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    U.S.S. Knight Hammer

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    U.S.S. Knight Hammer

    Post by Vardus on Sun May 24, 2009 6:44 pm

    After Admiral Vardus made his transfer official; and stepped down as the Fleet Commander of The Wolf Pack, he set a course for his new Home at Serenity Station. Unfortunately he was caught off gaurd, when The Knight Hammer was struck by a Temporal Wave. Bulkheads began to burst nd buckle, and certain officers began to either disapear, or change looks entirely. The Temporal wave was modifying the ship, to fit into a new reality. In a lucky act of insight, Commander Vardus activated the core of his ships Temporal Slipstream Drive. Violently his ship lurched out of Space Time; Causing several unprepared systems to overload, and dropped his now pummeled Starship in an alternate reality. The very reality where his ship once served the Federation in the Temporal Cold War.

    Realizing the nature of the wave he had been struck by, he immediately contacted Temporal Investigations. Hours had passed by as he sat in his ready room speaking to command. When his Bridge crew had just about given up on wondering how long he would take, he entered the Bridge. The eye's of the enitre bridge crew follwed him, as he slowly made hi way to the center seat. In a matter of mere moments, he hit the intercom.

    "Attention Crew of The Knight Hammer. A few hours ago, we were struck by the Temporal wake of a Major Change in History. Due to the accidental nature of this event, Starfleet cannot treat it as unnatural. Ambassador Spock has been condemed to live out his days in the past of a alternate reality, due to a unintentional side affect of a Red Matter induced Black Hole. Since this was not a intentional act, Temporal Command has deemed this as the natural course of History. This event; although unfortunate, is now the way history was meant to unfold. So as a result, we are not to be recalled to service. We shall continue to our new post, and serve the fleet in what ever capacity they need. May fortune bring Ambassador Spock to calmer Seas, and a greater destiney. That is all."

    He hit the comm switch, and looked at his Helmsman. "Set Course for Serenity Ensign, and engage the Temporal Drive." The Helmsman nodded and carried out the order.

    All was well at Serenity, and the Fleet was enjoying a quiet day. Unusual to be sure, but welcomed. Suddenly, a Wormhole appeared just off the docking ports and The Knight Hammer lumbered out. Moments after she pulled away from the apature of the worm hole, it collapsed as if it never existed at all. Serenity Station immediately recognized the battered vessel as their new addition, and hailed them offering assistance. Commander Vardus immediately responded.

    "Serenity Station, This is The Knight Hammer. We request immediate permission to dock, and medical staff and damage control teams once we arrive. Also, please ensure that all damage controll officers have your highest security clearence. We still have many classified systems aboard ship."

    Serenity station acknowledged, and allowed The Knight Hammer to Dock. As crews poured in to assist the crew of The Knight Hammer, Commander Vardus stepped through the docking port. Only to be met by a member of Special Operations, a Captain named Aloi.

      Current date/time is Tue May 22, 2018 5:07 am