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    Killing that dam toughy...



    Killing that dam toughy...

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:49 pm

    Ever having a problem beating those tough to beat opponents ? ever try to figure out a way to beat them faster ?
    Well stop freting and start killing with these short and easy tips and tricks to kill those hard to beat guys. *points to Baumer* (he is hard to kill )

    Ok easyest way to kill a guy is smack um around abit with the but of your rifle. if you have a high dmg bolt rifle *aka sniper ext* you will find your opponet will get this orange reticule over him.(1)

    When you see this get behind him if you can specialy if they have a shield, hit c to croutch, then hit your high density beam from your sniper and you will vaporize them into nothingness. there you go successful kill HORAY.

    Now this tip works even if you are in front of them and rushing to kill them just hit the high intenisty beam *second option of fire from the gun* and you will more then likely vaporize them if they have no shields active.

    Your other team mates weapons are heavy guns that fire heavy blasts that knock people back or target more then one person those guns will ussaly bring up that same orange reticule on enemys so keep a eye out for them if you have a ready to fire heavy beam to shot as it can leason the amount of time you are in a engagement.
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    Re: Killing that dam toughy...

    Post by qoona on Wed Jan 27, 2010 2:48 pm

    its not like this. you will find some weapons have secondary attack called Expose attack ( like stun phaser/disruptor) being hit with expose attack have chance to make you vulnnerable ( the orange targert mark ) now you need weapon with exploit power ( like sniper rifle) you hit the exploit attack and vaporise target. Weapons i know that have expose atacks are stun phaser/dsruptors and bathlets and i think wide beam ones

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    Re: Killing that dam toughy...

    Post by chirokitsune on Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:50 pm

    Note that sometimes you need to drop them to a certain point in health and shields else that the instant vaporization doesn't work. I have encountered this problem attempting to vaporize a fully shielded and health Romulan Commander. The killing shot is a crit and must kill them outright otherwise they just take lots of damage.



    Re: Killing that dam toughy...

    Post by Guest on Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:29 pm

    ah very good points yes it is a very good idea to try and drop there shields before trying to vaporize them if you can get behind them when you get the expose to take effect *orange reticale* they ussaly do not survive a croutched sniper shot to the back like that and yes i belive the wide beam attack has a chance to expose them it is a very helpful weapon set to have with your bridge crew so they may expose your enemys.

    I have not in general payed to close attention to what the skills intail on the hand weapons but i do know for sure the batleth will expose them but as i said i like to walk up to them and smash um with the weapon but till they expose its a rather fast easy tactic i use lol i also found it easyer then swaping batleth to sniper rifle lol.

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    Re: Killing that dam toughy...

    Post by Sponsored content

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