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    Jensen, Stravik Daniel LT J.G. Starfleet Records

    FMC Delta Squad Commander

    Fleet Rank : Rear Admiral
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Lieutenant General
    Number of posts : 415
    Location : Currently at Memory Alpha
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Graywolf
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-93339
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Marines/Security

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Stravik Jensen

    Jensen, Stravik Daniel LT J.G. Starfleet Records

    Post by Stravik on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:34 am

    Jensen, Stravik Daniel
    Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Stardate: 86413.81)
    Race: Human
    Ethnic Background: Irish/English
    Hometown: Alexander, Iowa
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 6ft 2in
    Weight: 265Lbs (passes tape test with a body fat percentage of 7%)
    Date of Birth: June 18 2383
    Place of Birth: Alexadander, Iowa
    Age: 26
    Next of Kin: Father Jensen, Daniel Stephen
    Mother Jensen, Ann Marie
    Awards: 2 Commendations

    Background Information: Stravik grew up a farm boy in Iowa. Always found outside at night staring at the stars constantly daydreaming. Known as a bully due to his size. All and all he is a very quiet, keep to himself kinda person. Starfleet Academy will change all that. Although he will still be known as the big guy.

    2401: Applied for Starfleet Academy and accepted. Enrolled to begin Initial Officer Training begining of 2402.

    2402: After 24 weeks in the Initial Officer Training course Cadet Jensen shows great leadership qualities. I have
    recommended to him that he should consider taking a major in Operations. He seems sure of himself as being a major
    in security. Cmdr Tyson, Joshua Starfleet Career Counseler

    July 2402: Cadet Jensen changes major to Operations

    August 12 2404: Cadet Jensen is being evauluated to join Red Squad to receive more specialized training in his Major

    December 1 2404: Cadet Jensen has been accepted into Red Squad

    Januarary 13 2405: Cadet Jensen goes on first cruise as an observer aboard the U.S.S. Typhoon.

    March 21 2405: While on a weekend cruise aboard the U.S.S. Typhoon Cadet Jensen was commended on his actions during the rescue of a federation transport that was under attack by Orion pirates. Cadet Jensen was working at the Tactical position during the operation.

    May 13 2405: During a cruise Cadet Jensen has been commended and recommended for a full commandation for saving
    two of his fellow crew members during an accident in the torpedo room.

    December 1 2406: the following is Cadet Jensen's Academy Transcript at Graduation. Note that his last required cruise
    was not required for graduation due to him being a member of Red squad. Cadet Jensen holds a major in
    Operations as well as minor in Communication, Security, and Helm & Navigation

    • Administration: 100
      Weapons: Phasers Marksmenship of 48 out of 50 targets
      Unarmed Combat: 95 recommend for advanced hand to hand combat
      Federation Martial Arts: (Anbo-Jytsu) 78
      Astronomy: 85.3
      Astrogation: Warp Drive: 87
      Astrophysics: 84.2
      Computer Operation: 93
      Computer Programming: 78
      Diplomacy: 99.5 does great research
      Electronics: Communications: 97
      Electronics: Computers: 93
      Electronics: Deflectors: 97
      Electronics: Sensors: 95
      Electronics Operations: Communications: 93
      Electronics Operations: Deflector Shields: 96
      Electronics Operations: Phaser Cannons: 98
      Electronics Operations: Photon Torpedoes: 100 seems very intrigued by torpedos
      Electronics Operations: Starship Phasers: 98
      Electronics Operations: Communications 95
      Electronics Operations: Security: 99
      Electronics Operations: Security Systems: 99
      Electronics Operations: Sensors: 94
      Electronics Operations: Transporters: 87
      First Aid: 76
      General Services: (specialty) 84
      Gunner: Phaser Cannon: 97
      Gunner: Photon Torpedoes: 100
      Gunner: Starship Phasers: 98
      History: Federation: 75 had a little "help"
      Language: (Federation Standard) 100
      Language: (any non-native) 82
      Law: Federation: 75
      Leadership: 98 outstanding leadership skills
      Mathematics: 100
      Physics: 81
      Pilot: Runabout: 91
      Pilot: Shuttlecraft: 91
      Pilot: Starship: 92
      Psychology: (Terran) 74
      Small weapons combat: 98
      Starfleet Protocol: 84 Shows habits of bending protocol to his advantage
      Strategy: Space: 98
      Subspace Mechanics: 84
      Survival: (Cold weather, Jungle, Desert) 92
      Tactics: 96
      Tactics: Small Units: 93
      Tactics: Space: 96
      Vacc Suit Operations: 84
      Vehicle training: 91
      Xenobiology: General: 82
      Xenology: General 84
      Xenology: (specialty) 81
      Zero-G Operations 92

    2406: Cadet Jensen begins Command school

    2408: Cadet Jensen completes Command school transcript follows

    • Administration: 100
      Astrogation: Warp Drive: 97
      Computer Operations: 93
      Computer Programming: 92
      Diplomacy: 100
      Electronics Operations: Sensors: 94
      General Services: (specialty) 87
      History: Federation: 75
      Law: Federation: 75
      Leadership: 100
      Psychology: (non-native -and- non-Terran) 75
      Strategy: Space: 93
      Tactics: Small Units: 95
      Tactics: Space: 96
      Teaching: 100
      Xenology: (Romulan or Borg) 75

    85916.78: Cadet Jensen Commissioned at the rank of Ensign with posting of choice.

    86085.95: Ensign Jensen reports to Admiral Baumer at Serinity Station.

    86413.81: Ensign Jensen promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade effective June 1

    86416.62: Assigned to an ops teams for a quick strike mission for three days. Was given a commandation for the capture of a possible syndicate leader operating in the area of Serinity Station. Mission was acomplished and LT J.G. Jensen returned to station a day early

    85446.37: Assigned to Acting Cpt. Green, Tobias U.S.S. Graywolf Defiant class. U.S.S. Graywolf is assigned as part of Serinity Station's Firefly Fleet Under Fleet Admiral Baumer, Jeff
    Director of Search and Rescue operations

    Fleet Rank : Fleet Admiral
    Science Department Rank : SCI Fleet Admiral
    Medical Division Rank :
    Security/Marine Rank : FMC Sergeant
    Number of posts : 2742
    Location : Second star to the right and striate on till morning
    Ship Name : USS Seeker
    USS Seaquest
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-65640
    Ship Class : Nebula class with a new prototype superstructure.
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Dekkar Martle

    Re: Jensen, Stravik Daniel LT J.G. Starfleet Records

    Post by Seeker on Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:36 am

    lots of nice detail, i assume the scores are out of 100 and something like a final exam


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