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    Laphiel N`Ruri

    Done the Impossible

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Engineering Dept. Rank : SED Captain
    Number of posts : 705
    Ship Name : USS Nausicaa
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-71830
    Ship Class : Norway Class
    Fleet Division : Engineering/Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Laphiel N`Ruri

    Laphiel N`Ruri

    Post by qoona on Tue Mar 17, 2009 8:44 am

    Name: Laphiel N`Ruri
    Ship Name & Class: NCC-71830 USS Nausicaa (Norway Class)
    Ship role in fleet: Rapid Response, Planetary Rescue Operations, SAR, Evac, Combat Response, Patrol,
    Skills you bring to fleet:
    Misplacing various objects, causing things to dissapear, causing
    unexplained disruption around, making people heads explode by
    encontrollable amount of typoes in raports, Science training,
    communication training, combat and evac experience
    Position you might like to fill: As required

    Myname is Laphiel N`Ruri, and i hereby ask for acceptance in to Firefly
    Fleet and Serenitgy Station crew. I also request help in making my ship
    fully operational.

    Please submit your service record:

    Born and raised on one of Cait's moons, Rea, Laphiel had spend her time
    around officers and sciencists living in the moonbase. Early enlisted
    to academy, finished it with good, but not exceptionakl grades, however
    with ease both in science and communication divisions. Her ambition
    however always was command. Her first post was on the same base a she
    grown, as a junior communication staff member, than moved to USS Yang
    Wenli, when she was to serve as science officer. However, soon after
    she came onboard, ship was ambushed by romulan patrol and
    severelydamaged. During the combat the tactical officer was killed, and
    she was ordered to substitute for him. The captain liked her
    performance, and stayed on that position for 6 months, after which she
    did aditional 6 months courses as tactical/command officer. Assigned to
    command old Miranda class USS Rodger Young, served in Romulan border
    zone patrol force, until called back to command brand new Norway class
    ship. On the Rodger Young she took part in several skirmishes with
    romulan forces. During the test run of USS Nausicaa she recived
    emergency distress signal from one of asteroid bases in sector. ordered
    to asist with evacuation, they topok the outpost crew onboard and were
    ordered to head for nearby Serenity Station to drop the survivors and
    finish test runs. The ship is in good condion, but offensive systems
    are offline and untested.

    • 2403 - Accepted by Starfleet Academy
    • 2406 - Graduates academy, assignedas comunication personel to Rea Moonbase
    • 2407 - Assigned to USS Yang Wenli as science officer, performs duty o
      acting Tactial officer. Undergoes tactical and command postgraduation
      training. Commanded for excelent service.
    • 2408 - Transfered
      to USS Rodger Young as a Captain. Ship takes part in several
      skirmishes, last one leaves it with left nacell destroyed, towed to
      Starbase 214 for repair and refit.
    • 2409 - Reassigned to the USS Nausicaa as captain.
    >Wellcome to Starfleet Archives
    >Authoristion required
    >Enter Password
    >confirm Password
    >Password accepted. Wellcome

    Extract from personal files:
    Laphiel N`Ruri
    Academy opinion:
    Talented but lazy. If she feels she she did well enough she puts no more effort in subject. Reqires some motivation to use all her abilities. Well composed in critical situation. Have particular sense of "practical humor".I am not shure i should throw her up or give her an award. Probably both.
    (Lt.Cmdr Evans)
    Rea Research Station:
    Can perform adorably when needed, but tend to be minimalit for the rest of time. Have strong sense of duty towards fellow crew members.
    (Cpt O'Connor, Sttion Commander)
    USS Yang Wenli:
    Excelent officer, talented, with excelent sixth sense. Very dedicated to crewmembers.
    . Awarded Letters of Commendation for service onboard ( see awards).
    (Cmdr. Reinhardt von Muesel)
    USS Rodger Young
    Performed well during patrols. Proved good commander during engagements. Excellent performance in shielding disabled freighter agains romulan ship, for time long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Very good tactical decisions during other skirmishes. PErformed excellent agains outnumbering enemies during engagement in (classified) system.
    (Vadm. Perkins, 81th fleet, 12atrol squadron)
    Fleet Admiral

    Fleet Rank : Admiral
    Serenity Diplomatic Corps : Senior Ambassador
    Number of posts : 4834
    Ship Name : USS Combination
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-77721
    Ship Class : Prometheus Class
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jeff Baumer

    Re: Laphiel N`Ruri

    Post by Baumer on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:03 am

    Cool! I look foreward to some rp interaction Very Happy

      Current date/time is Sat Jul 21, 2018 7:49 pm