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    USS Adrastos



    USS Adrastos

    Post by Guest on Fri May 08, 2009 11:22 am

    The defiant class USS Adrastos on half impulse slowly approaches Serenity Station.

    "All stop.." said with a low ponderance attitude

    The Adrastos slows to a stop within visual range of the station.

    "Well... show it to me" Captain Cayden said seemingly annoyed that the initiative wasn't already taken by the newly positioned ensign.

    The magnitude of the station, the multitude of activity, and impressive array of ships gave momentary pause to all those on the bridge.

    "This gal needs a break. Mr. Treenor, please inform the base of our arrival as I'm sure they are aware, and request permission to be docked in the refit bays. Our computers could use a much needed cleaning and upgrading."

    "XO," (Cayden's title for his 2nd in command / #1) "I'll be in my quarters, get us docked when permitted. 1 week for all the crew during refit operations, leave is restricted to the station. Debriefing on our new assignment 0630hrs. 1 week from tomorrow"

    "Aye sir..." said in a subordinate yet appreciative manner.

    With that, Captain Cayden stands from his chair and slowly walks about the bridge to the lift.
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    Re: USS Adrastos

    Post by Baumer on Fri May 08, 2009 11:40 am

    "This is Serenity Station contol. Welcome to the barn Adrastos! You are cleared to dock at docking port 16. Welcome to the fleet!"


    Re: USS Adrastos

    Post by Guest on Sat May 09, 2009 11:32 am

    ::The Adrastos helmsman brings the seasoned ship slowly to its docking port. Several minor corrections and soon enough to welcoming hydraulic *snap* of a successful linkup::

    With his broad chest lax the XO of the Adrastos makes a net call to the ship delivering the news of leave and stipulations.

    After final systems checks the labored crew professinally yet almost gleefully step from their stations to ready for their layover.

    "Sir," the cheif security officer, Lt. Commander Gek'Bah turns to the XO, "is this ship really going to be refitted?"

    "Yes, why the curiosity?" The XO replies in a manner whcih one could tell he already knew the response

    "Well... .. Sir.. she's old, and we're the only shiip of our year still in service"

    "Has she not proven herself?"

    Gek'Bah shifted uncomfortably "She hasn't been tested sir!"

    "The captains been with this ship before any of us were on board, he knows what she can do, but nobody really knows except for him. I suggest you trust in the cpatins judgement, as will I."

    With that the final crewmembers depart the ship as Cayden steps onto the bridge one last time. As he slowly walks the bridge his eyes settle on the large view screen in front of him. With a small sigh he makes his way to the lift to leave the ship.

    Cayden thinks to himself ((I can't allow this incredible ship to be decomissioned, her performance is legendary... Is this just one Captains personal love of his ship... Or is this gal something special))

    Cayden steps through the airlock simply looking forward to his new mission and home.

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    Re: USS Adrastos

    Post by Sponsored content

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