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    Tips For New Cadets ( people requesting to join please read)

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    Tips For New Cadets ( people requesting to join please read)

    Post by Ryukotsu on Tue Jun 02, 2015 1:26 am

    Hey Everyone, I know this post may seem redundant however this is some helpful suggestions for all the new cadets to try and help them along in the fleet. Most of this should go without saying , but still see it happen a lot... So new recruits please read

    1: POST ! Not just your request to join, and the few answers to the questions your asked. Forum activity helps many aspects of the fleet. Not all member can play the actually game often, and others play at various times. Posting in the forums even if its to talk about simple things , at least lets other members know you are around and somewhat active. It is amazing how many people will join, post 6-7 times then never be heard of again, unless you catch them n game. Posting also increases responses and other posts from different members, allowing everyone to get to know and remember you better. New people who are first looking at our fleet site will see alot more postings, and activity form different active members which will help people to join. The more people we get in our fleet the more activities, the more feel and the more our fleet grows both on and off the game. More people will in turn also be on at the same time to play in groups with each other. When new players and people are seeing a very active fleet on the forums when they check out the site it helps show how wonderful our fleet can be.

    2: Share information, dont be afraid to post tips and tricks or fun facts about the game or shows, or anything else for that matter. Different people are very good at different things, the more we help each other get better at whatever we like to do , the more we can grow our fleet. Plus you might be surprised to find the information that is helpful to others, and even if its just used to reference back. Remember New players and old join the fleet, so tips and suggestions you have can go a long ways to helping a new player who is on at a different time then yourself and find themselves on the game alone, with a 1000 questions and not sure where to ask.

    3: Dont Be Afraid To Ask Questions: This seems like such a simple thing, but its amazing how many people really are afraid to simply ask. Hey look , its a complicated game, Esp for people who are new to online games, computers etc. There are alot of members here who have a vast amount of knowledge they are willing to share. I assure you most of them dont bite. Everyone no matter how much they might know can still need help with different things sometimes. It doesn't even have to be about STO. You can ask about anything, people here are friendly, patient, and helpful. So Seriously dont be afraid, what you ask might also help show others how easy it is to ask as well, not to mention may help teach other members something they dont know, or even answer something they wondered themselves.

    4: Read: We post alot of information on the site, game updates, tips, tricks, fun facts, things completely random. where to get free stuff, how to get special items, what events are going on and coming up. We even have some amazingly talented people who post in the rps which make for great reading, just like a book or even watching a movie if you can imagine it all in your head. All in all we have a lot of different information on here, you might read something you find interesting and may wanna post about it as well.

    5: Greet new and potential members: It can be comforting and help make others feel at ease when they know they are not the only new player. I see people joining and replying to their postings in the recruitment, but then dont welcome each other or they wait until they have been around for a while before saying hi when the next person comes to join. Help us show what a wonderful group we have, by being warm and welcoming.

    Remember, you cant stop the signal. Now... did river steal my shoes again!

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