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    Romulan Ships

    Object in Space

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    Romulan Ships

    Post by verbena on Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:47 am

    I'm looking at the end game ships for romulans on tribble...

    Ha'apax Advanced Warbird 120k Dil
    Lt. Tac, Ensign Tac, Commander Eng, Lt. Cmdr Eng, Lt. Sci
    4 Eng consoles, 2 Tac consoles, 3 Sci consoles
    4 fore, 4 rear weapons
    40k hull
    1.05 shield modifier
    4000 crew
    base turn: 5
    +10 shield, +5 aux

    T'Varo Light Warbird retro, zen ship (I'm guessing 2k, but it's not listed)
    Cmdr Tac, Lt. Tac, Ensign tac, Lt. Cmdr Eng, Lt. universal
    3 eng consoles, 4 tac consoles, 2 sci consoles
    4 fore, 3 rear
    30k hull
    .9 shield mod
    150 crew
    base turn: 18
    +15 weapons

    Dhelan Retro (zen, guessing 2k)
    Cmdr Tac, Ensign Tac, Lt. Cmdr Eng, Lt. Sci, Lt. Universal
    3 of each console
    4 front, 3 rear
    31.5k hull
    .9 shield
    450 crew
    Base turn: 16
    +10 weapons, +5 engines

    Mogai Retro (zen, guesing 2.5k)
    Cmdr Tac, Lt. Tac, Ensign eng, Lt. Cmdr Sci, Lt. Universal
    2 Eng Consoles, 4 tac, 3 sci
    4 front, 3 rear weapons
    33k hull
    .9 shield mod
    900 crew
    Base turn: 14
    +15 weapons

    D'deridex retro (zen, guessing 2.5k)
    Lt. Tac, Cmdr eng, Lt. Cmdr Eng, Lt. Sci, Ensign Sci
    4 eng consoles, 3 tac, 2 sci
    4 front, 4 rear weapons
    40.5k hull
    1.0 shield mod
    1500 crew
    base turn: 5
    +10 shields, +5 aux

    Haakona Advanced Warbird (zen, guessing 2.5k)
    lt. tac, ensign tac, cmdr eng, lt. eng, lt. cmdr universal
    2 eng consoles, 3 tac, 4 sci
    4 front, 4 rear weapons
    40k hull
    1.05 shield mod
    2k crew
    base turn: 5
    +10 shields, +5 aux

    That's what's available thus far. There's no fleet ships listed currently, so don't know if/how that'll will work.

    All the ships listed above have romulan battle-cloaks. They all also come with some singularity powers, but I'm not sure what all of those do and they all looked much the same so I didn't bother listing them.

    None of them said if they could use cannons or not, but I'm assuming at least the escorts can. I don't know about the heavier ships.

    I gotta say, the heavier ships seem rather unappealing to me. Base turn rate 5 is pretty horrendous. When you can't keep up with a Galaxy it's time to just go home.

    I'm also not seeing any carriers, and no scimitar.
    Reanna Aloi
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    Re: Romulan Ships

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:02 pm

    One will have to choose weapons wisely when running those big birds, not to mention the appropriate equipment to compensate for such a slow turn rate.


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