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    Love's Lost

    Talaina Kazzur
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    Love's Lost

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:47 am

    The NX class ship zipped through the gas giant's rings, weapons fire skimming past it's hull. The small vessel pulled upwards sharply, looping around a large rock. The pursuing Orion ship followed it on a lazier course, loosing track for a few seconds. This gave the old vessel chance to drop down behind and fire the Grappler, catching the pursuer. Impulse engines flared as the NX ship started corkscrewing around the rocks. The Orion ship tried to pull away, but it was just a small raider and lacked the power, being forced to go for a ride. A ride that promptly ended with the grappler detaching moments before the Orion ship slammed into a large rock. Drawing the Grappler back into her belly, the Evenstar flew away from the wreckage, still carrying the pirate boarding party.

    In the corridors, Marge was hiding behind a junction, shooting at the next intersection. Although they had recently added a run to New Romulus on their trade route and had been given a consignment of Romulan pistols as part of their last payment, Marge still preferred the Bajoran rifle provided when they took up permanent employment for the Bajorans. Her eye piece had been carefully calibrated for the weapon, and she had no intention of going through that again. Ramona, the blonde trill, was using one of the Romulan pistols, but was not a good shot and kept putting plasma burns in the walls. Still, it kept the two Orions contained, and Arwen had her own issues. The third member had tried to sneak up on her. Fortunately, she had her Lirpa and the two were locked in battle.

    Arwen could feel her pulse racing as she parried a blow from the attacker. She still had a long way to go for her Kolinahr training. Although she was starting to have doubts about completing it. Maybe it was too much. Maybe it was enough to just follow Surak's teachings, but still retain a bit of emotion. A hit that nearly tore her Lirpa from her grasp reminded her this was not the time for such thoughts. She swung the blunted end at the Orion's head, knocking him against the wall. While he was dazed, she quickly reached out and dropped him with a nerve pinch. If only she had been able to do that earlier.

    Glancing back, she saw Marge had successfully taken down the other two. Arwen approached her two friends. "Are you two ok?"
    "Yeah. Blasted pirates. Ramona, get to the Bridge and tell Betty to get us back on course."
    "Aye aye."

    As she left, one of the Orions started chuckling. Marge looked down at him, pointing her rifle. "What's got you in hysterics?"
    "You lot. You're as bad as that Jeroan slave. Always thinking you're gonna get the last laugh. When my ship sends backup, then you'll be in trouble."
    "We've already smeared your ship across an asteroid. No one's coming for you."
    "Wait.... what?"

    But something else had piped Arwen's interest. She raised an eyebrow as she knelt down. "Jeroan slave? Tell me more." The Orion looked at her. "No. I think not."
    "To refuse my request would not be logical."
    "Oooh, I'm sooooo scared. What ya gonna do? Preach at me till I talk?"
    "Why would I waste my time in such a manner? Torture is a wasteful expendature. There is a much simpler means to get what I request."

    She reached out and placed her fingers across his face. "My mind... to your mind. My mind to your mind. Our minds are one. We are one." She closed her eyes to focus on this distasteful brain. His thoughts were chaotic, undisciplined. A typical thug. The most prominant thing present was a very vivid image of what he wanted to do to her, and the rest of her crew. Barbarian. Arwen shattered that image quickly, failing to resist the mild pleasure she got as she sensed the Orion's mind break a little. She continued to float through the blurred images, the noises being tuned out. "Jeroan Slave. Where is he?" After a little more forceful probing, she finally came across the image she wanted. "Stunshock." She barely whispered his name. Her mate, the person she was engaged to, the one man in the universe who made her happy. Taken so long ago. Arwen knew better than to let her thoughts wonder in here, so she forced herself to focus. Gaining the information she needed, she started to extract herself from the mind meld, gradually shattering pieces of the Orion's mind as she did so.

    Arwen opened her eyes and removed her hand from his face. The Orion was on his side, tongue hanging out, drooling on the deck. Marge frowned and looked at him. "What did you do?"

    "He wanted to violate us in a most unpleasant manner. I simply performed my duty as Captain to ensure the safety of my crew." She looked at the other two Orions whom had come around, but were bound and left on the floor. "Do either of you wish to cause my crew any harm?" They both looked at her, then their comrade, then back to Arwen, quickly shaking their head. "Good. Marge, please escort these two to the brig." Arwen made her way to the nearest comm panel. "Bridge. Set a course for the nearest Federation starbase. Maximum warp."

    The Evenstar had docked at Starbase 375 and Arwen made her way straight to Admiral Cullen's office. The receptionist announced Arwen's arrival and the doors opened. The Vulcan entered and greeted the Admiral with the traditional salute. The Admiral smiled and indicated the chair across her desk. "Please, sit."
    "Thank you Admiral."

    Once both had taken their seats, Cullen clasped her hands on her desk and leaned slightly forward, a short smile on her face. "So Captain, I understand you have information about the location of some missing officers?"
    "Yes Admiral. I believe Captain Stunshock and a number of other officers taken from the U.S.S. Sentinel some time ago are currently in transit towards Klingon space."
    "I'm sure you're trustworthy Captain, but I'm not in the habit of sending off ships on wild goose chases without some kind of proof."
    "I obtained the information from an Orion pirate that attempted to board my vessel. Time is critical."
    "And how can you be sure this information is trustworthy?"
    "I obtained it via mind meld."

    Cullen leaned back in her chair and dropped her hands into her lap, but still clasped. "I see. Forcefully extracting information from a captive? Not exactly an ethical thing to do." Arwen was completely unfazed. "They boarded my ship and threatened my crew. I took what actions I felt was relevant. May I remind you Captain, I am not a member of Starfleet. I am not bound by what Starfleet deems acceptible force, when out in deep space, beyond Federation borders."
    "No. No, you are not." Cullen took in a deep breath and held it while she thought about it. "Ok Captain. I expect the prisoners to be handed over to my security forces here on the base."
    "Of course. I do not want them on my ship any longer than is neccessary. Does this mean you will send a ship out to locate the transport?"

    Cullen narrowed an eye at Arwen, judging how trustworthy she was. "Yes. The Typhon is currently docked here. I'll dispatch them to the coordinates immediately."
    "Thank you Admiral. I request permission to join them."
    "Captain Stunshock... is a close friend. I wish to be present to aid in his rescue any way I can."
    "No. I thank you for bringing this information to my attention, but as you just pointed out, you are not Starfleet. Of course, if you want to take your ship out there yourself, I certainly can't stop you. But I get the feeling if that was an option, you would have done that already. Guessing the transport ship is heavily armed? Too much for your ship?"
    "That is a correct assesment Admiral. And I understand your position. I expected that answer, but I had to ask. If I am allowed to remain here at the Starbase until they return, I would appreciate it."
    "Of course. In fact, I would prefer you would."

    Arwen nodded and stood up. "Then I await the Typhon's return."

    Arwen stood beside the window, looking out towards Klingon space. Marge sat on a couch nearby, drink in hand. Neither said anything. Marge knew her friend well enough to know nothing she said could put her at ease. Arwen was standing stoic, hands clasped behind her her, but Marge knew she was wracked with nerves. Aprehension. Though it had been some time, Arwen had never stopped loving Stunshock. Had never given up hope that they would be together again. Marge admired that level of dedication. Especially from a Vulcan, even one that hadn't had the life long training of supressing emotions. Maybe one day Marge would find someone like that. But eh, she was happy without. But for her friend's sake, she hoped the Typhon was successful.

    Arwen just kept staring. Hundreds of thoughts raced through her mind. Would they find him? Would he be ok? Would he be the same man she loved, or would he have suffered some mental trauma? Why was it taking so long? Why hadn't they heard anything? The wait was killing her. But she had to be strong. Or at least patient. She ached to call the Admiral and ask for an update. But it would be futile. Even if she had an update, she probably wouldn't share.

    Finally, a flash of light indicated a ship dropping out of warp. The Typhon carrier ship entered proximity of the starbase and moved into the docking area. Arwen turned from the window. "They have arrived." Without waiting to see if Marge was following, Arwen quickly made her way to the docking bay. The ship was already offloading crew, and there had been no sign of physical damage to the ship. She quickly paused by a Bolian ensign. "Excuse me. I understand you were on a mission to rescue Starfleet officers. Were you successful?"
    "Yes. We recovered a good number of them."
    "Thank you."

    She quickly turned her head, seeing the brown bald head of Stunshock moving in the crowd. Even from the back, his head horns were distinct. Or at least, they were distinct enough to identify his species. But what were the odd of there being another Jeroan in this crowd. Arwen's heart skipped. Her stomach felt light and fluttery as she called to him. She almost leapt for joy when he turned, confirming it was him!

    "By Grethon's Beard!" Stunshock's face exploded in a huge grin as he started pushing towards the Vulcan. The two met and instantly embraced each other tightly, squeezing each other tighter than anyone would think possible. They remained like that for a long time, long enough for everyone else to leave the area. Finally alone, Arwen lifted her head back slightly to look at Stunshock, but kept hugging him. "I love you Stunny. I have missed you dearly."

    "The thought of you was the only thing that kept me going in those prisons. I never want to leave your side again."
    "I do not want you to. But if you take command of a ship-"
    "I'm leaving Starfleet."
    "I'm leaving Starfleet. All it can do is keep me away from you. And I've had enough time apart. I'm moving onto the Evenstar."

    Arwen didn't know what to say. This was the best day since Stunshock proposed on Risa. She moved in and kissed him passionately, letting his long claws run up her back. In this moment, she lost her training. She was just happy to have him back for good.

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