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    Onnie Touana

    Reanna Aloi
    Dean of the Academy

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Captain
    Number of posts : 3480
    Location : Somewhere in a home, in a city, in a country, somewhere on the planet...
    Ship Name : The Immortal
    Ship Registry Number : Special Registry: NCC 082270
    Ship Class : Defiant (modified refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile

    Onnie Touana

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:51 pm

    Name: Onnie Touana
    Height: 4'9"
    Weight: 101 lbs.
    Age: 21
    Hair: Flaming Red
    Eyes: Pale Green
    P.O.B.: ??
    Parents: Father, deceased(will be story about this later; Mother, location currently unknown)
    Siblings: none

    Current Status: Onnie is a member of Reanna Aloi's group.


    Onnie is a very outgoing, personable person who at times, can be and relies very much upon her emotions and faith in those around her, especially when it comes to Reanna and her crew. She is also a very heart felt, outspoken person and is never afraid to express her feelings and emotions. She is classified as being hyper active, exhibiting signs of A.D.D but not actually having the condition. She has been examined by a few doctors, including most recently, Salora, all finding her a rather unique individual in said medical aspect. She is also unique in the aspect, that she is the only human of Hawaiian descent with pale green eyes and flaming red hair color that anyone within her group have ever met.

    Onnie is extremely healthy and in excellent shape and due to her hyper activity consumes quantities of food far beyond the normal need of a human. She is always on the go and can at times, be easily excitable but has learned to control that to a large extent thanks to the training from various member of Reanna's group.

    Onnie is a very loved and valued member of Reanna's group and more often than not, is watched over and cared for diligently. But that now extends to Admiral Pyriel Danto and his wife Jonjah who see her as a little spark of life and plan to make her a godmother to their children.

    More often than not, her outgoing attitude, her penchance for life and the way she seems to bubble around the edges, with life, seems to have a contagious effect upon those she meets.

    Recent events have removed her from the Serenity roster as a member of Star Fleet, but she remains an ever present individual upon the base, now operating as a "Mercenary for Hire" under the auspices of Reanna Aloi.


      Current date/time is Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:43 am