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    Season 8 Dev Blog #43

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    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 Empty Season 8 Dev Blog #43

    Post by Pyriel32 on Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:43 pm

    The Hirogen Lock Box

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 Ec9aae1c182ef2e939eda134fe16a0991390862313

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort

    The Hirogen are known throughout the Delta Quadrant as apex predators who will stop at nothing to best their chosen prey. The crew of the U.S.S. Voyager was forced to contend with these cunning hunters on several occasions during their travels in the Delta Quadrant, and grew to respect the combat capabilities of these fearless warriors.

    Their acquisition of an ancient subspace relay network in the mid-24th century allowed bands of Hirogen to spread their territory all the way to the Beta Quadrant, eventually making contact with Sela during her exile. They agreed to assist Sela in her bid to become empress, an alliance that continued after she took the throne. Hirogen ships often assisted the Tal Shiar in their brutal campaign to squash all dissent.

    With the discovery of the Solanae Gateway, Hirogen Alphas that remained in the Delta Quadrant are once more finding themselves in conflict with ships from the Alpha Quadrant. This time, they are defending their ancient hunting grounds against predator and prey alike. The resurgence of the Undine has taxed their hunting parties, but also offered them more challenge and excitement than they have seen in decades. Although many Hirogen vessels have been lost in these violent confrontations, the survivors have learned from these clashes and adapted their tactics accordingly. Now the Hirogen are more deadly than ever.

    - – - – -

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 D3770582772abd17c3adf1fc1c54adf31390863509

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Enhanced Inertial Damper Field/ Flip Maneuver

    The Hirogen featured prominently in the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager, appearing in four separate episodes as one of the primary antagonists, and even successfully taking over the ship for an extended period of time. The aggressive and cunning nature they displayed in these encounters made it clear that they were ferocious adversaries, more than a match for most starfaring civilizations in the Star Trek universe.

    When first encountered in Star Trek Online during the Romulan Front story arc, the Hirogen are little more than a nuisance. With players now having an option for rapid access to the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant via the Solanae Dyson Sphere Gateway, we saw an opportunity to update and improve on these antagonists and give players the opportunity to engage them in their own element, with new tactics and improved ship art and FX. This, naturally, led us to also want to put some of these impressive tools of deception into the hands of players.

    The Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort is leading the pack of these offerings, as the grand prize available in the upcoming Hirogen Lock Box. An extremely versatile and resilient Escort, this ship is a formidable adversary and a powerful weapon to add to any captain’s personal shipyard.

    The Hunter comes equipped with an Enhanced Inertial Damper Field universal console. This improved form of well-known technology is capable of temporarily withstanding extreme pressure and forces exerted during maneuvers that would otherwise be impossible in most full-size starships. Powering up this Field allows the ship to almost instantly perform a 180-degree flip maneuver, turning completely around in only a matter of seconds. This sudden reversal grants many tactical bonuses, as most enemies will be caught off-guard by it. Instead of a standard cooldown, this Console automatically regains one charge every 60 seconds, and can store a maximum of 3 charges.

    **As an added bonus not usually seen on Lock Box Ship consoles, the Enhanced Inertial Damper Field console can be equipped on any Escort, Raptor or Raider, in addition to fitting on any Hirogen vessel.

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 Bc07cbee85aa7be4631af8f3d0aadc191390863515

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Hirogen Apex Heavy Battlecruiser

    Representing the pinnacle of Hirogen ingenuity and versatility, the Hirogen Apex Heavy Battlecruiser is an incredible piece of starship engineering. In addition to its impressive array of stats and capabilities, this ship also features entirely new ship art specifically created to reflect the canonical vessel seen primarily in the Voyager episodes “Flesh and Blood” (Season 7, episodes 9 and 10). Multiple material variants have also been created for both this ship, and the Hunter Heavy Escort. In addition the canonical “rusted” look, they also have access to 2 additional material options: a “clean” look and one modeled after the ground armor you’ll read about below.

    The Apex comes pre-equipped with a Photonic Decoy Swarm universal console. This console represents the cunning adaptations the Hirogen have made to the holographic technology first gifted to them by Captain Janeway as a gesture of peace. The Hirogen have adapted that gift into hundreds of different uses, including using it to generate these Decoy Swarms. Aside from calling in photonic duplicates to attack nearby enemies, these Decoys also generate photonic emissions that interfere with targeting computers of nearby enemy vessels, scrambling their ability to hold a target lock for more than a few seconds amid the chaos. They have also fitted the Decoy Emitters with stealth technology and massive explosive charges, allowing this tactic to be used as a defensive distraction and a devastating weapon simultaneously.

    Bonus! Equipping both of the Hirogen consoles will increase the bonuses received when initiating the sudden reversal maneuver allowed by the Enhanced Inertial Damper Field. Bonuses to damage output and defense will both double in intensity with both systems installed.

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Photonic Decoy Swarm

    As an added feature present on both of the above ships, Hirogen vessels possess a passive form of stealth known as Long Range Sensor Masking. This passive system adds a minor amount of Stealth value to all Hirogen vessels, allowing them to get closer to an enemy before being detected on ship sensors. While it may be only a nominal bonus for an unskilled captain, proper investment can allow a Hirogen ship to get as close as 12-15km before an enemy can even target them, unless they have invested in some form of stealth detection. While this isn’t as effective as a standard Cloaking Device, it still opens up new tactical options for players to experiment with.

    Hirogen technology frequently focuses on trapping and defeating their prey. But sometimes, in order to do so, one must take the risk of using your own ship as the bait. The Alpha Deception Field universal console (the “salvaged console” for this lock box) takes this philosophy to the extreme, creating a clever ruse out of a series of holographic generators and well-placed detonations. Activating this complicated set of subsystems causes your ship to appear to explode, leaving behind valuable salvage. In actuality, the salvage is a powerful trap that will ensnare enemies that stray too close, while simultaneously emitting a powerful sensor mask on its owner. Any enemy that attempts to retrieve the salvage will find their ship disabled and damaged, while the owner of the Lure will benefit from ambush bonuses and a complete reset of the cooldown on all bridge officer abilities. These cunning subsystems are all self-contained to the console’s programming, and can thus be fitted on any starship.

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 928808f59f81be0e43f06efbb73c714f1390863525

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Alpha Deception Field

    In addition to the impressive Hirogen starships that have been created for this Lock Box, we are also updating the selection of Mirror Universe Starships that will be made available to players. Three entirely new Mirror Universe variants can be obtained as prizes from this pack, featuring material and seating options that were not previously available for their respective factions.

    Federation Captains:

    Mirror Universe Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
    Klingon Empire Captains:

    Mirror Universe Negh’Var Heavy Battlecruiser
    Romulan Republic Captains:

    Mirror Universe Dehlan Warbird Retrofit

    A new set of Genetic Resquencers will be made available in the Hirogen Lock Box. Unlike those found in the previous offering, these new Traits are available to captains of any profession. Up to four new Traits can be unlocked, and each pack also contains a Trait Respec Token.

    Ground Traits available will be:

    Hunter Instincts
    A keen survival instinct allows you to diminish the advantage that foes can get by outmaneuvering you, reducing the danger posed by being Flanked.

    Each time you are Flanked, you receive a short duration Dodge bonus.
    Pack Leader
    Your hunting acumen allows you and your allied teammates to more regularly gain the advantage over foes. This translates to an increased likelihood of landing Expose effects, and the duration of those effects.

    You and nearby teammates have an increased chance to Expose, and increased Expose duration.

    Space Traits available will be:

    Intimidating Strikes
    Your knowledge of ship operations and crew psychological tendencies allows you to target your torpedoes at ship locations that are intended to strike fear into the target.

    Your torpedo hits have a chance to render your target Confused for a short duration.
    Hot Pursuit
    Mines become even deadlier under your expert handling, as you are able to double their effective target-finding range. This makes them far more likely to seek out enemy targets and deliver their payload.

    All of your Mines have their pursuit distance doubled.

    There is a growing notion among some more astute Hirogen that their culture is in a downward spiral, and destined for extinction. Their endless pursuit of worthy prey has changed their people into a nomadic and tribal society with no sense of centralized identity or a homeworld that they call their own. Many of these Hirogen seek to branch out beyond the limited views of their own kind, and these proud and skilled hunters are willing to submit themselves as able-bodied crewmen aboard vessels of Alpha Quadrant species, in return for the promise of glorious hunts yet to come. Each Hirogen Duty Officer possesses the Resolve Trait, as well as coming with all new Active Roster Abilities to enhance your ship’s performance.

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 71853ae72ee65fea2c89f4aa2beb7a9a1390863532

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Destabilized Tetryon Weaponry

    Along with updates to their ship art, our designers have also created entirely new of weapon visual effects that are far more reminiscent of those seen on screen in Voyager. A new Weapon Pack will be made available in the Hirogen Lock Box that utilizes these updated FX, and also possesses a new Destabilized Tetryon effect which can erode the targets’ shields over time. Hirogen ground weaponry also comes with an Attached Flashlight as an added bonus. Players at any level will obtain a Very Rare (Purple) quality ground or space weapon that is appropriate for their level, while level 50 characters will also have a chance of finding Mk XII weaponry within these packs.

    A new addition is being made to the Bonus Pools previously available in Lock Boxes! Along with the standard assortment that’s been available in past boxes, we’ve added a Reputation Mark Bonus Pool that will offer an additional 20% Marks any time you receive a Reputation Mark as a reward. At this time, this includes Omega Marks, Romulan Marks, Nukara Marks and Dyson Sphere Marks. You will always receive a minimum of 1 bonus mark while this pool is active (e.g. earning 3 Dyson marks would give you 1 bonus mark, not .6 of a Mark).

    Both a 100 and a 500 Reputation Mark Bonus Pool are being added as an addition to this list of Bonuses available:

    Random Bonus Pool Boosts

    25,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
    5,000 Fleet Credit Bonus Pool
    10,000 CXP Bonus Pool
    2,000 CXP Bonus Pool
    100 Fleet Mark Bonus Pool
    Dilithium Mining Claim Package: VIP Customer
    Dilithium Mining Claim Package: Preferred Customer

    We have also made an improvement to the Duty Officer Packs found in this Lock Box. In addition to the return of the Gamma Quadrant Mini-Pack last seen in the Dominion Lock Box, we’re also including a Full Size Gamma Quadrant Duty Officer Cadre as a possible prize in the Hirogen Lock Box. This full-sized doff pack will contain the same officer selection found in the now-retired C-Store pack (1 Blue+, 2 Green+ and 4 White+), including the ability to contain bonus prizes during special Duty Officer promotions that affect this pack IF it is opened during that promotion.

    In addition to any of the aforementioned prizes, every Hirogen Lock Box contains a random amount of Lobi Crystals (at least 4). As with all previous lock boxes, we’ve expanded the prizes that can be obtained from the Lobi Crystal store, by introducing new costumes and new equipment.

    Season 8 Dev Blog #43 08408c824e78dd765892a8ee638e6b131390863539

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Tetryon Sniper Blast

    We are introducing a new Hirogen Space Set which allows players new options in space tactics. This set consists of two weapons and a universal console, all of which can be fitted on any starship.

    The Long-Range Destabilized Tetryon Heavy Cannon is a single cannon with a 180-degree firing arc. Unlike a standard single cannon, this heavy variant fires half as rapidly with much heavier damage inflicted per pulse. This weapon’s special energy discharge capacitors allow it to fire on targets up to 12.0km away and never suffers a drop-off in damage output as a result of range.

    But where the above Cannon is designed for a long-range offensive, the Tethered Quantum Mine Launcher excels at short-range attacks. The mines launched by this weapon will tether themselves to the ship that launches them, following along (even at high speeds) until a valid enemy target can be found. They will stop following if the ship using them activates a Cloaking device, and can still be targeted and destroyed by enemies while tethered.

    The Threat Analysis Matrix universal console is designed to work in tandem with the two above weapons. But even on its own, it still improves the effectiveness of multiple ship subsystems, including Defense, Inertial Dampers and Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating.

    When any of the two above are equipped simultaneously, a series of Destabilizing Emitters comes online, increasing the damage dealt by Tetryon weaponry and providing a boost to the Flow Capacitors skill.

    If all three are equipped on a starship together, the Long-Range Destabilized Tetryon Heavy Cannon becomes capable of emitting a Tetryon Sniper Blast at any single target up to 12.0km away. This blast has a short charge-up period, and a significant energy drain associated with it. However, the amount of damage inflicted once the blast is discharged is said to be worth the downsides. The blast is powerful enough to inflict this damage on enemies up to 2.0km away from the primary target.

    Hirogen vessels benefit from Sniper Synergy when equipping all 3 pieces of this set, allowing them to cut the energy drain associated with the Sniper Blast in half.

    Star Trek Online Season 8 STO MMORPG F2P Sci-Fi MMO Game Legacy of Romulus
    Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor

    For players interested in getting in touch with their inner Hunter, the Lobi Crystal Store will now be selling a suit of Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor. This versatile armor offers strong resistance to Energy, Physical and Kinetic damage while dramatically increasing the wearer’s maximum hitpoints. It also enhances the wearer’s Expose Chance, Expose Duration and Exploit Damage. The armor also comes with an innate Toggle Power that enables Hunter Sight – no amount of Stealth can mask your prey while this mode is active, but it has a limited duration before going into a cooldown period.

    Purchasing the Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor item will also grant the buyer a customizable Tailor Unlock, allowing players to display the Hirogen Armor visual style even if they choose to not wear the armor itself.

    The Hirogen Lock Box, as well as these thematic additions to the Lobi Crystal Store, will become available starting January 30th, 2014, at approximately 10:00am PST.

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