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    Character bio for Jared Williams


    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Number of posts : 9
    Location : Somewhere out in the 'verse
    Ship Name : USS Explorer
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97474
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jared Williams

    Character bio for Jared Williams

    Post by jaredshane on Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:40 pm

    Name - Jared Stefan Williams
    Rank - Lt. Commander
    Ship - USS Explorer - Defiant class
    Species - Human: genetically enhanced
    Gender - Male
    Age - 22
    Height - 5'9
    Weight - 148lbs
    Eyes - Brown
    Hair - Black
    Birthplace - California, Earth
    Birthyear - 2387
    Marital status - Single
    Relatives - Parents: Roger and Susan Williams; Sister: Jamie Williams; Brother: Robert Alva Williams

    Bio: Born in 2387 to Roger and Susan as their second child, Jamie being the first. Jamie was an utter disappointment for them. She was a failure in school, and never would obey them. Roger and Susan vowed their next child would be a success. When they had Jared, the decided to take a trip off-world and had some genetic enhancing performed on him. They altered his medical records to show no sign of the enhancement, however there was some brief suspicion of it in primary school as he outperformed all of his classmates. But nothing was ever made of it, his father was rather... influential. However, he never made any friends in school, and considered his studies to be more his friend than anything. He was somewhat socially awkward, more quiet than awkward.

    Finishing school at the age of 17, he was considered a very promising candidate for Starfleet Academy and was granted early admittance into it. Exceptional in his classes, but continued to maintain a low profile, never really socializing with classmates. Upon graduation was assigned as a Lt. JG on the USS Explorer, with a position as Chief Operations Officer. The ship was attached to what was the border of Klingon space. Showed his complete dedication to Starfleet while serving aboard the Explorer. His commanding officer, Commander Charles Alton, was incredibly impressed with his work and dedication to the job that after five months aboard the ship.

    In early 2409, while on patrol, a rouge Klingon vessel decloaked and opened fire upon the ship. The Defiant class ship had superior weaponry which the Klingon vessel hoped would be knocked out in the initial attack. Unfortunately for them, it wasnt. They had caused substantial damages to the ship, but not to the weapons. The Explorer quickly ended the attack from the Klingons, but not with sustaining nearly fifty percent casualties. The ship creeped away to the nearest starbase, as the damages to the ship made it to where they could not go into warp and also wiped out communications. After the three week trip back to the starbase, they had lost nearly half of the casualties sustained from the attack, including the captain. The first officer had also been injured, so Williams was acting commander of the ship. When they reached the starbase, Admiral Telror was impressed at how he held the crew together and promoted him to Lt. Commander and command of the Explorer and transferred to the Firefly Fleet based at Serenity Station.

    ===Service Record===
    2404 - Entered Starfleet Academy
    2408 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy
    2408 - Assigned USS Explorer
    2408 - Promoted to full lieutenant
    2409 - Command of USS Explorer and transferred to Firefly Fleet

      Current date/time is Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:11 pm