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    Crafting Basics Empty Crafting Basics

    Post by Seeker on Fri Mar 01, 2019 12:40 am

    Their are 10 crafting tab the first 8 deal with equipment used on ground or on your ship the 9th is for making training manuals for Bridge officers and the 10 is special projects we be starting with the first 8 they all work basically the same just for different gear.

    with these their are basically 4 types of items

    - your materials ( rocks/ore, gases, and fuilds) basic you raw mats you need to make any thing these come in varies rarities but are found in mission after scanning or the easy ways are from TFO's and admiral mission. the common ones are not hared to get and even some of the rare are not that hard but now you need to make something with them.

    - camponants this are things you make with raw mats the are not yet use able as items. thing like focusing lens power cells isolinear chips also in veries rarites the harder one needin more rare mats

    - items these are the things you make and acally put on you char made form your componants.

    - upgrades these let you take items you made or find and make them better or and higher level.

    now as you start off at level 0 you limited on what you can make you can make all the componants and the basic items like for beams the basic 270 dgree beam or dual beams. more things like up grades or special gear will unlock with level so will you changes of making better gear

    when you makeing componats or upgrade their is a cirt change but components dont have levels and rarity is based on type not how its made. so their a reg chance and crit chance. on a crit you will get 3 times the componants you where trying to make for the cost of the number you where makeing usally you can make 1-5 items so if you but the mats in for 5 and crit you will get 15 for the cost of 5. criting on upgrades gives you double.

    when makeing an item they will be % changes for each rarity from white to green blue purple and bring purple or common uncommon rare very rare and ultra rare you can not make epic gear but it can be upgraded to that later you select the item if their diffent types their will be a pull down menu like a beam weapon but you slect phaser distupter tetryon or so on. and then a level mark 1-12 and your skill as well has the rarity of the duty officer doing it will set the % chance

    it should be mention that different duty officer are used for different projects

    you start off with only one R and D slot but more can be unlock as you level

    All the crafting projects give a small about of exp of that type to help you level up and the item you make

    ill end this first post on crafting basic with a recommendation in addition to the crafting project that make something thier is one more at the very bottom that uses a white or common Material this project is a research project and of of the only 2 ( we talk abou the other later) that don't give you an item in the crafting. instead this just give pure exp and lots of it the fastest way to level of you skill is you get 3 of the research lab scientist and do 3 of these each day you can only do 3 of each type per day but these will level you skill up fast and them you can start making things

    Crafting Basics Seeker

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