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    Post by Jonjah on Wed Nov 26, 2008 12:36 am

    SilverSuit wrote:The one I have there now... or this one Razz

    Posts taken from old site:

    Stronin wrote:I like to keep mine consistant, so this is the one i use for both. Smile I've updated to this one from a much older, lower quality pick. *shrug*

    Older Version:
    SilverSuit wrote:O I made a logo for the Alliance Very Happy

    Baumer wrote:Sweet dude!
    SilverSuit wrote:Why ty Very Happy
    Unfortunately I can't claim the GIF in the background as somebody else made it Sad
    Baumer wrote:I like the second one too. Very nice
    SilverSuit wrote:Thanks, decided on the one with the red globe Very Happy


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