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    someone IMed me last night....



    someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 22, 2009 6:14 am

    So, someone instant messaged me last night, and i felt vastly superior to them during the conversation.

    [21:10] YolandaWentzell913: <ding>
    [21:11] Indiana_Best: ...?
    [21:11] YolandaWentzell913: ooh hey what's up babez?
    [21:11] Indiana_Best: and you are....?
    [21:11] YolandaWentzell913: I saw your hi5 page and wanted to say hi. I deleted my page though i Dont remember if we are friends or not?
    [21:12] Indiana_Best: i don't have a hi5 page
    [21:12] YolandaWentzell913: well, i've been a little busy with work, just got home and fresh out of the shower! i'm kinda feeling a little naughty lol..u?
    [21:13] Indiana_Best: and i go back to the question: and you are?
    [21:13] YolandaWentzell913: yeah i'm (Cesnsored) lolz! u?
    [21:14] Indiana_Best: k... so you won't tell me your name, so how about i ask... oh... say... your favorite movie?
    [21:14] YolandaWentzell913: Mhhm babe i love a guy who knows what he wants..can u be that guy ?? Wink
    [21:14] Indiana_Best: don't like movies? how about theater?
    [21:14] YolandaWentzell913: I love to (Cesnsored) my man and please him..u like that babes??
    [21:16] Indiana_Best: *sigh* you see since you're not answering my questions, i'm going to guess that you're actually a computer program designed to just respond to anything i say with a pre-programmed response designed to no doubt visit a site that will require my credit card... am i right?
    [21:16] YolandaWentzell913: the secret code is (Cesnsored) if you need the link again its (Cesnsored)
    [21:16] Indiana_Best: ahh, that's what i thought....
    [21:16] YolandaWentzell913: Nice!! lolz i even like to dress up for my man...u into that?
    [21:17] Indiana_Best: hmm... how many pre-programed responses do you have?
    [21:17] YolandaWentzell913: you have a cam?
    [21:17] Indiana_Best: i like to count, do you like to count?
    [21:18] YolandaWentzell913: I have one but you're not a kid right?
    [21:18] Indiana_Best: 1
    [21:18] YolandaWentzell913: Can never really be know??
    [21:18] Indiana_Best: 2
    [21:19] YolandaWentzell913: k ..well im gonna show you ..k?
    [21:19] Indiana_Best: 3
    [21:19] YolandaWentzell913: (Cesnsored) make sure you accept my free cam chat invite on the left hand side, it expires in 10 mins to be free, click it k?
    [21:19] Indiana_Best: 4
    [21:19] YolandaWentzell913: yup, just put in your info so the system can verify your age, u got it?
    [21:21] Indiana_Best: 5... by the way.... i bet the system information means credit card....
    [21:21] YolandaWentzell913: i use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam! u know?
    [21:21] Indiana_Best: 6
    [21:22] YolandaWentzell913: credit card is just to verify your age, u get in for free thru my cam session invite but u need to verify babe ..cant show (Cesnsored) and (Cesnsored) to know? lolz
    [21:22] Indiana_Best: 7... KNEW IT!
    [21:23] YolandaWentzell913: let me know if you need any help..i'm gonna slip into something nice for you..k? Wink
    [21:23] Indiana_Best: 8
    [21:23] YolandaWentzell913: k
    [21:23] Indiana_Best: 9
    [21:24] YolandaWentzell913: k
    [21:24] Indiana_Best: 10
    [21:24] YolandaWentzell913: are u in babe??
    [21:24] Indiana_Best: 11
    [21:24] YolandaWentzell913: k
    [21:24] Indiana_Best: 12... i guess we might be at the end....
    [21:25] YolandaWentzell913: u in?
    [21:25] Indiana_Best: 13... well not quite....
    [21:26] Indiana_Best: well maybe we are... sad.... i was just starting to have fun!
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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Pyriel32 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:22 am

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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Exezer on Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:43 am

    And you accepted the IM lol?


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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Baumer on Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:20 am

    Lol... you guys have to understand... this is Indy's sense of humor... he doesn't just drop these people, he is always just curious enough to mess with them a little bit haha.

    You should see what he does to telemarketers Razz


    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 22, 2009 11:55 am

    well you see at first i figured that maybe this person was someone who i had forgotten, when they talked about the hi5 page i was assuming maybe it was someone that thought they knew me when in fact i was someone else (wrong number if you will). so i tried to be as polite as possible. i have to hand it to the people who made the program, usually they don't take the time to tell the IM service that they are typing a message so it seems that there is actually someone on the other end. once i was absolutely certain it was a computer (when they didn't like the movie) i decided to have a little fun.

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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Garfunkel64 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 12:04 pm

    LOL!!!! How did you come about being on the list to receive this junk? It's hilarious though!!!! XDDD

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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:09 pm

    well it was through my Yahoo account which is the one i use for whenever i need to use an e-mail for something that i need, but something i don't trust, so for example: registering for test, prizes for raffles, etc. it is my spam account so that i don't have to worry about my main account getting bogged down with spam. i litterally get about 20 junk e-mails a day with that account, but i think this might be the first time i had one of these in quite a while. the strange thing is i used to get those all the time with my AOL account, but never gave that address to anyone.... i don't like AOL......
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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Lastline on Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:59 pm

    I love the yahoo bots! I am some others used to have fun playing with them in the chat rooms. But when the bots took over the chat rooms. Thats when it stopped being fun. But thanks for posting this it was a good laugh!


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    Re: someone IMed me last night....

    Post by Sponsored content

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