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    Captain Reanna Aloi

    Reanna Aloi
    Dean of the Academy

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Captain
    Number of posts : 3480
    Location : Somewhere in a home, in a city, in a country, somewhere on the planet...
    Ship Name : The Immortal
    Ship Registry Number : Special Registry: NCC 082270
    Ship Class : Defiant (modified refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile

    Captain Reanna Aloi

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:43 pm

    Saying = "Strength and Courage"
    | Name = Captain Reanna Aloi
    | Player = Black Star
    | Fullname = Reanna Aloi
    | species = Human (Augment by birth)
    | gender = Female
    | age = 26
    | height = 6' 4”
    | weight = 164 lbs
    | eyes = Brown
    | hair = Bruenette
    | faction = UFP
    | birthplace = Capella IV
    | baseofoperations = [[Serenity Station & the Firefly Fleet |Serenity Station]]

    | marital = N/A
    | relatives = Corren Aloi; half brother, son of Pyriel Danto
    | occupation = formerly a Bounty Hunter, trader, amongst other things.
    | rank = Captain
    | current assignment = Chef, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, Lead Special Forces Operative [[Serenity Station & Firefly Fleet|Serenity Station]]

    Footnotes: Holds a pin from the House of Martok gained by her mother, Kirsta a few decades ago.

    =Your Rank & Name=


    There are no previous files within Star Fleet of Reanna Aloi, save that since joining Serenity Station.

    ===Service Record===
    3409: Taken in by Serenity Station, she was given the rank of Lt. Commander. Shortly after, took command of the Defiant Class ship formerly named “The Tuskegee”, now renamed, “The Immortal”. Also commands her deceased mother's ship, an Yridian class destroyer, “Kirsta's Star”.
    3409: Received rank of Captain
    3409 Received Distinguished Service Medal for her actions in aiding in the rescue of 500 Klingons and sacrifice of her ship, The Immortal in the destruction of a Borg Tactical Cube.

    '''General Biography:''

    Born Reanna Aloi on October 7, 2383, she spent the first ten years of her life on Capella IV raised by a few of her mother's good friends. Reanna was raised according to her mother's wishes and learned much of Capellan culture, life and combat. Whenever her mother was not on a bounty, Kirsta would spend many days on end helping her daughter grow, learn, study and work on NOT becoming like an augment. It was tough for Reanna and at times she struggled but over the years, she learned how to control the heritage which coursed through her blood. At the age of eleven, she joined her mother on many of her bounties and it was during these times she learned to navigate, pilot, operate ship weapons and many other skills. Reanna learned and adapted quickly and within three years, she was piloting her mother's ship.

    It was not long after that, when she was fourteen, they visited a backwater colony and during their two day stop over, she had found Leah being attacked by many lads of about her age. She did not like the odds nor how they were treating her and therefore jumped in to save Leah and as of that result, over a few years, they became fast friends, sisters even. Seeing as how Leah had lost her parents many years ago, the colony leader had agreed, quite happily for Kirsta to take Leah of their hands. Kirsta took her in and began to teach her as she taught her daughter. Reanna and Leah were often causing or getting into trouble which usually netted them some stiff punishment and stiff work.

    Since then, it has been one adventure, one job after another which took them all over the galaxy on jobs, not just in bounties, but trade, transport, information, courier and the list goes on. She has seen many cultures and has visited many worlds and both her and Leah grew into intelligent, hard working, young women of integrity...barring the occasional problem the two would get into. But all was going well up until three years ago when the info got out about who her and her mother were.

    A false communication about a job, led them to believe they were to capture a bounty who was on hiatus on an island on the world of Risa. It was an ambush!! The entire crew went planet side, as they were informed the bounty was dangerous and when they arrived at their destination, too little too late did they realize they had been set up. Some Cardassians, a group of humans and some others none of them recognized, became embroiled in a shoot out. When all was said and done, Kirsta died in Salora's arms, Leah, Franon and Onni were injured, leaving Reanna to carry a black mark within her heart. The opponents were not so lucky, but Reanna and her crew chose to leave, just in case. Before heading back to the ship, Reanna had to do what she had hoped would never happen, what her mother had asked her to do if she should ever fall in battle....she disintegrated the remains of her mother so none could use her DNA in any capacity. Reanna died a little that day and only managed to make it through the pain because of her friends.

    Since that day, they have been on the run from those who would seek to profit from her death, something she would not allow. She had heard rumors of Serenity Station and how things operated there and in her mind, it was their best hope. Along the way, they had a run in with two Ferengi D'Koras, two Daimons with ideas of profit at Reanna and her crew's expense which almost finsihed them if not for the quick response by a ship from Serenity Station arriving at the moment they were about to try a last ditch effort to save themselves.....board and take one of the D'Koras.
    Reanna ended up bargaining the surviving D'Kora from the Daimon and from there, she and her crew along with their ship, Kirsta's Star and the newly acquired ship, were taken back to Serenity Station.

    And that, as they say, is that. The rest is history.

      Current date/time is Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:59 pm