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    "What If?"



    "What If?"

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2009 9:52 am

    Hi everyone, it's me, <deleted>.  i was talking with and the topic of my past work when i was the alliance executive in Guild Wars with Baumer came up.  of those we talked a little bit about the "What If?" and Jarhoc was wondering if i could post it.  

    Now before i start with the post i'll give you a little bit of information about it.  this epic, and yes it's an epic, is 148 pages long, single spaced, size 10 font, 8 1/2 X 11 paper, etc... i made one chapter a week with almost no interuptions and posted it on the Guild and Alliance forums.  i will warn you, it is very audience spesific as it refers back to Guild Wars a LOT i cannot stress how much you need to know about Guild Wars to get all the little things throughout the epic.  

    Guild Wars, for those that don't know what it is or never played is almost identical to World of Warcraft except three main things:  it's less cartooney, all players are humans, and it has NO monthly fee.  there are classes of people, called professions, and they are Assassin (knives and sneaky), Monk (heals and protects... some smite), Paragon (leadership and throws spears, somtimes shown with wings), Ritualist (talks and summons spirits), Dervish (uses a scyth and very spiritual), Warrior (takes a beating and dishes it right back), Elementalist (Wizard), Necromancer (summons unholy creatures and casts curses... he likes to cut himself too), Ranger (bow and arrow, very handy with a pocet knife and some string), and Mesmer (gets into your head).

    The plot of the epic is anything but original.  plain and simple, the people that play the characters somehow get sucked into the game and become the characters they played.  all of the good guys are real people who i knew through guild wars, while the bad guys were made up because i didn't want to tick anyone off.  Admiral Baumer was in it as Count Baumer, an elementalist.  i was in it as well as <deleted>, the badass monk.  hey, my epic, i can be a badass monk if i wanted to.  the epic follows, loosly, the plot of the game, especially at the beginning.  however once people start tampering with stuff things change around.  

    Anyway, i hope you like it.  word of advice, pace yourself... it's rather long.


    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Guest on Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:05 am

    technical difficulties... will be up soon
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    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Billy_Guile on Fri Jul 24, 2009 9:57 pm

    HEY LETS GO ALREADY. Very Happy hehehehehe


    Serenity Station Marine Division(SS1) NCOIC


    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Guest on Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:44 pm

    well the bad news right now is that it can't be posted until i find a way around the kinda sorta glitch. what it's doing is changing characters around in the "translation" to the forum's text so that it will look pretty confusing when you try and read it. i'm still looking and hopefully will eventually find a way to post it.


    Chapter 1: A New Start

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:19 am

    Jordan suddenly found himself in a place that looked
    familiar, but yet didn’t. Last he knew
    he was at his girlfriend’s apartment talking with her brother about Guild Wars
    and helping him with a quest in pre-sear.
    Jordan was now in a new location, a location that he
    recognized because he had been here time and time again, but yet never stepped
    foot in it. He was actually inside
    Ascalon City. Disoriented, he turned around
    to see if he was here or just hallucinating.
    When he turned, he didn’t hear the rustling of clothing, instead he
    heard the clanking of steel. He looked
    down and saw that he himself was changed as well, he was wearing Lojor Carde’s
    15K Sentinel Armor.

    What the hell?” Jordan asked in his confused state.

    It’s about time you showed up,” stated Medic right
    behind him. Medic looked the same as he
    does in real life, but he’s wearing the armor of Valis Medic in the game. “Stone, Baumer and I have been here for about
    20 minutes trying to figure out what’s going on.”

    “How the… ok, what IS going on?” asked Jordan.

    “All we know so far is that we are our real life
    selves and somehow got sucked into the game.
    Kinda like Tron,” answered Baumer.

    “Yeah, they didn’t like my Jumanji analogy, so they
    decided to go with Tron instead.” inputted Medic.

    “We were in the middle of a Sr. Council meeting
    when you showed up,” stated Stone, “care to join us?”

    “Ok, first, who all is here, and how do we get them
    organized and stay together?” asked

    “Way ahead of ya there bud,” answered Baumer. “We have the Jr. Officers down by the
    merchants gathering up the guild, and filling them in on what we know so
    far. So far everyone in the guild is
    accounted for and then some.”

    “And then some?” asked Jordan.

    “Yeah, everyone that shares an account with someone
    else, all of them are here,” stated Medic.
    “Including Vanessa, who, by the way, we’ve promoted to Jr. Officer since
    she has never been a Sr. Officer but knows enough about the guild to do some

    “I’ll agree with that decision,” stated Jordan. “Are there
    any other guilds?”

    “There haven’t been any more guilds, but there are
    all of the NPCs, and a lot more.” answered Stone.

    “What do you mean?” asked Jordan.

    “You know how Ascalon, along with all of the other
    towns seem so small, some of them you could even fit into your back yard if you
    wanted to?” asked Baumer.


    “Well now Ascalon is a city. We’re talking huge. It will take us about 10 minutes to walk back
    to the rest of the group, where before it would have been just down the
    hill. Well there has been an increase of
    NPCs to match, and they are no longer just NPCs. They have personalities and free will from
    how it seems.” stated Baumer.

    “So how would we get back to real life?” asked Jordan.

    “We don’t know.
    If we knew how we got here, it might be easier.” answered Medic.

    “That’s why we’re meeting, to decide where to go
    from here.” stated Stone.

    “Well we’re at least in a town, which means we’re
    safe from any baddies, right?” asked

    The three looked at each other after that question.
    “We’re... not so sure.” stated Baumer.

    “What?” asked Jordan.

    “Well there are a few reasons why we don’t think
    it’s safe. First off, you have the King,
    and he’s somewhat cruel and overbearing in his rule. He also has a massive army backing him.
    And if I recall from reading that little book that came with the game,
    Ascalonians aren’t huge fans of guilds,” stated Baumer

    “The other problem is the fact that we’re currently
    in pre-sear, and Monty suggested a chilling possibility, what if we don’t get
    out before the searing?” said Medic.

    “Oh shit…” responded Jordan. “Well then
    we need to get to our guild hall, at least we know we’ll be safe there.”

    “Yes we will, but we don’t know when the searing
    will occur. Or how to keep from dying
    when it does.” stated Stone.

    “But, at the beginning cinematic, don’t they say
    ‘The last day dawns?’” asked

    “Well then I guess we know when the searing
    happens, sometime today.” Stated Baumer.

    “We need to get to that cave, the one that you go
    to when you sear, or else we’re all dead by tomorrow.” Said Medic.
    “Where is that cave?”

    “We have to talk to Sir Tydus. He’s the one that stands on the pedestal and
    you’re not supposed to talk to him until you are absolutely ready to go,”

    “What if we could just get there and not have to
    worry about doing any missions or quests along the way?” asked Baumer.

    “If we can get through the locked gate, sure, but
    Tydus is the one with the key,” replied

    “Then I guess that settles it, we’re enlisting for
    the Ascalon Army,” stated Medic.

    “At this time, we ask that any individual that has
    ever been an officer in KoV please step forward!” announced Burgon. He, Nuke, Blade, Monty and Vanessa were all
    trying to keep things calmed down at the bottom of the hill from where the
    meeting was.

    “What’s your game name and rank before you left the
    guild or the game?” asked Nuke who was in charge of taking roll.

    “Sir Aargon Ageroth, Sr. Officer of KoV.”

    “Slim, Jr. Officer of KoV.”

    “Ninji, Jr. Officer of KoV.”

    “Dorwin, Sr. Officer.”

    “Drizz, Jr. Officer.”

    “Vali, Sr. Officer.”

    Nuke was busy writing all of the names on the
    parchment that Monty provided him from his storage.

    “Ok, you six have all been drafted to become Jr.
    Officers, because we need all of the help we can get. Welcome to Ascalon.” stated Monty.

    “What do you need us to do?” asked Argon.

    “Keep people calm, take roll, and at least appear
    that you know what’s going on.” said Blade.

    While all of the organizing was going on, the
    merchants along merchant row were getting upset that KoV might be scaring away
    the customers. After they discussed it
    with themselves one of them left to go warn a guard. Eventually word made it all the way to the

    “Sire!” announced one of the guards.

    “Yes soldier?” asked King Adelbern.

    “There is a guild massing near Merchant’s Row here
    in the city!”

    “What are their intentions?” asked the King.

    “We do not know, but the merchants claim they are
    scaring away all of the customers.”

    “I shall go meet with this guild, bring me my sword
    and shield.” he commanded.

    “Yes sire.”

    “Ok, so in the mean time, since we’re all wearing
    our armor from the game, do we know if we are able to use our skills?” asked

    “Nothing yet, they’re supposed to also be working
    on that down the hill.” stated Medic. “I
    have found, however, this nifty little pocket that defies physics. In it, it has every armor set I own, for
    every profession, and also has every weapon I will ever need. I assume you all have this pocket as well.”

    “Yeah, I was noticing that earlier.” stated Baumer.

    “I guess... you can change your professions to
    whatever character you’ve played before.” suggested Stone.

    “I certainly hope so, because right now I’m the
    only monk we’ve got.” stated Medic. “But
    anyway, what I was saying is we have weapons, just no skills.”

    Medic pulled out his holy rod, it was a lot like
    what it was in the game, but this time it was real. There was what appeared to be a gyroscope at
    the end with some sort of a singularity in the center that was blinding to
    anyone who looked directly into it.
    Suddenly Medic turned to
    Jordan. “Did you know that you’re bleeding?”

    “I am?” asked Jordan.

    “On your shin, how do I know this?” asked Medic.

    “Maybe the skills are just coming to you as second
    nature.” suggested Baumer. “That would
    make this a lot easier if it is.”

    “Hey guys!” shouted Nuke as he was huffing and
    puffing after he ran here. “We have a problem, the King wants to know what
    we’re doing here, and who the leader is.”

    “Time to go,” stated Stone as they all got back up
    and started making their way down the hill.

    As they were making their way down the hill Jordan outran all of them as though they were just
    walking. “Come on!” he shouted. Suddenly all of them started going faster.

    “You don’t suppose...” Baumer said between breaths.
    Jordan just used charge and sprint do you?”

    “Possibly, but I don’t know if he knows he’s doing
    it on purpose.” responded Stone.

    “We just need to know when to do what skill on
    command, right now we haven’t.” Medic stated.

    The five made it to the rest of the guild in
    spectacular time. When they arrived they
    saw Monty trying to explain what was going on to the king.

    “No sir, we are not trying to scare people away
    from anything, we are just a tour that’s here to see Ascalon.” stated Monty as
    he was being stared down by about a dozen Ascalon soldiers.

    “Tour? Where
    are you from?” asked the king.

    “Valis! We
    are from the region of Valis.” interrupted Medic.

    “Valis? I
    have not heard of such a place!” shouted the King.

    “It is a new region, and its south of here, near
    the desert, sire.” stated Medic

    “I’ll let you talk to him, I don’t think he and I
    will get along very well.” said
    Jordan under his breath.

    “I assure you, king, that we are not looking to be
    any trouble.” continued Medic.

    “How long do you intend on staying here?” inquired
    the king.

    “We hope to be out of the city by nightfall if that
    is ok with you, sire.”

    “Then see to it, but if I hear of you causing
    havoc, I will personally have your head.” threatened the King.

    “Yes, sire.” responded Medic. And with a low bow, the king and his men left
    to go back to the palace.

    “Forgive my father, friends. He is not keen on making friends with
    outsiders.” stated Rurik. “I see that
    you are all wearing guild capes, what guild be you?”

    “We are the Knights of Valis, sir.” announced Jordan proudly.

    “I believe I have heard of you, what brings you to

    “Well, to be honest with you, we have heard reports
    of Charr south of the wall, and we are investigating the situation.” Stated

    “Charr? South of the wall? This is cause for
    investigation indeed, where do you hear they are at?” asked the prince.

    “They have been sighted in the cave across the lake
    from this very city.” stated

    “I shall get my sword and join you on the hunt for
    those savage beasts!” shouted Rurik as he made his way toward the palace.

    “Was that really the best plan?” asked Baumer as he
    turned toward

    “Well it’s the one we’re going with now,” stated

    “Ok everyone, listen up!” announced Medic. “The
    searing occurs this very day, we are on our way to shelter from the rocks in
    hopes that the cave in real life is as strong as the one in the game.”

    “The cave is crawling with Grawl in the game, how
    do you propose we clear it?” asked Ni Chin.

    “When I see this guild I see over 50 people who are
    wearing full armor and are wielding weapons.
    We propose we use them on the handful of Grawl inside the cave.” Medic

    “Everyone needs to get ready, for we move out when
    Rurik gets back, I am sure that with 50 of us and 10 of the Grawl, and with
    Rurik helping us we should be able to clear out the cave with ease.” stated
    Jordan. “And we promise you, that
    although we don’t know how we got here, we will not rest until we find a way
    for us to all get back home.”
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    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Billy_Guile on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:45 am

    i am loving this story, but i needs pics of hot girlies too. Very Happy


    Serenity Station Marine Division(SS1) NCOIC


    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:08 am

    Chapter 2: Spelunking

    65 people were all dressed in Warrior, Dervish,
    Paragon or Ranger armor ready to go into battle. Most of the guild was over 18, although there
    was the occasional little bother or sister.

    “Warriors with shields, line up in the middle. Warriors with hammers, line up on either side
    of the ones with shields. Dervishes
    spread our around the formation. Rangers
    and Paragons stand right behind the warriors.
    All of you who do not have any of those professions, stand behind the
    rangers. This formations is called a
    Phalanx, and the point of it is to be a wall with sharp, pointy things cutting
    up the baddies. Stone and Medic are in command of the line while Baumer and I
    will be escorting Rurik in case he does something stupid. For all of you who have seared, you know how
    he gets.” Stated

    “Excuse me, but is this a bad time to ask where our
    arrows are?” asked Medic. “And for that matter, where are the extra spears?”

    “They’re kind of imbedded in your armor’s
    shoulder. When you need one there will
    always be one right behind your dominant shoulder. As for the spear, it duplicates itself when
    you throw it. So the spear never leaves
    your hand, but the double does.” Stated
    stone on the other side of the ranger line.

    “That’s... awkward.” responded Medic.

    Medic reached back behind his right shoulder and
    found the feathers on the back of the arrow, and drew it. “I’m going to fire a test shot. Just for the fun of it.” Medic aimed the arrow high, pulled back, and
    let it loose. The arrow soared, 50...
    100... 150... 200 yards. “Holy crap, I
    did not know I could launch something that far on a flatbow.”

    “Guys, I think I discovered something.” stated

    “What?” asked Stone.

    “Well, the ranger armor has it’s own pocket, like
    the other, only it’s not an inventory. I
    think it’s everything you’ll ever want for ranger skills. There are spikes, snares, gunpowder (I assume
    that’s for the flame trap), poison, kerosene, Troll Ungent bottle, flint,
    there’s a bunch of stuff in here.” said Nuke as he was digging around. Soon all of the rangers were looking in their
    extra pockets. “I think we can set traps
    in front of the warrior when we get in position.”

    “Sweet, the more traps the better.” Stated Blade. “The less baddies that get to
    us the better.”

    “Excuse me, Prince Rurik, Warmaster Tytus, we’re
    ready to enter the cave.” stated Baumer.

    “Then let us go then, there is no time to lose!”
    shouted Rurik as he drew his Fiery Dragon Sword. The FDS was quite a sight. All there really was, was a dragon’s head
    with it’s mouth open. But when Rurik
    pulled it out of it’s sheath, the dragon produced such a flame that one could
    not look directly at it.

    “Forward march!” shouted someone from the formation
    when Jordan and Baumer got within sight range.
    Remarkably, the entire line moved forward into the cave as though
    everyone had trained for this for weeks.

    “Your forces are very disciplined.” remarked Rurik,
    “however, we do not have time for a luxury such as that, we must rush the cave
    else the Charr will escape.”

    “Prince, does this cave not have only one entrance
    and exit?” asked Baumer.

    “Nay, there are many, we must clear the cave with
    swiftness.” responded Rurik.

    Baumer and Jordan looked at each other with fear on
    their face.
    Jordan then ran ahead to Medic to warn him of what the
    Prince told him. “You better learn how
    to heal, and do it quick.”

    “Ninji! Slim! I’m pulling you off of the front
    line, come here quick!” shouted Medic.

    “What up boss?” asked Slim.

    “We need to get into our monk stuff in case we
    suddenly figure out how to use it.” Medic told them.

    “So we need to strip right here and change? Before we were able to at least find a back
    ally to change in.” complained Slim.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve beet
    waiting for a naked dance party all day.” stated Ninji as he stripped down to
    just a lion cloth.

    “Well unfortunately, we don’t have time for that.”
    reminded Medic. “You see Rurik up there?
    He’s about to charge into battle, and we need to keep him alive.”

    “Well I am dressed now, so I’m good.” replied Ninji
    who was just wearing a lion cloth and his tattoos.

    “Oh yeah, you didn’t use armor like the rest of the
    monks did you?” asked Slim.

    “Nope, being Naked made me feel free.” stated

    Medic and Slim were finally able to get their armor
    changed, and they did it before Rurik made it completely down the hill.

    “Ok, I’ll go with Rurik if you two stay with the
    group, but if I shout for help, break formation and help
    me.” ordered Medic.

    “Will do boss.” stated Slim as he and Ninji got
    back into formation.

    Medic ran to meet up with Rurik, Jordan and Baumer.
    “Greetings Prince!” shouted Medic.

    “Greetings friend, join us as we rid the cave of Charr.” responded Rurik.

    Medic fell in behind the three warriors. The front line started to run to hopefully
    stay ahead of Rurik so he doesn’t die.
    Once they got to the entrance of the cave, they saw how massive it was,
    and how dark. They could all hear noises
    coming from deep in the cave, everyone could recognize that they were the
    murmuring growls of the Grawl. People
    were also able to spell the smoke from a campfire, and eventually were able to
    see the light of it reflecting off of one of the walls.

    “We will need to rid this cave of Grawl before we can hunt for the Charr beasts,” ordered Rurik as he took
    off running toward the campfire. The
    front line also took off in a run to keep up with Rurik, while Rurik’s
    bodyguards were struggling to keep up with the prince and fearing the
    worst. With all the clamoring of metal
    and foot stomps, the Grawl quickly heard everyone coming. Their murmuring quickly turned into shouting,
    and the wall with the light flickering on it turned black with the shadows of
    Grawl running towards Rurik and the KoV.

    “We need light!” shouted Stone to the other
    rangers. All of the line stopped as the
    rangers lit their arrows on fire and launched them. Dozens of burning arrows arced across the
    cave with grace and landed in the dirt and dust of the path ahead. Then people realized exactly how many Grawl
    their were. Unfortunately, there weren’t
    two or three groups of three. There were
    enough Grawl the match KoVs numbers.
    “Fire at will!”

    Had things gone to plan, everything probably would
    have been fine, however Rurik was out for blood and didn’t want to wait. He went around the left side of the line to
    get in front with the three bodyguards following. The arrows of fire were being fired at a rate
    that there was always light overhead.
    “Come friends, we mustn’t let the rangers have all of the glory!”
    shouted Rurik over the Grawl battle cries.
    Baumer and Jordan were both able to sprint in front of them and Medic
    fell behind. Soon, the Grawl were being
    brought down with the arrows, though it seemed to take a dozen arrows to do
    it. A few Grawl saw Rurik and started
    making their way toward them. One Grawl
    lifted it’s hammer high above his head to bring it down on Rurik when something
    clicked in Medic. Without knowing how,
    Medic pointed his holy rod at Rurik and a light blue glow covered the
    prince. When the hammer was brought
    down, the light blue glow seemed to deflect the blow, leaving Rurik with
    perfect health. Before the hammer could
    be lifted back up though, Rurik was able to cut the beast four times with his
    blade, causing it to fall to the ground, dead.

    Jordan was the next target with two Grawl on him. Medic cast another enchantment on him, and Jordan was able to dodge and block virtually every attack
    the Grawls were throwing at him.
    Eventually, one slipped by and knocked
    Jordan down. “Holy
    crap that hurt!” he shouted. “Ok, that is it.”
    Jordan got back on his feet and stabbed one in the heart
    while blocking a blow from another. The
    Jordan stabbed fell limp, and slid off the sword. The other Grawl was stopped by Baumer and his
    axe. One swift chop on the Grawl’s
    shoulder cut the whole arm off.
    “Thanks,” said

    “No problem, I needed something to do anyway,”
    replied Baumer.

    “Hold your position! Do not let anything get
    through!” shouted Argon as the Grawl got closer. The sheer number of Grawl were just
    overwhelming the rangers, they just weren’t bringing them down. The traps were now set, the phalanx was in
    line, and now all they had to do was wait.
    The first grawl was close enough to start up his swing, so as he was
    running, his hammer went way back behind him, but before he could swing, the
    traps were triggered. The Grawl
    disappeared behind a wall of fire dust, and spikes. Several of the other Grawl suffered the same
    fate as the first. Eventually all of the
    traps were tripped, and the last defense were the warriors in front. The battle was going surprisingly well, since
    the line of warriors didn’t move, there wasn’t much the Grawl could do save for
    knocking them down. However everyone had
    such a firm footing that even if they hit them with their hammers they did not
    fall. It wasn’t until they got to the
    ends of the line where it started to become a concern. Those places were where the hammer warriors,
    the ones without shields, were.

    Cathie, however, met them head on. The Grawl aimed for her head, she ducked and
    swung her hammer knocking the Grawl to the ground. “Mine’s bigger,” she said
    with a smile as she finished the job and pounded the Grawl while he was down on
    the ground. Soon the Grawl came to the
    discovery that they were out matched and retreated.

    “Good work friends!” shouted Rurik to everyone.
    “Now let us proceed to the Charr that we are hunting!”


    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:31 pm

    Also, for all of those who are wondering how i was able to finally post this, Baumer took the time to meticulously go through and make it right again. Therefor i would appreciate it if you all would join me in thanking Baumer for his hard work and dedication not only to this one post but also to the whole organization we have here.
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    Re: "What If?"

    Post by Hogg J (JarHok) on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:16 pm

    Yes I quite agree Baumer has worked tirelesly on creating this fourm and the hub and on keeping the fleet together so I whole hartedly congratualte baumer on all the effort and dedicated work he has done to make what this fleet is toaday.



    Chapter 3: The Searing

    Post by Guest on Sun Aug 02, 2009 3:44 pm

    It’s been about two hours of searching since the
    battle against the Grawl Camp. KoV had
    all but lost all hope of actually finding the Charr, and some even think that
    they have been going in circles. No one
    really wanted to say anything though, because at least they were in the cave,
    and while in the cave they are safe from the searing.

    “What are we doing here?” Zack asked Brian.

    “Well... YOU’RE being a girl, as for me, I don’t
    know.” Brian replied.

    “No really, I mean, I played this game maybe once
    and now I’m stuck in this cave looking for something that’s going to kill us, and
    we’re lost to begin with.” Zack answered.

    “If I remember right, we’re hiding from very big
    rocks that are going to fall from the sky.
    But I could be wrong, I never payed any attention to the plot, I just killed things.”

    “Yeah, me too.
    So why are we here? Why don’t we just sit at the mouth of the cave, wait
    for the rocks to fall, and then go find someone who knows how we can go home?”
    Zack asked.

    “I’m sure they know what they’re doing up there, I
    mean they obsess over this game.” answered

    “Yeah, I’m sure they take day trips here often.”
    sneered Zack. “HEY!
    Jordan! Come here!” Zack shouted to the front.

    Jordan, thinking he heard his name turned around. “Did someone call my name?” he asked.

    “Yeah, Zack shouted for you.” Medic answered.

    “Zack’s here?” asked Jordan.

    “Yeah, and Chelsea, and Brian.” responded Baumer.

    Jordan was looking for where they might be, “I... I can’t
    see or hear a damn thing in this helmet, it’s like I have a bucket on my
    head. I’ll go back there and look for
    him, you guys keep going.”
    Jordan started making his way back to the end of the line
    while the rest of them continued forward.

    “Who are they?” asked Stone, who was now in his
    necro armor set. He figured if Medic
    could heal, he could eventually raise minions.

    “Zack, Brian and Chelsea are all friends of ours
    from real life, Brian got the game, you know, that Lupo guy? Well the three of them share the account, but
    they barely played the game.” answered Medic.

    “So they didn’t even get out of searing?” asked

    “I know Brian did, I’m not sure about the other
    two.” Answered Medic.


    Jordan was clanking across the cave when he started
    getting close to the end of the line. “Zack?” he asked.

    Jordan?” Zack replied.
    “You look like the Tin Man in that outfit... well, a cross between tin
    man and batman.”

    Jordan took off his helmet, “what’s up buddy?”

    “We’re wondering what’s going on here, and how are
    we getting back home? I have rehearsal
    in an hour.” responded Zack.

    “I don’t think you’re going to make it, we honestly
    don’t know how to get out of here yet, right now we’re just trying to survive
    the searing.”


    “Yeah, it’s when you are taken out of pre-sear...
    you haven’t seared have you?” asked

    “I guess not.”

    “Well in the game, there is a point where you go on
    a mission with Rurik into a cave to kill a Charr. As soon as that happens, the Charr army, from
    North of the wall launches huge rocks at us, and a lot of things are destroyed,
    and a lot of people die. The only reason
    you survive the searing is because you’re in a cave, like this one... only
    smaller, and it’s much easier to find the Charr.” answered

    “Okay, why don’t we just let the Charr live?” asked

    Jordan just looked at her as if no one ever thought of
    that. “But that’s... I guess... hmm....”

    “What?” asked Chelsea. “If you
    kill the Charr the rocks come, so why not let the Charr live, then we won’t
    have to hide from the rocks.”

    “Rurik Wait!... Sire...” shouted Baumer from the

    “This foul beast will eat my blade! For Ascalon!”
    Rurik shouted.

    “Crap, we found the Charr.” stated Jordan. “I need to
    Jordan sprinted his way back to the front as he put on
    his helmet. “No one attack the Charr!”
    he shouted as he was running.

    “What?” asked Stone. “Have you got a screw loose or something?”

    “Just... don’t.” Jordan said.

    “Well Rurik went charging off ahead to take him
    on... crap the Charr sees him now.”

    “Keep them both from killing each other if you
    Jordan said to Medic.

    Medic groaned and started running up the hill after
    Rurik and the Charr to put passivism on all around.

    “What’s this all about?” asked Stone.

    “What if we didn’t kill the Charr? Then there wouldn’t be a searing.” replied Jordan.

    “What?” asked Nuke as he and the rest of the
    officers gathered up around

    “I demand to know why you are preventing me from
    doing my duty!” shouted Rurik as he made his way down the hill.

    “Sir, we are debating whether killing the Charr is
    the right thing to do.” stated Baumer.

    “He’s a Charr! What more do you want to know?”
    shouted the prince.

    “Hey, does Medic have passivism on the Charr?”
    asked Ninji.

    “Yes, and he put it on me too! When I asked why, he said it was YOUR
    orders!” Rurik shouted at

    “Oh we gotta se this!” exclaimed Ninji, he and
    Drizz then took off up the hill.

    “Normally, Prince Rurik, I would agree with
    you. There is nothing more satisfying
    than killing Charr for breakfast, BUT there may be a complication. It might be worse to kill him then to keep
    him alive.” stated


    “We... have reason to believe...” Jordan was
    nervous and looking at all the other officers in hopes they might know what to
    say, but all the officers were just staring right back at Jordan with an ‘are
    you mad?!’ look on their faces. “...
    that there is going to be an attack on all of Ascalon, and a Charr invasion if
    we kill that Charr.”

    “Where do you get all of this information?”
    inquired Rurik.

    “We... uhh... can we get back to you on that?”

    “What the hell are they doing?” asked Stone looking
    up the hill.

    “Are they... mooning the Charr?” asked Baumer.

    “You WILL answer my questions, for your monk is not
    here to put passive on me anymore, and I will run you through if you do not
    answer me NOW.

    “Ok ok, we have seen the future.” answered Jordan.

    “LIES!” shouted Rurik and with one swift motion, he
    Jordan in the heart with his FDS. Without a second
    thought, Rurik pulls his sword out of
    Jordan, and charges to the Charr.

    “Medic!” Jordan whispered with his last breath, as he collapsed to
    the ground.

    “Medic!” shouted Baumer. “Get your ass down here!”

    Ninji, Drizz and Medic turned and ran down to Jordan. All of the
    officers were huddled around
    Jordan hoping something could be done. Medic knelt down to look at the fatal wound,
    “I... I don’t know how to rez him.”

    “Well do something!” shouted Baumer.

    Medic laid his hand on the bloodied wound of Jordan, closed his eyes and hoped. The officers around them noticed Medic’s
    hands glowing blue as the wound closed up.
    Medic, startled by the fact that he felt
    Jordan’s wound closing opened his eyes and jumped away.

    “Don’t stop, you’re doing it.” stated Stone.

    Medic looked at his hands, and back at Jordan’s body.
    Understanding now, Medic laid his hands back on Jordan, one on his head
    and the other on his heart. The glowing,
    once again, emanated from his hands, and soon spread all over
    Jordan’s body.
    Jordan gasped for air as he came back to life.

    Jordan, stunned, looked up at Medic. “You... saved me.” Jordan also looked at all of the officers around
    him. “I... died, didn’t I?”
    Jordan asked.
    Medic nodded his head. “How long was I... dead?”

    “Only a moment.” Medic said as he got up and helped
    Jordan to his feet.

    Jordan used Medic to help keep himself balanced. Shortly, his shock turned into rage. “Where... is... he?”

    “Whoa there, you cannot kill him, we don’t know
    what that will do to us.” Reminded

    “Oh, I don’t want to kill him... once... I want him
    to die, over, and over again by MY hand!” shouted
    Jordan. “I want
    him to know the feeling of pain!” As
    Jordan looked up to see where Rurik was, he saw Rurik
    going one on one against the Charr.
    “No! He can’t kill the Charr, and
    the Charr can’t kill Rurik, he’s MINE.”
    He shouted as he charged up the hill.

    “Shoot,” Medic said as he and the rest of the guild
    Jordan up the hill, but it was too late, Rurik had killed
    the Charr.

    Jordan came up from behind Rurik, pulled the FDS out of
    Rurik’s hand, grabbed Rurik by the throat, and pulled back for a thrust through
    the heart like Rurik did to him. But
    Jordan could thrust the sword through the Prince Medic
    cast passivism on
    Jordan, like he did to Rurik and the Carr before. Rurik had a look of fear in his eyes, but
    kept his composer.
    Jordan, realizing what was put on him looked over at
    Medic and gave him the stare of death.
    “Fine, I might not be able to kill you, but I WILL make you look at what
    you did to your people by killing the Charr.”
    Jordan threw the sword aside, twirled Rurik around, and
    forced him to look through the hole in the cave that overlooks
    Ascalon City.

    “What are you talking about? I did the city a favor
    by killing that Charr.” argued Rurik.

    “Look again.” stated Jordan as the rest of the guild started to gather around
    the hole in the wall to see the searing.

    There was a cloud that started off in the distance
    that was as red as fire. The cloud grew
    to the point that the entire sky was blotted out because of it. Soon it appeared as though it was raining
    fire in the distance, but that wasn’t fire, that was a giant meteor shower
    covering the city as well as the country side.
    The rocks and boulders started getting closer and closer. People in the guild started to scamper back
    down the hill to take cover deeper in the cave, while
    Jordan stood firm with Rurik in his clutches.

    The guild now found themselves at the mercy of the
    game, they soon realized that no matter what happens, they were to go through
    the story line, because the story will go on with or without them. It was now their choice to either survive the
    upcoming events, or conquer them.


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    FYI... no idea why there are such huge spaces between paragraphs... but i guess you know where the paragraphs are at least....
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    Billy_Guile wrote:i am loving this story, but i needs pics of hot girlies too. Very Happy

    Billy you have once again solved the problem of what is wrong with literature, and how to improve it. Well done.



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    here's some pictures for ya Billy





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    its the curse of copypasta. no worries indy. still very readable.

    and yay for girlies! life is good naowwwwwww


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    Chapter 4: A New Home

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    Chapter 4: A New Home

    “This? This
    is what we have to live in until we find a way home?” asked Vanessa.

    “This is
    one of the best houses available.” reminded Medic.

    “We have a rock that fell through the roof and demolished
    the dining room table! I hardly think this is either safe or water proof.”
    complained Vanessa.

    “Well, the good news is that it won’t rain
    again. And think of it this way, the
    rock glows, we have lighting.” Medic
    said optimistically.

    “Yeah, but what happens when we want to sleep?”
    asked Vanessa.

    “Hmm...” thought Medic.

    “Exactly.” said Vanessa.

    “Vanessa, look, we’re trying to get home. I know this place kinda sucks right now, but
    we’re trying to figure out how to get out of this place. The good news is that this will not be our
    home forever.”

    “Ok, then how long are we going to be stuck here?”

    “That’s what we’re going to try and find out in the
    next meeting, only this time we will have time to talk and discuss.”

    Vanessa and Medic kept working on setting up the
    house until Rurik visited, “I hope the house is to your liking. Most of the buildings in Ascalon have been
    destroyed, but this one seems to have escaped a worse fate.”

    “Yes, thank you Sire.” stated Medic, and Vanessa
    nodded in agreement.

    “It is the least I could do considering what I have
    done to you all, and my country.” Said
    Rurik. “I should have believed you all
    when you claimed you were from the future.
    Now, due to my arrogance, I have damned my country.”

    “Now, now, this isn’t the first time a king has put
    his country in danger even though his intentions were good.” stated Medic.

    “You know of other kings that have done this?”
    asked Rurik.

    “Well, yes and no.
    I know that there have been really, really
    bad kings in time’s past. And I know
    that there are bad kings that are still to come. You, Rurik, are not one of them.” stated

    “I have learned that your guild has knowledge of
    the future, may I ask, how does one get this knowledge?” asked Rurik. Medic paused, unwilling to give out any more
    information. “Some of your guild seems to know more about the future than the
    others, like you for example. As I
    recall, you are called by your guild members as ‘Medic,’ is that what you wish
    to be called?”

    “I... sure, Medic is fine.”

    “And your wife there, is she known as ‘Nessa?’”
    asked Rurik

    “She’s my fiancé, we’reB”

    “Fianc-what?” asked Rurik

    “Fiancé, it’s French,” Medic answered as Vanessa
    was giggling in the background.

    “French?” asked Rurik.

    “French, it’s... you know what? Never mind, yes we
    are married,”

    “Well you two seem to know something about the
    future, and Medic, you seem to know more than Nessa does, well I was wondering
    if you could share with me what the future might hold?” requested Rurik.

    “Well, look at it this way, if we told you, you
    might change your plans,” responded Medic.

    “That would be the point, because I’m trying to
    save as many lives as I can,” replied Rurik.

    “Yes, but we know how things work out if we didn’t
    tell you anything, so by default, the same outcome would happen without you
    knowing what we know.” interrupted Monty who just walked in.

    “Yes, and if you know what we know then you would
    know that we know what you shouldn’t know because you know, however you don’t
    know because we know not to let you know.” Medic said confusingly. Rurik stared at Medic with a confused look
    and starts trying to intemperate what Medic says by repeating him and counting
    on fingers. “Needless to say, you just
    have to trust us.”

    “I do trust you, Medic, you saved my life. For that I will be eternally in your
    debt.” Rurik stated as he left the

    “Monty, how’s it going?” asked Medic.

    “Rotten, the stench in my house is awful. Apparently the previous owner was killed
    under a rock and no one can get him out.” Monty answered.

    “I don’t think I needed to know that...” stated
    Vanessa from the back of the room.

    “Sorry Vanessa,” Monty apologized. “Medic, do you know what time the meeting
    will be?”

    “All he said was that it will be tonight.” Medic
    said. “Of course I have no idea when it will
    become evening. Did you think we
    should go out and round everybody up for
    the meeting?”

    “Wouldn’t be a bad idea, I’m so tired right now
    that we should get this thing going.” said Monty.

    “Okay, Vanessa, you want to come too?” Medic asked.

    “Okay, I’m coming.” she said as she made her way to
    the front door.

    As the three got outside they could be reminded of
    the horrors that was the searing. Yes
    everyone knew about the searing, and what it did to the land, but they only saw
    and heard it. Now they could smell the
    tar and death, taste the dust and smoke, and feel the heat. The new feelings, tastes, sounds, smells, and
    sights made the living conditions that much more unbearable. On top of all of those things there was the
    feeling of fear. Everyone knew that it
    was not safe as long as the guild was trapped in Ascalon.

    “Alright guys, let’s get this thing started, I
    think the first thing we need to do is come up with ideas on how to get home.”
    Jordan sitting on a rock in the circle of officers.

    “Umm, excuse me,” interrupted Medic. “But can I
    request that someone keep a log of what we’re talking about? A ‘minutes’ if you will?”

    “Sure, if you want to record it by all means, go
    ahead.” responded

    “Yeah,” smirked Nuke. “Like Medic can spell.”

    “I’ll do it,” volunteered Stone.

    “Thanks, anyone have any ideas on how we got here
    or how we get out?” asked
    Jordan. No one
    said a word, but everyone looked around at others if they were to say
    anything. “Come on guys, there are no
    wrong answers here.”

    “I think we just really don’t know what’s going on
    to be able to say anything.” answered Argon.

    “I think, Jordan,” inserted Stone. “It might be better if we found
    a way to be safe, whether that’s going home, or getting to our guild hall, it’s
    fine with me as long as we get there soon.”

    “Then in that case, why don’t we just run to LA?”
    asked Baumer. “It is the easiest run in
    the game.

    “There aren’t any way points to drag people
    through, so we can’t run it.” argued Blade.

    “What if we just did the missions and got it over
    with?” asked Burgon.

    “I like that idea, the missions we know, the
    terrain for running we don’t.” stated Dorwin.

    “Even if we escorted people on a nice long caravan
    of refugees, there could be deaths because we’re alone.” stated Slim. “I would much rather have the Ascalon and
    Dwarf Armies helping us through the Shiverpeaks.”

    After an hour or so, the officers of the guild
    debated and discussed. The final
    decision was that they were to leave the relative safety of
    Ascalon City once they knew enough about their skills to be able to take anything
    that was brought their way. When everything seemed to be done, Medic asked
    another question (like usual) and started yet another discussion. “What about Rurik and the others? They know that we ‘know the future’ and we
    kind of do. Do we use that to our
    advantage? Or just let them find out as they go and we play along?” Everyone thought about that for a moment,
    then people started talking, starting with Lojor, then Monty, and finally the
    rest of the officers. There were some
    good points on either side. Someone even
    brought up the Temporal Prime Directive from Star Trek. In the end, people agreed that no one will
    tell the Prince, nor anyone else who asks what will happen. The only time that it will be revealed what
    will happen will be during a mission. Of
    course no one knew what a mission would be like. Of course, there were those who did not agree
    with the idea of sending Rurik to his death, but they knew that his death would
    allow for the end of the game to take place, and that would mean they would
    hopefully get home.

    order went out, every person in the guild was to train in their field of study,
    whether it was being a monk, an elementalist, necromancer, or whatever they
    were. From this time until the patrol
    sights the invading army north of the wall, the guild was to become the best
    army in all of Tyria. A command center
    was established near Symon the Scribe’s campfire. He was a nice guy, and he loved to jot down
    notes during the meetings when it wasn’t classified. Training centers were established. Baumer was in charge of the Elementalists,
    was in charge of the Warriors, Medic taught the Monks, Stone instructed the
    Necros, and so on. Things were starting
    to look up, even if it was just because they were getting organized. At least the guild knew that they were being
    taken care of.


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    ahh! no one's replied! i can't post another chapter if i don't know that you all have read this one yet....


    Re: "What If?"

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    Chapter 5: Fighting Withdrawal

    Months have gone by, people in the guild were
    starting to get used to calling Ascalon, the dump that it was, home. Friendships in the guild were formed between
    many unlikely people, and girls and women who were single were fighting off the
    boys with a stick on a daily basis.
    There were patrols sent three times a day to see if it was time to leave
    yet. Rurik has been asking questions as
    to why we were sending out patrols, but no one has answered him. Argon, Slim, Nuke and Monty had gotten back
    about a week before from their mapping excursion to find where
    Fort Ranik was and how best to get there from Ascalon City and the Northern Wall Gate.
    The guild was prepared to leave at a moment’s notice, especially since
    they weren’t taking any chances (and the fact that everything was stored in
    their pockets anyway).

    Training was easily accomplished, once the trainers
    knew what they were doing, the teaching part was easy. Everyone knew what the skills were, it
    seemed, they just needed to know how to activate them. It was only about two weeks before everyone
    got their training done with their primary character, and then moved onto their
    secondary character, and other specialty “builds” if you will (running, 55ing,
    soloing, tanking, etc.). There were no
    builds, however, in this situation. There
    was no skill bar, and no limit to how many skills one could bring. There was no energy or health bars either,
    one was just feeling drained, tired, and all around out of it when their
    “energy” was low. When that happened,
    Stone, Jordan, or any trained Necro would cut themself and the blood drawn from
    them would evaporate and fill the lungs of the person without energy. It was only a matter of seconds before they
    were on their feet again.

    “Ok, has everyone done their homework last night
    and discovered what emotion activates their power?” asked Baumer to the class
    of Elementalists. “Keep in mind some of
    the more popular emotions are anger and joy.”

    In the class were people that would never have used
    Elementalists much before to begin with.
    Some of the students have gone through about five other professions
    before coming here. Suddenly, one of the
    students was set on fire.

    “Medic!” shouted Baumer. “We got another person who discovered blazing
    speed before I could tell him how to turn it off.” he said with annoyance in
    his tone.

    “Ah! I’m on fire! Put me out!” shouted the student
    as he started running all over the place.

    “Hold Still!” Shouted Medic as he started running
    over. “The last thing we need is another incident like three weeks ago when
    Ninji’s Elementalist was ‘having a good time,’ and set an entire house on
    fire. It took four officers as water
    eles to put it out.” Medic, once he got
    there, was able to put out the poor student with ease and healed all of his
    wounds with a couple turns of his holy rod.

    “Thank you Medic, I owe you SO much,” thanked the

    “Not a problem, but one of these days I might have
    to actually turn in all the ‘I-owe-yous’ I have,” Medic muttered to himself as
    he made his way back to his students.

    “This is why you also need to learn control and
    restraint before you do anything that might hurt yourself and others,” Baumer
    continued. “Which is why we’re going to
    start today with self defense. Earth
    Magic is the most defensive element there is in our arsenal, so let us start
    with Armor of Earth. Now the first thing
    you have to think of Baumer was interrupted by the sight of many, then all of
    his students performing Armor of Earth with ease. The ground around the students started to
    pull towards the student and then encase him with dirt, rocks, and anything
    else found on the ground. Needless to
    say, it was not glamorous, but it was essential. “Or you can just all do it yourself and put
    me out of a job, that’s fine too.” sighed Baumer.

    “Baumer!” shouted Jordan from a distance on his way over.

    Baumer turned mid lesson, “Yeah?”

    “Nuke is going to take over for you, it’s your turn
    to go on the patrol with Argon and Dorwin,” stated Jordan as Nuke made his way
    to the rock Baumer was standing on to teach the class. Baumer made his way over to
    Jordan to get an update on the area since the last patrol. “Guys, I’ll be honest with you, there were
    Charr spotted with the last patrol. As
    soon as today’s classes are done we’re going to organize for a ‘day trip’ to
    Fort Ranik. Some officers know of the
    situation, and we know that during your patrol, you’ll probably put things in
    motion. Medic, Stone, and Nuke are going
    to catch the invading army as you come back, try to stall them as we all make
    our escape. The rest of the officers and
    I are going to start escorting the guild down to Ranik. Medic should be talking to Rurik to tell him
    what’s about to happen, since that’s essentially what we agreed, not to tell
    him until it’s important.”
    Jordan paused and looked around for a moment. “Medic!
    Stone knows how to monk too! Go
    talk to him!” He shouted as he saw that
    Medic has yet to get going and was caught up with filling Stone in on today’s

    “I’m going!” Medic shouted back.

    “Anyway,” Jordan continued. “Get in your warrior armor and meet up
    with Captain Calhaan at the gate. Be
    careful! I will not be sending any
    back-up except for the three that are going to hopefully save your ass when
    you’re running in with Charr right behind you.
    The rest must get to
    Fort Ranik to organize the counter attack.”

    “Can we at least tell the captain to close the doors
    before we retreat?” asked Argon. “It’s
    just been something that always bothers me; they leave the doors wide open for
    the Charr to waltz in.”

    “I don’t care, just as long as they can eventually
    break through so that they can invade.” responded

    Baumer, Dorwin and Argon all scampered to a stop as
    quietly as they could behind a rock. The
    three of them were trying to avoid getting the attention of the jumbo sized
    scorpion less than a stone’s throw away.
    “I still don’t know why they couldn’t have just opened the gate so we
    can go directly there.” complained Dorwin.

    “Well they do the same thing in the actual game
    too, you know.” responded Argon.

    “Still, it’s cruel to make people go through all of
    this just because they’re lazy.” stated Dorwin.

    Baumer picked up a rock that was laying next to
    them and flung it toward some dead bushes on the other side of the
    devourer. The devourer turned to look at
    the bushes then headed toward them to investigate. “Something they don’t let you do in the game,
    divert their attention.” stated Baumer as the three of them starting to sneak
    by. Unfortunately, their escape was not
    as much of an escape as much as walking into a trap. Seven devourers emerged from underneath the
    sand and dirt.

    “Shit!” shouted Dorwin as the three took off

    “Did...” panted Baumer. “Did you just use charge by saying ‘shit’?”

    “Whatever works,” responded Dorwin. The devourers chased for a while, but knew
    they couldn’t keep up with the runners, so they broke off.

    After a while of running, avoiding bugs and
    gargoyles, the three found their destination and slowly crept up to the edge to
    see if the army was there. In the game,
    there are a couple dozen Charr lined up in formation. But this time, there was a scene that better
    resembled something out of the Lord of the Ring movies. There was an army of hundreds. Dorwin got out his bow. “You see that one Charr that looks to be
    leading the army?” he asked. “One shot
    can take him out, and behead the snake.”

    “Well I suppose we have to get their attention
    somehow.” replied Argon. “Should we let
    him shoot it?”

    Baumer nodded his head. Dorwin slowly and silently got out his
    bow. He then pulled out an arrow and put
    poison on the arrow head, and drew the arrow.
    Patiently, he aimed the arrow so as not to miss and to make sure
    whatever it hits will die quickly. He
    fired, and while in the air, the arrow was set on fire. The brilliant flaming arrow hit it’s target
    at the base of the Charr’s skull, dropping him to the ground instantly. The Charr all stopped their cheering as they
    watched their leader slowly catch fire from the arrow. Then some looked to where the arrow was fired
    from and saw the three runners on top of the hill.

    “Have they spotted us yet?” asked Dorwin.

    The Charr were now shouting and grunting in anger
    as they pointed up to the three runners.
    “I suppose that’s a ‘yes,’” stated Argon as he waved and smiled. “Let’s get out of here before they can shoot
    back at us.”

    “Good plan,” stated Baumer as the three got up to
    run off toward the wall.

    The Charr army now made their way around the hill
    to get to the three runners that killed their leader. Baumer, Argon, and Dorwin were now running
    for their lives. They knew that if they
    died out here, they might never be resurrected, because there might not be a
    body left to resurrect. They soon came
    across the bridge with the devourers on it, and were charging them. Dorwin and Baumer were in the lead, so they
    lifted their shields to block any incoming objects that the devourers might throw
    at them. Fortunately, they didn’t see
    the two coming until it was too late to react, and the two were able to get
    around them. The third, Argon, had to
    try a different approach, because they knew he was coming. The devourers positioned themselves into a
    line formation so he couldn’t sneak by.
    Argon, not slowing down, jumped over one of the devourer’s claws, and
    stepped on its back instead, using it as a spring board to clear the tails that
    were about to hit him.

    Nuke, Stone, and Medic were at the wall, waiting
    for them as planned. “There they are,”
    stated Stone, being the first to see them.
    “And there’s the Charr army right behind them... good god!” he

    Medic and Nuke peered off into the distance as
    well. Both of them saw the army which
    was heading their way and were wondering how to get out of there without
    dying. By now, the captain was looking
    off in the distance to see what the others were looking at. Once he saw, he panicked.

    “Everyone fall back! Fall back to Fort Ranik! There are too many of them!”
    he ordered.

    “Well there goes the help from the Ascalon army.”
    stated Stone.

    “Oh you were only going to use them for minions
    anyway.” responded Medic.

    “What? They make a good fleshy.” Stone said.

    “We should probably get down to the gate so we can
    close it once the runners get through,” said Nuke. With that the three of them manned the doors
    to close as Baumer, Dorwin, and Argon made it through.

    “Nuke, get started on your Meteor Shower so they
    get it as soon as they hit the door.” stated Medic.

    “Okie dokie,” he said as he stepped back and
    started his spells. As soon as the three
    runners made it through, they helped barricade the door while Medic and Stone
    got the braces for it. Right on cue,
    rocks started to fall and explosions could be heard on the other side of the
    door. Suddenly, Stone stopped what he
    was doing, and started to grin.

    “Something just died,” he said. “I wanted to try this out since we got here,
    but never got the chance”. Stone’s eyes
    started glowing white as he arched his back.
    Soon they heard the sound of an angry beast on the other side of the
    gate as the Flesh Golem started ripping the Charr apart. Soon, many things died, since there was an
    entire army on the other side of the wall, there was no shortage of
    bodies. Stone was raising minion after
    minion, soon there was no more pounding on the gate to get through, they were
    probably overwhelmed by the minions.

    “We can’t stop the army at the wall, or else we’ll
    never be able to do a counter attack.” reminded Baumer. “We need to get going.”

    “Aww, but I was having fun!” Complained Stone.

    “Let’s go,” said Argon as his ‘Charge’ activated
    and the six ran to meet up with the rest of the guild in
    Fort Ranik.
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    fascinating, this is seriously reminding me of .hack// though lol

    but you're right, the spacing is making my brain wig out


    Ero found herself mourning the passing of the sandwich more than she did the smashing of the chain-linked fence via a giant ancient aircraft, much to the dismay of the chain-linked fence. And, where the fence able to convey it's sorrow over not being mourned, perhaps Ero might have mourned the fence as well...but seeing as how the fence couldn't talk, and she was too busy trying not to be run over and turned into a green and purple mess (much like her bemourned sandwich), Ero found herself quite content not mourning the destruction of the government's once pristine chain-linked fence.


    Re: "What If?"

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    Chapter 6: No Limits

    Jordan, along with about nine other warriors were lined
    shoulder to shoulder and marching to the top of the hill. Once at the top, the ten warriors looked over
    the scene of Charr blanketing the field of coals, dirt, and tar.
    Jordan raised his sword high into the air, and brought it
    down with one swift slash. “Fire!” could
    be heard behind them and then huge, smoking jars flew above their heads. With an explosion for every jar that hit, the
    Charr seemed to have seen the ten warriors on the top of the him. Soon, what seemed to be like ants from high
    above the fields turned and charged the hill.
    All, of course, except the ones that fell from the barrage of
    explosives. Soon some of the Charr was
    within range of their archers to start shooting at the warriors.

    “Shields up!” shouted Jordan to the other warriors,
    however the people right behind them also put their shields, or whatever they
    were holding, up to protect themselves from a barrage of arrows. Shortly, the arrows had reached their
    targets, or rather their targets’ shields.
    A couple of arrows did seem to find their way around the shields and
    into feet or shoulders of the warriors, but nothing Medic, Ninji, and Slim
    couldn’t heal right up.

    “I think we have aggro!” shouted Spectre over the
    commotion of the charging Charr.

    “I think you’re right!” responded Jordan. With his
    shield still up, he turned to Stone, who at that time had his eyes glowing
    white with death and the smell of more death.
    Jordan did was nod to Stone, and Stone grinned. With that Grin, the hulking piece of rotting
    meat and flesh standing next to Stone started running up the hill, leading the
    way for the rest of the dozens of minions to follow. The minions had been
    created from the Moa Birds and devourers that were passed along the way to the
    battle. The good news about this
    situation the KoV was in, is that there were no rules about having too many
    minions, absorption counted toward everything, and all armor stacked. Stone had his own little army of Bone
    Minions, Bone Horrors, Shambling Horrors, Bone Fiends, Vampiric Horrors, and
    leading the way was good old fleshy, smelling as rotten as always. Following closely behind all of Stone’s
    minions was the wave of Rangers and Paragons, who by now knew all they needed
    to know about their profession that they will ever need.

    From the view on top of the hill, Jordan was seeing the dozens of minions making their way
    around the front line of warriors and colliding with the front line of
    Charr. The minions, though, were not
    like how you would see them in game. In
    this situation they were ravage beasts, and Stone had the most bloodthirsty
    minions of the guild. Fleshy ran
    straight at one of the Charr, brought it’s pickaxe of an arm back, and impaled
    the Charr beast through the temple, and out the other. The Vampiric Horrors actually were eating
    their victims. Although the most vicious
    of the minions was the Bone Fiend.
    Primarily known for it’s distance attack from the game, these Bone Fiends
    got right up close and personal. One
    Fiend went right between two Charr, jumped up, and grabbed one of them by the
    throat with it’s tail. The fiend used it
    as an object to swing around on to get more speed with the bone stake that came
    out of it’s tails as it twirled around and impaled the second Charr through
    it’s chest plate. When the Bone Fiend
    finally dismounted, it had killed two charr in one swift motion. And within seconds, those bodies provided
    Stone with a pair of fresh minions.

    The rangers, once in place at the top of the hill,
    pulled out their bows, and a handful of arrows.
    10, 15, even 20 arrows were launched at once, all hitting their
    corresponding targets down the hill.
    “Disables all preparations my ass,” stated Vali as he dipped his
    arrowheads into lit kerosine, and launched them all at once. Each arrow hit a different target and some of
    the arrows continued to set their target on fire.

    Stone suddenly had a sinking feeling in the pit of
    his stomach as his eyes returned to normal.
    He had been waiting for that sudden burst of energy so that he could
    raise a new minion to join the fight, and he was getting the energy, but not
    the bodies. Further down the hill, monks
    were catching up to smite the minions, for holy damage just ate those minions
    up. “I’m losing minions!” Stone shouted
    Jordan in the front.
    Jordan then turned to Argon, who was next to him, and
    told him something that no one else could hear.
    One would assume he whispered to him, however with all of the noise from
    the battle, no one could hear anything below a soft roar.

    Argon turned and ran back to the rest of the guild
    down the hill as the front line closed together to make up for his
    absence. “Baumer!” Argon shouted. “We need meteors on the Charr before the minions
    completely die out.” With that, Baumer
    gathered up hie elementalist squad and headed up the hill. “Medic, we need those catapults re-aligned so
    we can continue bombarding, right now we’re shooting over their heads.” Medic
    then raced to the catapults to realign them.
    Argon ran back up the hill to rejoin the front line.

    Baumer, along with Vanessa, Monty, Nuke, and other
    guild members that were elementalists reached the top of the hill, and lined up
    on either side of the warriors and rangers.
    The full wrath of the elements were about to rain upon the charging
    Charr. The sky above the army went dark
    as storm clouds bellowed over them. The
    temperature seemed to drop to a chilling temperature, and the ground beneath
    them started to rumble. The rangers, who
    have been showering arrows on the progressing army soon backed out in search of
    higher ground on the ridge to the east of them so they can reach the casters
    hiding in the back. Then, seeming almost
    simultaneously, all of the attacks the elementalists were conjuring came to
    life. The sky opened up as lightning
    bolts speckled the army with their deadly strikes. The rocks fell through the clouds to bombard
    the Charr army leaving, death, destruction, and flaming craters in their
    path. The earth seemed to shake as it
    opened up to reveal fiery pits, while the loose boulders started to roll all
    around the ground, trampling anything in their path. Then the wind came. The wind came so fiercely, it knocked the
    advancing army on the ground and froze them in place.

    “Bodies!” exclaimed Stone with glee as his eyes
    turned white yet again. All across the
    battlefield the minions rose from the dead and attacking the Charr who were now
    at a standstill.

    The Rangers were now at a better perch and were
    able to assassinate the monks, mesmers, necros, and elementalists from behind
    the front line so that they were rendered useless. It was looking as though the once impossible
    task of attacking an army that out numbered you 100 to 1 became a reality, and
    not only a reality, but a victory as the Charr started to fall back to the
    other side of the wall.

    “They’re retreating!” shouted Jordan to the rest of the guild. A loud cheer from the ranks erupted when
    hearing those words. The Knights of
    Valis had been victorious, and it was achieved through the hours of careful
    planning by the Jr. And Sr. Officers.

    “My friends!” shouted Prince Rurik as he caught up
    to the guild.

    “About time!” remarked one of the KoV members
    manning the catapults.

    “You watch your tongue peasant!” ordered one of the
    Ascalonian guards.

    “He means nothing by it Prince,” stated Medic to
    try and smooth over the situation.
    “Trust me prince, we would not want you to be in much of a hurry in the
    coming battles, for we want you safe.”

    “What are you saying Valis Medic?” asked
    Rurik. “Are you suggesting that I may

    “Oh no, he’s just saying that there is no need for
    you to get into unnecessary danger.” inserted Monty.

    “God knows he’s a cowboy,” stated Jordan to Baumer next to him so that Rurik wouldn’t hear

    “So I understand you fought back the second Carr
    invasion,” Rurik recognized. “On behalf
    of the people of Ascalon, I thank you.”

    “But we’re not done yet,” reminded Burgon to Jordan. “We have
    to get all the way to Rin.”

    “What was that boy?” Asked Rurik.
    Burgon gave Rurik a look, he was no child, he has the holes in his armor
    to prove how many times he was shot with arrows. Burgon didn’t say anything, however, because
    he knew that conflict was not something they needed at the time.

    “He was wondering if we were going to chase after
    the Charr army,” Baumer translated.

    “While I do loath Charr, I think we should first
    reinforce our defenses so that an invasion like this doesn’t happen
    again.” Rurik said, and he started
    explaining his plans on doing just that.

    “I thought he wanted to attack, it was he who lead
    the charge in the game.” inquired Burgon, this time softer so that he didn’t
    get in trouble again.

    “Screw this,” remarked Jordan impatiently.
    Jordan then turned and started making his way down the
    hill toward the wall to chase after the Charr.

    “You there!
    Where are you going?” Rurik called.

    “If you won’t attack the Charr, I will, it’s not
    like you to let them leave with Ascalonians that have been prisoners since the
    searing. We need to rescue them ane make
    our way to Nolani Academy.” responded
    Jordan still walking.
    Rurik took a moment to take in that information.

    “Well hell, there went out secrecy.” Remarked Stone to Medic as they watched Jordan make a trail of footsteps. “Well I guess we better go too.” And with that, Stone whistled for his flesh
    golem. A triceratops-like head rose
    above a rock to look around for the source of the sound. Once it saw Stone, it moved out from behind a
    rock and headed toward him. “Good
    Fleshy,” said stone as he patted it on the shoulder, which was well over his

    “What matter of hideous beasts is that!” shouted

    Hearing this, Fleshy turned and started to charge
    at Rurik as though it was insulted.
    “Fleshy!” Shouted stone,
    “No!” The flesh golem stopped, staring
    at Rurik who was cowering behind his shield with his FDS drawn, ready for a
    fight. Stone laughed at the sight, “Good
    Fleshy, but not yet. Right now we have
    to work WITH him.”

    “Is that a threat?” threatened Rurik.

    “No,” stated Jordan angrily as he turned around to
    stare down Rurik. “That is not a threat,
    that is a promise, because you will die, not by our hand, but by someone

    Jordan,” interrupted Medic.

    “No, don’t ‘Jordan’ me, I’m pissed off.” responded Jordan. “You will
    die, then become enslaved as ‘Undead Rurik’ and ask us to kill you to release
    your soul so you can rest. So yes, we
    will kill you, after you’re already dead.
    Any more questions, prince?”
    he said through clenched teeth. Rurik
    just stood there in shock. “Good,
    because right now I need to go north to find some flaming scepter mages and
    oblisques so we can rescue prisoners, find the mouthpiece to that damn horn
    teleport to Nolani, save Rin, and watch you and your father have a nice little
    conversation. So if you excuse me!” With that
    Jordan stormed off.

    “How do you know about the mouthpiece of the great
    stormcaller?” asked Rurik to

    “Dude, remember how we know the future? Just trust us, okay?” Stone said to Rurik as they were standing
    next to each other watching
    Jordan storm off.
    Hearing this, Rurik turned to look at Stone, but then jumped at the
    sight of Fleshy on the other side of him.
    Stone chucked again and started chasing after
    Jordan, and the rest of the guild followed. Rurik realizing he was outnumbered in the
    decision, and that KoV knew what the future held, he chased after them to tag

    “You know, Stone,” Rurik said to try and start
    conversation. “As a boy I spentB”

    a boy I spent much time in these lands,’” Stone interrupted. “Yes, I know, I’ve heard it way too many damn
    times. Rurik, do me a favor and shut up
    will ya?” Rurik stopped walking for a
    moment and opened his mouth to ask something, but before he could make a sound
    Fleshy turned to Rurik and glared at him.
    Rurik didn’t say another word for the rest of the journey.

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