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    When The Trouble Starts It Never Ends..



    When The Trouble Starts It Never Ends..

    Post by Guest on Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:33 pm

    The USS Daystrom undocks and warps out to the ship yards. msot of the nescary repairs have been made to make her space worthy for warp speed. There voayage back will take them 2 weeks till they reach there destanation. The captian sits in his chair with his second on his left. They are chating idely when the Ensign at the Science station reports something to the captian "Um sir" "yes we seem to be picking up on a distress call coming from a planet in a system that is uninhabitited the signal is weak but it seems to be a federation freighter." "alright put it on sceen" Cannons replies turning back to look at the veiw screen. a image comes up on the screen the video and sound cuting in and out and very staticy "This is the frieghter .@#! oga we have crashed ..@!# badly @!# need assistance all systems are down save for !@ e support our last cowordanents are near the 3rd planet from the sun. please and ship recieving this #!.." the tranmission ends as it is cut off. "thats it sir the transmission just went dead" cannons looiks down to the helms men and says "helms men changeheading for the source of that distress signal and engage." "aye sir" the ship drops out of warp long enough to change its heading and then jumps back into warp. Zoey looks over to the communications station and says "is there any other ships in range of us coms?" "yes sir the USS Night is 1 day out from us" "good get them on the com and see what there curant mission is we may need assitance in our state" "aye sir" the Lt at the coms station talks on the coms for a few mintues then states "they are going to investagte the distress call as well they are only a small oberan class tho they are requesting to rondivous with us at the edge of the system." zoey looks over to Cannons and he nods yes she looks back to teh coms and says "give them our curant course and tell them to wait at the edge of the system on our course till we show up." "aye sir" the Lt relays the message and he says "they say they will be there 5 hrs before we reach them" "thanks Lt" zoey looks back at Cannons and then starts up a new converstation and they chater away as the time goes by.

    2 hrs from rendevous

    "Captian we are getign a distress call from the USS Night she claims she is under attack by 2 ferengi murauders" Cannons looks away from zoey and says "how far are we out still?" "2 hrs sir" he looks to the helm "how fast can we go with out this thing falling apart around us? " warp 7 sir" "set speed to warp 7 then and send a hail out to the 2 marauder class ships tell them to stand down or we will be forced to take action upon them when we arrive" "aye sir message sent no response" "how much longer till we wil have a visual 30 minutes sir" "dang it they will be torn into peaces by then helm i don't care if i lose half the ship but go to warp 8" "aye sir" 20 minutes later the Daystrom drops out of warp to find the USS Night drifting in space her port engine was the msot damaged her lights were flickering on the lower decks the top half was dead. "i want a report where are the maruaders and whast the damage to the Night" "sir the main power is offline there warp engines are at 10 % there life support is about to fail and all the main systems are down." "alright get a away team ready for me im going over prep the hazard suits" "aye sir" Cannons rises from his chair and so does zoey " be carefull brad ill keep watch hear till you get back" "right zoey and don't worry im sure ill come back in 1 peace hehe" he winks at her and then heads for the turbo lift disappering behind the lift doors.

    To Be Continued....

    (Ps Hey guys sorry iv been away for a while jsut got my net back and decided to write you a short story enjoy this small portaion and ill get back to you when i get my self some more free time cheers)


    Re: When The Trouble Starts It Never Ends..

    Post by Guest on Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:35 pm

    Cannons beamed in with his team of 3 others Lt Peraly (Marine), Ens Sandra (engineer), Ens Boran (Medic). They beamed into Main engineering. There were a couple people running about trying to fix the systems and there were Quite a few dead laying about as if forgoten. Cannons walked up to a man running about doing repairs and puts his hand on his shoulder. "hey whos in charge hear" the man spins around shocked at them being there. "ww..whho are yyyou" the man stamers and puts his hand t oa phaser on his side. Cannons grabed his arm and held it in place before the man could draw it "now is that a way to greet a supier?" laughed lightly with a smile "now where is the cheif engineer?" the man points to a man by a console cursing and hiting it and stamers "ttthaats hhhim sirr.." Cannons releases the mans arm and nods to him as the man turns and runs off back to work. Cannons heads over to the Chief engineer and taps him on the should "I TOLD YOU ITS NOT DO..." the man spins about to not seeing his capt but anouther he does not know and stops then starts again "oh im sorry i thought you were the captain he was already down hear on my back and THESE INCOMPETENTS can't hold a hydro spanner right. any ways who are you ?"

    "I am Captian Cannons of the USS Daystrom how can we assist you i can beam over a few engineers to assit you ?" the man nods and then replys "well if they are any better then these slugs glad to have them." he then goes back to work on the console. Cannons then turns with his team and heads out into the hall ways and heading for the bridge. as they walk the other two behind Lt peraly and Cpt Cannons chatter with other. Cannons nudges Peraly in the side and points to the turbo lift up ahead which was opening and closing the door something sticking out keeping it from closing all the way. Peraly raises his rifle and carfully with cannons on his left on the other side of the hall approch the turbo lift. as they come to it they find a dead body laying there his arm was sticking out of the door his hole side was burnt badly from a plasama explosion that looked like one of the conduits down the hall way had erupted. the docter runs up and checks the man wit hher tricorder and shakes there head. "he is dead sir" Cannons nods and then grabs a hold of a arm and drags the dead man out int othe hall way so they can enter the turbo lift he then straighted his arms on his chest and his legs and coverd the mans face with the mans jacket.

    They all head int othe turbo lift and cannons says "Bridge" the turbo lift moves into action. the doors open for them to veiw the bridge and the Captian looking back from his chair at the door. Cannons walks out his men behind him "I'm Captian Cannons we came over to check your status when we could not read you on coms." the Captian nods and waves his men to get back to work and then asks Cannons "can you come to my ready room?" he says as he gets up and heads for his ready room. Cannons nods and follows him. as the doors shut behind him the Captian brushs a bit of debree from his table and seat and sits down "I am Captian Romelious you were the Captian we were rondevuing with correct?" Cannons nods and answers "Yep we were and it looks as if we may have scared those other ships off as well hows your ship well assist in any way you need" "oh she this old girl will hold togeather been threw worse we could use a few engineers to assist in the repairs tho" "ah already on there way should have arrived a few minutes ago." "good good we shoudl be back under way in a hr i think you can head off tothat freighter well be ok." Cannons shakes his head "nope well lock a tractor on you and tow you with us till you can fly on your own power" Cpt Romelious laughs and nods "alright then Cpt then let us be under way" Romelious stands and Cannons and him shake hands and head out onto the bridge.

    Cannons motions his team over to him and nods to the Cpt romelious and then taps his com badge "Daystrom 4 to beamback" they then dissaper in the blue beam from the USS nights bridge. Cannons comes out of the turbo lift ontothe bridge and takes back up his seat. "ensign lock a tractor on the USS Night and then resume course" the two ensigns respond "aye sir" Cannons looks over to Zoey and asks her "so how was things while i was gone ?" he gives a light smile "oh they were jsut hell" she giggles. "well then now that im back i can smooth out this hell" he laughs and looks back to the veiw screen "estimated time to rondevous with the crashed frieghter?" " aproxiamtly 2 hrs with the night in tow sir" Cannons nods and then says "any more reports on the crashed vessle? we should be in scaning range soon and when we are i want a full report on that ships status." tacticl replays " aye sir"

    ((To Be Continued.....)))


    Re: When The Trouble Starts It Never Ends..

    Post by Guest on Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:53 am

    The USS Daystrom with the USS Night in tow drops out of warp and gets into orbit above the 3rd planet and begins scans a short while later the USS Night reports she is good to get under way again and the tractor is taken offline and the USS Night joins the Daystrom in orbit. "tact got anything on scans?" "yes we got the frieghter on the smaller content its spread out over 2 miles of land im reading 10 lou ife signs" "alright beam them into transporter room 2 and have a scurity team on the ready there jsut in case." "aye sir" Cannons then Raised from his seat and went to the turbo lift. Peterson had also raised and was right behind him. the doors shut and cannons says "Transporter room 2" the turbolift moves move int oaction and the doors open down the hall from the transporter room. the walk down the hall and enter the transporter room and stand infront of the transporter controls and halds his hands behind his back after he gives the transporter cheif a quick glance and nod to go ahead and beam them up.

    5 blue lights flash on the pad and when they are finished materializing they look about 1 man comes down off the pad and looks towards the captian. "welcome aboard the USS Daystrom any medical attention you need we will assist you with." the man nods and responds " I'm Captian Frani of well what was the Frieghter Stoga but iyou don't need to tell me that it is not salvagable from hear" Cannons nods "well it is spread out over roughly 2 miles of land where were you heading ?" "we were taking a short cut across hear and got hit by some maruaders as we passed threw we managed to hide long enough in a asteroid field not far from hear but when we came out the engines which were heavily damaged shut down and we got pulled into the planets orbit and crashed into the surface the next group you beam up can you send them directly to your sick bay ? they are 2 are badly injured" Cannons nods again and looks to the transporter chief " make it so cheif" he then taps his coms badge "Cannons to medical bay your receiving wounded be at the ready" "afirmative well be standing by" Cannons taps his combadge and looks back to the Frieghter captian "well sir would you mind joining me on the bridge ? we can talk there"

    Cpt Frani nods and waits for Cannosn to lead the way. Cannons nods and looks to Cmd Peterson "i would like you to go to the med bay and look into the wounded" Peterson nods "alright Cpt ill be on my way then" she then heads out of the teleporter room with in a brisk walk. "so Cpt shall way" the Cpt nods and follows in step with Cannons as they head to the turbo lift. a few minutes later they arrive on the Bridge and Cannons has his seat in his chair and the frieghter Captian sits next to him. "so where can we are heading to the ship yards for some much needed repairs any where along the way we can drop you off along the way ?" Cpt Frani nods "yes you can actuly there is a out post along your path you can drop us off there i have a freind there who can help us get a new ship." "well that is good to hear." "helms man set course for the ship yards again and hold for my command" "aye sir" "coms raise the night on the veiw screen" a moment later coms replays "its on screen now sir" "ah Cpt Cannons what can we do for you" "we are goign to be resuming our course to the ship yards you going to g oback with us for some repairs are will you be alright ?" "na we will just stay hear a bit longer and finish the repairs our selfs be well Cpt. Romelious out" the coms drops and Cannons gives the helm the command "alright Engage helm"

    The ship jumps into warp. 5 hrs later they droped the Frieghter crew off at the station and were back under way as planed. 1 day later they arrived in the yard and repairs on the hull were under way and new refit systems were upgraded and installed.

    preaty much The End lol yea yea i know sucky ending but its a good way to start on some upgrades on the systems lol Hope you enjoyed the read.

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    Re: When The Trouble Starts It Never Ends..

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