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    Off in the Lounge



    Off in the Lounge

    Post by Guest on Tue May 12, 2009 10:43 pm

    -:Following his ship inspection Cayden simply wanted some down time, as the rest of his crew is enjoying:-

    -:As much as some strategema would help relax him, even though he's quite horrible at it, he decides otherwise and makes his way to the lounge and sets by the fire:-

    ::With datapad at his side, Cayden sets himself into a comfortable armed chair adjacent the fireplace. Solitude... his preference.. He begins simply looking over his personnel file from years past, just recounting memories both the favorable, and ... not so favorbale...::

    ::A civilian lounge attendant asks if Cayden would like anything, more or less surprising him in only the fashion that a klingon blooded male (even if only part) can show his surprise...::

    "Absolutely... It's an odd, and old beverage but humans used to love it. Could I trouble you for a dark beaned black coffee, at 83 F, native to Earth."

    "Of course, I am familiar with that...." -:the lounge attendant simply looked down, not out of curiosity or encroachment, but simply letting her eyes wander as she went to get the coffee and saw this symbol on the datapad of the man wanting the coffee.. She thought it strange looking, somehow familiar...

    She shrugged it off and continued with the request"

    ::Cayden gladly accepted the coffee and continued with his recollections and relaxation in front of the fire....::

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