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    New Ships


    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    New Ships

    Post by Connas Soth on Sat Dec 06, 2008 7:15 am

    I added some variants of 4 ships, including the Archangel to the gallery. I will post more as I find em/refit em. I hope you all like the tribute ship as well.

    Hopefully I'll find more that I've piloted so I can post em.

    I have acess to a ton of refits, from many races. Let me know if you have questions on the current ones or if there is something you want to see!

    Connas Soth
    U.S.S. Archangel

    Big Damn Hero

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Science Department Rank : SCI Captain
    Medical Division Rank : MD Captain
    Number of posts : 260
    Location : Abandoned Planet Doing Experiments.....hehe
    Ship Name : USS Shield
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-77911
    Ship Class : Ship Class: NX-91001
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Re: New Ships

    Post by Exezer on Sat Dec 06, 2008 8:58 am

    Hey if you could see if there is a new refit for Olympic Class ship and/or Nova Class?

    Thank you in advance

    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: New Ships

    Post by Connas Soth on Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:41 am

    Exezer wrote:Hey if you could see if there is a new refit for Olympic Class ship and/or Nova Class?

    Thank you in advance

    Sadly there are no current refits for the Olympic Class (previously called the Hope Class) or the Nova Class, at least that effect the outward appearance. Sadly, though 2 for the most famous guest appearance ships, they are stuck in thier primary roles.

    I can give you detailed information and pictures of them if you'd like. Sorry I couldn't help ya.

    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: New Ships

    Post by Connas Soth on Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:57 am

    Here's another ship for you. I expect to see a TON of refitted ships in ST:O more than actuall new classes.
    Here's one I found today that would have been the immediate successor to the Galaxy-Class.

    *NOTE This class most likely would have been downgraded to a Dreadnaught Classification:


    In 2390, Starfleet began developing the Olympus-class Explorer to suppliment the efforts of the aging Galaxy-class Explorer. At the same time, the Starfleet Spacecraft Design Advisory Commission (SSDAC) advised the development of another class of vessel that would be able to serve as a mobile base of operations and command center for Starfleet in the far reaches of the galaxy. While early computer models utilized designs that would maximize available space with reconfigurable modules, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) knew that a larger craft would be needed to execute the charter of Starfleet and the Federation. It was then that the initial concept of the Odyssey-class Battleship began to take form and progress into the eventual design that would produce one of the fleet's most notable deep-space, multi-mission vessels.

    Pioneered by the former head of Starfleet Engineering, the newly refined Transwarp Drive was integrated into this new class, supplementing the existing Mark XII Matter/Antimatter Warp Reaction System, to meet the second criteria of the SSDAC. In addition, due to the size of the vessel, a wide array of weapons were taken into consideration to provide for all possible scenarios, but in the end the design team settled on a design for a new brand of phaser emitters, Type XI. As with all new craft, ships of the Odyssey-class are fitted with the bio-regenerative hull matrix to allow for automatic and nearly instantaneous repair of damaged hull plates utilizing a system of biological components and the ship's computer.

    Pursuant to Starfleet Exploratory Commission Directive 4012.79(b), a complete sensor system review was needed along with routine design reviews of existing auxiliary spacecraft support systems. A total of 563 Mark XIV sensor pallets, models A through F, were chosen by the ASDB to provide the most accurate and detailed scans of surrounding territory. In addition, a 5-meter, gamma ray telescope was designed by the Starfleet Sciences Research and Development Bureau on Starbase 3 for long-range sensor readings. Environmental systems for the new Odyssey-class starship conform to the existing Starfleet Regulatory Agency (SFRA) standard and allow for emergency reconfiguration by the vessel's engineering staff. Computer systems have been upgraded to allow for the introduction of some of the most sophisticated technology available to Starfleet.

    Like the vessels that precede her, the Odyssey-class starship has been given the ability to separate. This allows for the less armored Primary Hull and the majority of the passengers and crew to seek refuge while the Secondary Hull remains behind to combat the threat. With the Treaty of Algeron defunct and the Romulan Star Empire a member of the Federation, Starfleet is free to actively research and develop cloaking technology. The first such device was installed on the former flagship of the Federation, the Olympus-class prototype. Now, having worked out many of the initial problems, Starfleet engineers have equipped the USS ODYSSEY, NCC-9000, with the latest version. Currently, Starfleet Engineering has no plans to add any further cloaking devices, but research into the technology is still ongoing.

    Needless to say, the Odyssey-class starship works best in the docked configuration, utilizing the ship's energy in the most efficient manner. From a distance, the graceful curves of the Odyssey-class are similar to a streamlined avian, following the mathematical formulae of the universe. Classified as a Battleship, the most heavily armored and powerful craft in the Starfleet armada, the Odyssey-class is no doubt Starfleet's premiere vessel. In a wide variety of missions, the Odyssey-class has proven her worth time and again and will continue the tradition of excellence and give the fleet a voice in even the farthest corners of the galaxy.

    Class: Odyssey
    Type: Battleship
    Length: 1,638 meters
    Beam: 1,193 meters
    Draft: 357 meters
    Decks, Primary Hull: 1-42
    Decks, Secondary Hull: 34-100

    Number in Service: 1
    - USS ODYSSEY, NCC-9000 (Destroyed)
    - USS ILIAD, NCC-9001


    Total: 2,361
    Officers: 214
    Crew: 1,305
    Marines: 360
    Non-crew: 482


    Impulse Propulsion System (IPS):
    - Type: Omni-directional Sublight

    Warp Propulsion System (WPS):
    - Type: Static Warp/Transwarp

    Warp Speeds:
    - Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 7
    - Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 9.999975
    - Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 9.999999987
    - Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 9.999999998

    Transwarp Speeds (Transwarp Drive for emergency only):
    - Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 12 (Transwarp 3)
    - Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 16.975 (Transwarp 7.975)
    - Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 16.9975 (Transwarp 7.9975)
    - Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 16.999982 (Transwarp 7.999982)


    Phaser Systems:
    - Type: Mark XI
    - Total: 24 banks - 8 primary, 16 secondary
    - Maximum Effective Range: 475,000 km

    Plasma Cannon Systems:
    - Type: Mark II Point Defense Emplacements
    - Total: 32 turrets - 14 primary, 18 secondary
    - Maximum Effective Range: 500 km

    Quantum Torpedo Systems:
    - Type: Mark IV Seeking/Direct
    - Total: 8 tubes - 4 fore, 4 aft
    - Maximum Effective Range: 4,500,000 km

    Deflector Shield Systems:
    - Type: Mark IX Multiphasic (Nested)
    - Mark V Metaphasic Shielding Units

    Bio-regenerative Hull Matrix:
    - Type: Mark II


    - Personnel Transporters: 35
    - Emergency Transporters: 17
    - Cargo Transporters: 21

    - Main: 14
    - Personal: 45

    - Main Processors: 4 Type Mark XV
    - Dedicated Sub-Processors: 8 Type Mark VII
    * Main Bridge
    * Primary Sickbay
    * Secondary Sickbay
    * Primary Detention Center
    * Battle Bridge
    * Tertiary Sickbay
    * Secondary Detention Center
    * Main Engineering

    - Primary Hull: 1 fore, 1 aft
    - Secondary Hull: 2 aft

    Embarked Craft (standard):
    - Euphrates-class Runabouts: 23
    - Type 16 Shuttlepods: 15
    - Type 6 Personnel Shuttle: 36
    - Type 9a Cargo Shuttles: 10
    - Type 21 EVAs: 24
    - Assault Craft: 3


    -Main Bridge: Deck 1 (Primary Hull)
    -Captain's Ready Room: Deck 1 (Primary Hull)
    -Observation Lounge: Deck 1 (Primary Hull)
    -Junior Officer's Quarters: Decks 3-5 (Primary Hull)
    -Science Labs: Decks 3-6 and 38 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 72-74 (Secondary Hull)
    -Emergency Escape Pods: Decks 7-9, 31-32 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 39-41, 57, 75-77, 93-95, 97 (Secondary Hull)
    -Weapons Locker and Security Center: Deck 7 (Primary Hull)
    -Main Holodecks: Decks 8 and 22 (Primary Hull)
    Deck 71 (Secondary Hull)
    -Ten-Forward Lounge: Deck 10 (Primary Hull)
    -Personnel Transporter Rooms: Decks 11 and 30 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 39, 63, 82 (Secondary Hull)
    -VIP Quarters: Deck 11 (Primary Hull)
    -Senior Officer's Quarters: Deck 12 (Primary Hull)
    -Captain's Quarters: Deck 12 (Primary Hull)
    -Primary Sickbay: Deck 15 (Primary Hull)
    -Secondary Sickbay: Deck 28 (Primary Hull)
    -Medical Labs: Decks 15 and 28 (Primary Hull)
    -Gymnasium: Deck 15 (Primary Hull)
    -Emergency Triage Ward: Deck 28 (Primary Hull)
    -Quantum Torpedo Launchers: Deck 16 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 50, 52, 58, and 75 (Secondary Hull)
    -Conference Lounges: Decks 11, 17, 25, and 37 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 40, 56, 64, 65, and 82 (Secondary Hull)
    -Main Shuttlebay: Deck 18 (Primary Hull)
    -Shuttlebay 2 (fore): Deck 29 (Primary Hull)
    -Shuttlebays 3 & 4: Deck 43 (Secondary Hull)
    -Cargo Bays and Cargo Transporters: Decks 6, 22, 30, 36 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 38, 41, 83, 86 (Secondary Hull)
    -Impulse Engines: Deck 23 (Primary Hull)
    Deck 55 (Secondary Hull)
    -Computer Core Access: Deck 26 (Primary Hull)
    Decks 44 and 71 (Secondary Hull)
    -Stellar Cartography Lab: Deck 27 (Primary Hull)
    -Primary Detention Center: Deck 40 (Primary Hull)
    -Secondary Detention Center: Deck 68 (Secondary Hull)
    -Captain's Yacht Docking Port: Deck 42 (Primary Hull)
    -Battle Bridge: Deck 34 (Secondary Hull)
    -Heavy Weapons Storage: Decks 66-67 (Secondary Hull)
    -Astrogation Labs: Decks 69-70 (Secondary Hull)
    -Main Engineering: Deck 95 (Secondary Hull)
    -Landing Leg Control Room: Deck 100 (Secondary Hull

    Truth Seer
    Big Damn Hero

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Colonel
    Number of posts : 281
    Location : Out on the edge.
    Ship Name : USS Truth Seer
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-Can't Think of Anything
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Marines/Security

    Re: New Ships

    Post by Truth Seer on Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:10 pm

    Nice pics.



    Re: New Ships

    Post by Guest on Sat Dec 06, 2008 11:13 pm

    Hate to nit-pick, but... well... shouldn't they have much, MUCH higher NCC numbers? Smile

    Connas Soth
    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Cadet
    Number of posts : 35
    Location : BIOP, Iraq (DEPLOYED)
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Archangel
    Ship Registry Number : NX-4640
    Ship Class : Advanced Cruiser/ Covert Ops
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: New Ships

    Post by Connas Soth on Sun Dec 07, 2008 2:03 am

    Prolly. However, I'm not up to speed on the registration numbers. Besides, I figure everythingis customizable. Very Happy


    Re: New Ships

    Post by Guest on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:48 pm

    Lol, well there is that Razz

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    Re: New Ships

    Post by Sponsored content Today at 11:20 pm

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