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    Flight of the Immortal

    Reanna Aloi
    Dean of the Academy

    Fleet Rank : Captain
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Captain
    Number of posts : 3480
    Location : Somewhere in a home, in a city, in a country, somewhere on the planet...
    Ship Name : The Immortal
    Ship Registry Number : Special Registry: NCC 082270
    Ship Class : Defiant (modified refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile

    Flight of the Immortal

    Post by Reanna Aloi on Wed May 27, 2009 1:27 pm

    Flight of the Immortal

    With the Borg tactical cube under heavy assault, the Immortal weaves, moves and dances about the cube. Silent in purpose, deadly in its goal as her weapons fire time and again, seeking to cause harm to this enemy ship, this denizen wishing to assimilate those who fight against it. If a ship could show arrogance and determination, the Immortal surely would as her attack patterns and movements are ones of daring, challenge, her actions mocking the cube, her defiance quite clear as a tractor beam reaches out to capture her only to be rejected, two torpedoes slamming into her, harming her yet not removing the insolence which the Immortal demonstrates in the face of this giant bully now bent on her destruction.

    As the Firefly fleet and reinforcements bear down on the cube, their teeth showing, fangs bared within their weapons fire, the Immortal vanishes to the other side as the rest of the fleet dances, weaves and moves around the cube, phasor fire and torpedoes slamming into the cube in droves, hurting the tactical cube as explosions, plasma fires and other damages flair up across her hull within and without. But the cube is not without her fangs and claws, her purpose to destroy as she reaches out to strike at the gnats harming her. Beam weapons, torpedoes rush from her seeking out those who would cause her harm, some hurting, some killing but despite this, the Firefly fleet fights on.

    The Immortal crests the event horizon of the cube, hugging the hull as she continues to fire what remains of her weapons. Her port nacelle is dark and void of life, plasma leaking heavily from within. She races on, her remaining pulse phasor firing rapidly, reaching out to sting her enemy. She fires her last torpedo, it slamming into the hull of the cube, doing nothing, the cube now laughing as her ability to adapt takes hold, rebuffing the assault of the enemy fleet, forcing them to scatter as she now reaches out again to strike back.

    The Immortal screams her defiance, frustration and anger in the action of peeling away from the cube, but she is not undaunted, when veering around the side of the cube, the gaping hole is now noticed and with nary a thought, the Immoral dashes for it. She will not be denied! She will not be belittled or laughed at by this enemy and if she could not defeat this enemy from without, then she would do so from within; She would strike at the belly of the beast.

    As she makes a run for the gap, what remains of the Combination and the Daystrom fall in on either side of her. Silent companions, quiet in their purpose as they defend and escort her towards her destination. If the Immortal could grin, it would be a grand teeth baring smile at knowing what she is about to do could bring forth the death of this tyrant. She and her companions race on, they defending and guarding her; quiet, stoic sentinels in her desperate, fate filled purpose until the goal is finally reached, the Combination and Daystrom peeling off, each wishing luck and hope to the Immortal's purpose. The Immortal enters the belly of the beast....again and for the last time.

    Into the belly she enters, moving silently and with purpose. Seeking out just the right spot from which to strike and finding it moments later. She remains unseen and unheard to the beast as she sits their motionless, her final, satisfyied thoughts upon the destruction of the beast. Moments later, she begins a quiet countdown, a countdown from which there would be no return, but she was confident with her self sacrifice. Confident in the fact, that though there be other tactical cubes out there...somewhere, this one would never breath again, never again take away the freedoms of those who wish to be so.

    With seconds remaining, she appears visually to the beast. Her companions now gone, her blanket of shadows gone with them, she floats there, staring defiantly into the heart of the beast, daring the beast to prevent its date with destiny. She knows her friends are safe and will live to fight another day, but today would be her last. Today, she would honor her name and the name of all those who are of the same class. Today she would show that all those who wish freedom would fight on despite the odds, despite the challenges against them and come what may, freedom will always be worth dying for.

    She is the Immortal! Today she will die but not in vain and she knows that soon, she will rise from the ashes, be reborn in the fires of freedom, hope and peace. Today! She will live on in the memories of those who commanded her, lived within her and calling her home but to a select few, she was hope, a new beginning and this day, she would be the defender, the protector, the vanguard of the hopes of her new crew.

    She is the Immortal!

    The borg tactical cube erupts into a brilliant flash of light as the Immortal strikes from within the belly of the beast, her heart striking out in one last powerful beat, the explosion her final breath, her final, unyielding act of defiance. In the fires of destruction are roared the words, “resistance is life!”

    On board the station, Reanna and her crew, along with Krait and a few Klingons had rushed to the nearest view port to watch. Moments later, they see the Borg cube erupt into a brilliant flare of light. Gone! Never to strike at anyone again. Reanna and her friends feel a heaviness within their hearts as they each, in their own way, bid farewell to the Immortal. Each feeling the lose of a ship they hardly knew, yet loved dearly.

    A tear traces its way down Reanna's cheek as she looks down. Leah stands next to her, placing a hand on her shoulder in comfort.

    "Your mother would be proud of you, Reanna," Leah says softly. "Very proud!"

    Reanna nods, suddenly standing straight and tall, she places her fist over her heart, her friends responding in kind.

    "Strength and courage," they say in unison, then stand in a long moment of honored silence, watching the slowly fading light of the destroyed cube.

    Krait had saluted as well and as they stand there in silence, he observes each one of them and in his heart, he considers each one of them as Klingon. He saw them fight, risk their lives to save other Klingons. Saw them in combat and heeded all they had been willing to risk to live on. He bids his farewell to them with a salute, they bid in return as he turns and leaves with two of his companions. Krait walks away, smiling. In his personal log, he would make note of the courage and honor with which Reanna and her crew fought this day. And maybe, just maybe he would one day sing a great song about the defiant courage and sacrifice made by the Immortal and of her glorious death.


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