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    Space Dock Registry

    Fleet Admiral

    Fleet Rank : Admiral
    Serenity Diplomatic Corps : Senior Ambassador
    Number of posts : 4834
    Ship Name : USS Combination
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-77721
    Ship Class : Prometheus Class
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jeff Baumer

    Space Dock Registry

    Post by Baumer on Wed Nov 26, 2008 11:19 am

    Docking Ring: A
    Docking Bay 1: U.S.S Britain
    Docking Bay 2: U.S.S Truth Seer
    Docking Bay 3: U.S.S Valkyria
    Docking Bay 4: I.K.S Tarran
    Docking Bay 5: U.S.S R'hodie
    Docking Bay 6:  
    Docking Bay 7: U.S.S Shield
    Docking Bay 8: U.S.S Strongarm
    Docking Bay 9: U.S.S Sabre
    Docking Bay 10: U.S.S Gorkon
    Docking Bay 11: U.S.S Legacy
    Docking Bay 12: U.S.S Nausicaa
    Docking Bay 13: U.S.S Archangel
    Docking Bay 14: U.S.S Combination
    Docking Bay 15: U.S.S Echo Burning
    Docking Bay 16: U.S.S AdrastosS
    Docking Bay 17:
    Docking Bay 18: U.S.S Shadow Song
    Docking Bay 19: U.S.S Immortal
    Docking Bay 20: Kirsta's Star
    Docking Bay 21:U.S.S Albatross
    Docking Bay 22: U.S.S. Graywolf
    Docking Bay 23:
    Docking Bay 24:

    Refit Bays:
    Refit Bay 1: U.S.S. Ascension
    Refit Bay 2: U.S.S. Valiance
    Refit Bay 3: Defiant Class Ship
    Refit Bay 4:
    Refit Bay 5:

    Docking Ring: B
    Docking Ports:
    Docking Port 1: U.S.S. Acheron
    Docking Port 2:
    Docking Port 3:
    Docking Port 4: U.S.S Andromeda
    Docking Port 5: U.S.S Berlin
    Docking Port 6: U.S.S Magathron
    Docking Port 7: U.S.S Pearl
    Docking Port 8: U.S.S Intrepid
    Docking Port 9: U.S.S Frontier
    Docking Port 10: U.S.S Rubicon
    Docking Port 11: U.S.S Deltaraven
    Docking Port 12: U.S.S Bonnie Dundee
    Docking Port 13: U.S.S Armorella
    Docking Port 14: U.S.S Hikari
    Docking Port 15: U.S.S. Knight Hammer
    Docking Port 16:
    Docking Port 17: U.S.S Thordess
    Docking Port 18:
    Docking Port 19: I.K.S Tak'Nar
    Docking Port 20: I.K.S Vortak
    Docking Bay 21:
    Docking Bay 22:
    Docking Bay 23:
    Docking Bay 24:

    Runabout Pad A:Bern
    Runabout Pad B:
    Runabout Pad C: Lineage II
    Runabout Pad D: The Family Van (Jonjah's Gryphon Runabout)
    Runabout Pad E:
    Runabout Pad F:

      Current date/time is Sun May 27, 2018 7:01 am