeing the seedy side of every port, and wanted something better, so she enlisted in Starfleet and advanced her way into an officer commission. She's shy and a bit rough around the edges, but when she's in the flight controller's chair, she feels at home.

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