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    Cpt Cannons Bio



    Cpt Cannons Bio

    Post by Guest on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:43 pm

    Character Information

    Name Brad Cannons
    Rank Captain
    Position: Fleet Command Rank:

    Engineering Dept. Rank

    Gender Male
    Species human/betazoid
    Age 28

    Physical Appearance
    Height 6’ 0”
    Weight 155 lbs.
    Eye Color various colours
    Hair Color Brown

    Description Cannons Has Eyes that vary to his Moods they mostly stay a
    azuire blue. His eyes have been found to turn purple when he is around
    a person he likes. Cannons Has Brown medium long hair. He has a goatee
    and mustache. Cannons has a Slim medium build body.

    Personality & Traits
    General Overview
    Determained and kind at heart. Has a stong persanlity and loves to talk
    with others. Gets along with other people quite well.

    Strengths & Weaknesses
    Cannons has a habit of helping any one who may be in distress which would fall under strengths and in some cases weakness.


    Hobbies & Interests
    loves to Fly or drive anything he can get his hands on. Cannons has a
    knack for Being a good Engineer but never went into that field having wanting to be a pilot more but has recently decided to expand into the engineering field. His Favorite hobbie
    is to rebuild old cars of the early 20th century.


    Father Benoldi Cannons
    Mother Died Giving Birth. Anita Cannons
    Brother(s) none
    Sister(s) none
    Spouse none
    Children none
    Other Family

    has the full capability of a full telepath but only uses it rarly and
    hides being a telepath quite well. Cannons neglected to tell star fleet
    that he was a telepath cause he was in fear they would make him be a
    counsler when he wanted to be a pilot. Only Cannons teacher on betazed
    and father know he is telpathic.

    When Cannons was born his
    mother Died giving birth to Cannons. He was raised by his father who
    was a retired pilot who could fly anything. He had taught Cannons how
    to fly since he was 2 . At the age of 10 he could out fly his father.
    He was raised rather normaly but threw teen hood he was starting to
    have problems with hearing things in his mind some times when around
    people. he was then told some time shortly after that his mother was a
    betazoid. his father then moved to betzeid for a year with cannons at
    15 for 2 years to betzed for training on how to control his mind more
    aptly. Cannons Uses his telepthy uncosiously to help him fly and this
    aids him in his manuvering and flight styles.

    Cannons graduated space academy top of the class as a pilot and a combat expert in the year 2400

    Service Record
    Cannons First Served on the USS Chronos. (Apollo Class)
    as pilot for 2 years then was transfered to the USS Galaxy. Cannons Was promoted From
    Ensign to Lt druing his commision on the Chronos.

    the USS
    Galaxy (Galaxy class) Under Transfer orders from the Captian him self.
    Cannons was requested due to his ability to fly ships how ever he only
    stayed there for 3 years. Cannons raised to the rank of Commander while
    commissioned on the Galaxy.

    Cannons was then requested from the Captian of the USS Airel (promethieous class)
    Being very eager to fly this newer type of ship jumped at the chance of
    being able to fly such Complacated ship. The Captian knew he got the
    right man for the job Every time the ship split into 3 cause Cannons
    could control each peace at the same time like he was on each peace him
    self. after 3 years how ever Star fleet got wind of how well this young
    Commander was doing and decided to give him command of his own ship and
    Promoted Cannons to Captian.

    The new ship that was to be
    commissioned to Cannons was a new Intrepid refit and it is called the
    USS Daystrom. Cannons is curantly in command of this vessle.

      Current date/time is Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:12 pm