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    Dr. Amelia Weaver


    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Medical Division Rank : MD Captain
    Number of posts : 5
    Ship Name : USS Kaywinnet Lee
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-94103
    Ship Class : Intrepid
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Main RP Character Profile

    Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by DrAmyWeaver on Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:29 pm

    Dr. Amelia Weaver earned three special mentions in the Academy: the
    highest grade ever achieved by a Medical Officer on a Tac Evaluation,
    beating 90% of her classmates: a Commodore's Distinction for a daring
    rescue while on a training exercise: and the highest number of
    discipline demerits earned without actually being thrown out bodily
    since James T Kirk. (Admiral Kirk himself presented her with this final
    special award at her graduation - a hand-made cat'o'nine tails with the
    inscription "Figure out what making a lash for your own back means, kid. You've got a rep now.")

    Suffice to say, she doesn't fit in very well in regular Starfleet
    circles, which suits her pretty much fine, and most Admirals have given
    up trying to give her direct orders. She would have been long gone if
    it weren't for her amazing talent for saving lives and the hope she
    brings to the average crewman. Because no matter how dangerous, or
    remote, or diplomatically difficult the situation, there's just that
    chance that five foot five of henna-haired warrior woman will dive out
    of the sky, snatch the fallen back into the heavens, and then chew them
    out for being dumb enough to get into trouble in the first place.

    The reputation leads some of the more glory-hunting members of the
    Fleet and Academy to seek service on her vessel. Nine times out of ten
    they don't last. She preferred to hand-pick her crew for their
    resourcefulness, cunning, and ability to think independently - which
    means her best selections often come from the New Zealand Penal Colony.
    But a second chance is often all these patients need.

    Since the war, Dr. Weaver has been in charge of the refit and repair of
    Serenity Station, a small outpost along a troublesome section of the
    Cardassian border and close to several trade routes. Her management
    style is described by various reports as "dominatrix", "pirate queen",
    "Western bar-room madam", "wheeler dealer" and "the finest base
    commander in our fleet". With frequent rescues, a station to run and a
    crew of misfits to subdue, life was rarely dull, but equally rarely

    Dr. Weaver's command was also unique in using freelancers, merchants and
    mercenaries on contract terms to carry out plausibly-deniable jobs.
    Rumours persist that the Doctor may be affiliated to Section 31 in some
    way: but they do not persist long in her presence.

    Dr. Weaver is currently single, and does not discuss her private life
    extensively. It is known that her long-time partner was killed during
    the early days of the Dominion War. She corresponds regularly with Col
    Kira Nerys, commander of the Bajoran station formerly known as Deep
    Space Nine, and the pair's drinking sessions are the stuff of Starfleet

    Current Location: UNKNOWN
    The Kaywinnet Lee was last seen divebombing a pair of Borg Cubes during an all-out attack on the station, drawing them off into an unstable transwarp conduit - which the Kaylee then sealed with a quantum charge. None of the ships returned to the battle. However, strange tales have begun to emerge of a "ghost Valkyrie" amongst crews on the front line - a ship that can appear and vanish without warning, rescuing the innocent at astonishing speed and punishing the unjust with weapons of terrifying power, but never registering on any instrument.

    Whether or not this is the last tall tale of Dr.Weaver remains to be told. But the tales may last for some time.
    Truth Seer
    Big Damn Hero

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Colonel
    Number of posts : 281
    Location : Out on the edge.
    Ship Name : USS Truth Seer
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-Can't Think of Anything
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Marines/Security

    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by Truth Seer on Tue Dec 02, 2008 10:57 am

    Let me be the first to say welcome back, we missed you.

    Fleet Mom

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Medical Division Rank : MD Captain
    Number of posts : 571
    Location : Serenity Station
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by Jonjah on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:27 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven Welcome Home! Like a Star @ heaven cheers

    Reanna Aloi
    Dean of the Academy

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Captain
    Number of posts : 3480
    Location : Somewhere in a home, in a city, in a country, somewhere on the planet...
    Ship Name : The Immortal
    Ship Registry Number : Special Registry: NCC 082270
    Ship Class : Defiant (modified refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile

    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:39 pm

    Yep, yep!!! alien tongue

    Director of Intelligence

    Fleet Rank : Fleet Admiral
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Fleet Admiral
    Intel Department Rank : INT Fleet Admiral
    Number of posts : 4699
    Location : Serenity Station
    Ship Name : U.S.S. ACHERON
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97397-D
    Ship Class : Eclipse Class Intel Cruiser (Special Operations Refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Pyriel Danto

    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:23 pm

    Object in Space

    Fleet Rank : Commander
    Number of posts : 104
    Location : Patrolling the Briar Patch
    Ship Name : USS Valkyria
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97044A
    Ship Class : Nova Variant
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Chiro Casull

    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by chirokitsune on Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:50 pm

    Good to see you again!


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    Re: Dr. Amelia Weaver

    Post by Sponsored content

      Current date/time is Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:37 am