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    Cannons Tips on where and when..



    Cannons Tips on where and when..

    Post by Guest on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:18 am

    Well for all those who are confused on where your going and when your going hears a a few good tips to find your route.


    Rank 1-7: Sirius Sector (1).
    You will find your self running the tutorial first. its a basic run threw of how the game runs. after completing the tutorial you will be in Sol*. You head in talk to the admiral and by the time you have collected the missions, rewards, crew, what ever you need you will be lvl 3 already yeay!! you will be departing into the first sector labeled . You will have most of your first missions in this sector till you hit around lvl 7.


    Rank 7-21: The Regulas Sector(2), ETA Eridani sector(3), and and PI sector(4).

    This is your next zone for mission running and finding the same lvl opponents for your self to kill. most missions in this zone are fairly easy as you are still in the begginer stage of your ship and tier 2 ships. it is possible to achieve your next class ship in this sector if you are teaming up with others a completing missions and encounters with them.


    Rank 21-41: The Alpha Centory Sector(5), PSI Velorum sector(6), Iota Pavonis sector(7).

    This is romulan space where you meet the horigon on occasion as well. there is a fleet mission hear called The Crystalian. it is a giant crystal entity that is floating around in the sector block ram it it will bring you to the mission to complete it as it is jsut like the encounters with enemy ships. your mission lines will enable you to lvl up hear to at least lvl 41 for your next tier ship.


    Rank 41-51: Beta Urase sector(8}, Alpha Trinagula, Zeta Andromedae Sector.

    This is your basic captain ranked mission zones so be aware if you are not a captian rank hear be ready to die ..... alot lol. most opponents hear you may be able to take in a tier 3 ship with support of allies in certain area's, but.. if you are flying alone it basicly evens out so you maybe able to take um depending on your skills sets and what your bridge officers have to offer you in a fight.


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