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    Leah Ravon

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    Main RP Character Profile

    Leah Ravon

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Tue Oct 13, 2009 11:26 am

    OOC: This little event takes place just after the six month advance. Onnie is off with JarHok and Kharmda, the USS Serenity is inbound to Serenity Station. Sorry, couldn't help myself.....hehe

    She sits in her chair staring at the computer monitor. Shadows dance within the room, cast about by the light of space streaming through her windows. Certain events having already happened, Cheyenne and Cota sound asleep in the other room. Reanna and the others busy in the repair work with the Immortal...... As always! She chuckles to herself. She ponders how to begin, wondering what should be said about herself, now having finally gotten around, found the time to give some information about herself for the station records. Baumer was a good man and had never pushed or been overbearing about getting said information from her and the others and neither was Pyriel but he already knew each of them.

    Pyriel and Jonjah had slipped quietly into her little family and been accepted easily, without thought as though both had always belonged there. Adding to a puzzle of mixed personalities, abilities, philosophies and feelings and the ever present belief; family! Kirsta was a sly woman, cunning, intelligent, ingenius and wise. An odd combination for an Augment but with her, it had always been about family, just one thing which had kept her locked away, studied during the late twentieth century and the last Augment to have ever come into existence during the Eugenics Program. But that is not what Leah appreciated. She appreciated who Kirsta was and had even come to call her mother, a role which Kirsta had filled very well and a void which had been left with her passing a few years back.

    For a moment, she honors the woman with thoughts of her.

    She takes a long, deep breath, sitting forward in her chair, staring at the monitor, the Star Fleet logo emblazoned upon it. She reaches up and turns the monitor off.

    "Computer? Verbal biography! Call it.......The life and times of the Hot looking Blonde!" she snickers. "Ixnay that, computer."

    "Your biography must be done according to standard protocol," pipes up the computer.

    "Pfft! As if! Stuff the protocols. They'll get what they get and it will contain all they need to know," Leah shoots back. "Begin recoding!"


    Leah rises from her seat, moving towards the bed room. She peeks in; Cota sound asleep, the blanket pulled tightly about him, a peaceful, happy look upon his face. Leah looks over to the crib surprised to see that Cheyenne is wide awake, trying her best to reach the dangling toys above her head. Leah smiles warmly, her heart filled with happiness as she ducks out of sight. She casually strolls towards the windows, staring sublimly out into space and begins.

    "Well! I'm definitely not Star Fleet and neither were my parents. There may have been a relative who did serve but I don't know and never have I been interested in finding out. My parents were colonizers. Well, in this case, they were already added to a successful colony located in the outer rim of Federation space. (to be named later) That is where I was born! It was a tough life! A life of constant work from sunrise to sunset. The people were dedicated to making the colony successful, an effort which had paid off. We were not without our trials and conflicts from both within and without. There were problems, a few raids by pirates, internal conflicts and of course, no matter where one goes, the ever present criminal activities of those who have chosen to get what they wanted or needed the quick and easy way. But the colony plugged on, moved forward, each situation never detering the people from achieving the success of the colony.

    It was an okay life. My parents were decent enough, hard working and family oriented but they were a bit emotionally hung up. Its not that they didn't love me, or care for me, they just had a real hard time showing it. Usually, it was shown through action and deed but like all children, I would have loved to hear it from their mouths. So yeah! I guess you could say our family was somewhat dysfunctional. But who's wasn't? That's the way it was until I was 10. Work, work, work, school, school, school, learn, learn, learn with lots more work but there had always been time to play, time to escape the hum drum of colony life and for a short while, to be just a normal child with a huge spatial capacity for imagining life out amongst the stars. That was my dream, that was my hope but unless one was sponsored, or had high marks, or showed an absolute uniqueness, Star Fleet was but a pipe dream. At least that is the way I saw it.

    I did have a uniqueness though, the ability to crunch numbers within my head and come up with answers, probabilities while everyone else was still scratching their heads. For me, it came easy. Math was a breeze for me, or at least anything that needed a solution based upon numbers but my other marks were.....average at best. Not the kind that get you noticed. I was also the most physical in school! I was always on the go, could run great distances and still have steam left for a fast finish in any race. In any work aspect, I was always given the hard, jobs, the jobs too tough for other people as well as any job which required good endurance. So yes! It is quite apparent that I am no stranger to hard, difficult work.

    One day, I was about twelve, my parents and a few others passed away. Some type of unknown viral infection which once infected, caused a slow and very painful death. It was hard to watch my parents slowly die, slowly turn into, at the end, nothing more the drooling, ravenous animals. I'm not sure what it was nor do I remember the name of the virus. I was angry. I was losing my parents, my life was being turned upside down and once they passed on, things changed for me. I didn't much care for work anymore, started getting into problems and causing them, the people who took me in were only able to put with me for so long. In the end, when everything came to a head, I started running around with the low lifes, seeking, looking and finding trouble. A year after my parents passed on, I was alone, branded as a criminal, small time though and not willing to listen to anyone." Leah pauses here, moving over to the replicator and asks for water. She wanders back to the window to continue staring down at the other sections of the station. She sips at her water, minutes passing before she begins again.

    "Two years later, life was closing in on me. My attitude, my activities were causing more than a passing concern with the local law establishment and pretty much everyone else. Even the so called gang I ran with was starting to show more than just a passing interest in me. Something, someone more than "just the girl who crunched numbers and kept track of their stolen funds". The leader was a snot nosed, arrogant punk of about 19. Though he was tough, cool, bad ass and all that stuff that a self centered, arrogant person thinks they are. I tired of his passes at me, his innuendos and I believed he was keeping our little gang down." Leah chuckles. "Yes! That could have been the start of a true criminal career but fate, destiny, whatever one wishes to call it, had other plans. I made a grab for the leadership. I thought I was tough enough, strong enough, but unfortunately, for me, he was one of those punks that could actually back up his arrogance. The fight went bad for me, I ran, they pursued and eventually caught me. Cornered me between two old buildings, the way out blocked by a high fence, the other way, blocked by them."

    "They taunted me, poked at me, threw rocks and fists until I was finally on the ground. I was beaten, battered, bruised and bleeding from a few cuts received by their blades. I thought I was finished, done for and literally curled up into a desperate, all hope lost ball and awaited what was coming next as the 9 boys closed in on me. I closed my eyes and awaited the inevitable pain of what was to insue. I lost myself in my mind, went to a better place to dull the pain which would be wracking my body but it never came. Some minutes passed by before it finally resgistered upon my self induced, dull witted brain that something else was going on. It sounde like a serious fight, the kind that are bad, where people are hurt, beaten and then driven off. At first, too afraid to open my eyes, I listened.

    Screams of pain, cursings and uttered threats I heard from the boys, but nothing did I hear from whoever was dealing with them. I could hear bones breaking, faces being punched in followed by the customary screams of pain and agony which is then followed by moaning and crying. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes, in a side ways view, I saw some of the boys moving as fast as they could with damaged body parts, to get away from their aggressor. That's when I saw the shadow looming over me. I looked up into the wild haired, wild eyes of my saviour. One who would become my adopted sister, her mother, my mother and a whole new life. A life I've always dreamed of; to be out amongst the stars. That was the first time I'd ever layed eyes on what I only heard as a history lesson, an Augment by the name of Reanna Aloi. I'll never forget her words to me. "They weren't playing fair. Nine on one are not fair odds. So I evened the odds."

    " I couldn't believe what I was hearing and though my eyes did see 5 of those boys laying upon the ground, moaning and groaning in pain, I just couldn't believe that Reanna had dealth with those boys all by herself. All she had to show for it was few scratches and some abrasions. When I took her offered hand, I knew at that moment my life had changed, that things would be different and that Reanna would be come a close friend, so close that we see each other as sisters and treat each other as that. I love her with all my heart and I would willingly give my life to keep her from coming to harm." Leah pauses as she stares out into the darkness of space, a warm, fuzzy feeling filling her heart. She turns around and heads back to her seat at the desk, making herself comfortable.

    "Life has been good. I grew and developed in ways that I didn't think was possible for me. Not only did my dream come true, but it came true in a big way. Reanna's mother, Kirsta had discovered during my education and training that I had an apptitude for not only numbers, but piloting as well and she was most impressed when I showed that I was able to do a little stunt which they could; operate multiple stations at a time and stay focused upon the situation at hand. But this training, this education I didn't mind. Kirsta was tough, firm and fair but she pushed for me, for all of us to do our very best and looking back upon it. I was surprised that I responded in a positive matter, but that was Kirsta. She was nothing like the Augments I had heard in history lessons or from the tales of transport captains. But for me, I didn't care. Don't get me wrong, I missed my parents deeply. Even today I still feel the sting of their loss, but Kirsta offered another kind of love. A love which I readily accepted." She sips her water, placing the glass upon the desk, leaning her arms upon the desk in a casual way.

    "Life was one big adventure. A few years after I joined Kirsta and the others, I became involved with the work they did. Bounty Hunting is not the most glorious job to have, but we were all over the galaxy allowing me to see, hear and experience so many things. It was a tough job, a dangerous job but we fuctioned as a family, worked as a tight knit group and it never failed to see us through. It killed my heart when Kirsta was gunned down in an ambush on one of our bounties but no where near as much as it did for Reanna. I could only begin to fathom what she must have felt having to finish her mother off in the way her mother had wished. No evidence, nothing left to be used. Reanna was devastated for weeks. It was hard for all of us, even harder for my sister but we saw it through. Thankfully, Haymed had a little trick he could do which allowed Reanna closure to that sad situation. She has been stronger for it ever since and as always, I will be there with her every step of the way."

    "Computer? Pause!"


    Leah moves from her seat, padding quietly to the bedroom to peak in again. She shakes her head as she looks at Cota, still in the same spot when she looked in a short time ago. Her eyes drift over to the crib, Cheyenne finally asleep and it came as no surprise to Leah when she noticed that Cheyenne had somehow managed to get hold of the mobile which hung over her. Leah smiles.

    "She is definitely going to be a handful," she muses, chuckling softly. She turns and heads back to her seat, pulling her legs up tight against her, making herself comfortable.

    "Computer? Resume!"


    "Now for the boring stuff. I"m 6' 4" inches tall, blue eyes, blonde hair with a muscular, well defined body. I'm a personal, friendly, outgoing person with a weird sense of humor. Stay on my good side, we have no problems. Aggravate me, push me or anything silly and we suddenly have a problem. But that doesn't mean I go off half cocked. No! I make sure of things, then I go off half cocked, but only if the situation warrants it. I've no Star Fleet training but have read and learned from some of their manuals. You'd be surprised what is out there on the black market if one has enough gold pressed latinum. I speak four other languages one of them being Klingon which, surprisingly enough, I can speak fluently. I love everything that is Klingon. Them, their lifestyle, their food. Mmmmm! Their food is totally delicious and their culture; barbaric though it may seem, its an ordered barbarism filled with honor and purpose. But enough about that. I could go on forever if given the chance."

    "So! As I was saying. No Star Fleet training but I could pass anything which they could give me. But my knowledge of piloting, navigation and such was not just from some Star Fleet manuals, but from others as well. Kirsta made sure we were well rounded and knowledgeable in every aspect. Tough life, tough training but all worth it. I am married now, to a Star Fleet officer no less by the name of Cota. He is a good man and actually the first male upon this ship that was interested in me for me and now we have a beautiful daughter, Cheyenne. As I mentioned earlier, Kirsta must have checked this place out somehow. Many were her ways of gaining knowledge and information but somehow, that wiley woman figured out that we would call this place home." She smiles. "I couldn't be happier!" She glances off towards the bedroom, hearing the stirring of husband.

    "Well! I should end this. Cota is due for the early morning shift and though he's adjusted to certain......shall we say, weird ways of mine, he likes things done a certain way." She pauses, a sly, devious smiling crossing her face.

    "Well! That's most of what and who I am. I"m loyal to a fault to Reanna and the others. They and my family come first above all else. Oh! Yeah! I love body building, thus the reason why I look the way I do. I'm weapons capable with various types and pretty damned good at hand to hand. That's pretty much it. If there is anything else which anyone needs to know, including any brass, they can ask me."

    "Computer? End recording. Store a copy for me and send another off to Admiral Baumer. Oh! Add a kissy face at the end of Baumer's. A big one!" Leah giggles as she rises from her chair and heads off to the bedroom."

    "Affirmative," the computer replies as Leah vanishes into the bedroom.


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