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    U.S.S. Mantikor

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    U.S.S. Mantikor

    Post by Katiilein on Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:05 pm

    It had been a long journey, not in the physical sense of the word, but rather concering bureaucracy. What could have done in a few moments, needed to be signed, needed to be allowed. All this bothersome business, that had kept him from coming here earlier, it finally had all been dealt with. The Mantikor was in good shape, it had recently gotten a new design, less threatening, more inviting. White and a shade of rose, peaceful colours, fitting for its future destiny. Of course the ship was still able to deal some damage, but he didn't want that to be its main purpose. Infact, that was one of the reasons that lead him to the Fleet Station today.

    "Throttle the speed and hail the Station.", Lamart looked at Frankie his pilot, then to Alexa, who did handle communications today. "Channel is open Captain.", the woman answered only a moment later in the calmest of voices. "This is Captain Lamart Movak from the U.S.S. Mantikor, we are requesting permission to dock.", he spoke in a firm voice, knowing fully well that the response would take a moment, he started to get lost in thoughts.

    He and his crew had been in enough battles all throughout the galaxy, that he felt it was time for them to take a step backwards. Luckily Starfleet had agreed to his request. He could only imagine why. Probably the newest trouble with the True Way was the main reason, they allowed him to take on a more diplomatic mission. Cardassians in the Starfleet were a rare breed and even fewer of them were as high in rank as he was. Lamart would be lying if he would say, that it didn't make him proud to take on this mission. But he also knew perfectly well that it would be foolish to loose himself in that pride. He always had to remember where he came from and what brought him here. He was a product of war, if the Dominion war had not been, his mother would have never gotten to Earth. She would have stayed on Cardassia, if his father hadn't died in that time.

    Back then as a child, he didn't understand, how his mother could run over to the enemy. But the older he grew, the more he learned. His mother had been a smart woman, with a good idea of the future. When Cardassia Prime was in ruins, she had realized that the future of their whole species lay with the Federation of Planets. A strong ally much closer to home than the Dominion ever had been. She was dead now, but he still was trying to make her dream, that now also was his dream come true. He wanted to help his people, that was what he cared for most.

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