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    Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio



    Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Guest on Fri May 08, 2009 10:57 am

    Name: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden
    Name Meaning: Ivaht (Romulan: Bridge) Bi'Res (Klingong: Beginning) Cayden (Human: Spirit of Battle)
    Age: 56
    Birthday: September 7, 2373
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 200 lbs.
    Home Planet: Earth

    Cayden was born of mixed races human, klingon, and romulan. Unknown to virtually all factions there were survivors of a Romulan raid on a Klingon outpost at Khitomer. Believed all to be killed, a small group of Klingons were captured against their honorable innate desire to die in battle rather than be captured. As time passed this prison camp began to cede tension between the races resulting in a society of Klingon and Romulan that transcedned the blood feud. Over the years the Chief Romulan Jailor took a Klingon as his wife. Their daughter, ignorant to the traditions of the Klingon and Romulan alike grew up under a shadow of lies and deceipt. When given the opportunity to be liberated from the camp, there was tension as they felt this was their home. The Klingons did not want any to know they survived the raid a Khitomer (to defend their honor and honor of their families), but believed that their children's fate should not be the same as theirs and allowed them to leave the prison camp in the Carraya System in 2369.

    These Klingon desendants departed this prison camp under a facade of being survivors of a destroyed supply ship, went out into the universe to discover their Klingon roots and begin their own lives. The daughter of the Romulan jailor and Klingon prisoner (Ba'El), made her way through the Federation planets as she knew she would not be accepted by either the Klingon or Romulan empires. Eventually to settle on the Federation homeworld of Earth in 2371. Ba'El eventually met a human browncoater that once worked at the Federation Shipyards named Francis Cayden. After a short courtship the two found themselves with child. With appropriately mixed physical characteristics their son Ivaht had the distinctive brow of a klingon (although subdued), angular sharp features of the face from Romulan as well as their distinctive ears, but with a softness to all of these from their human paternal side.

    In 2373 his father was killed aboard a Defiant class starship under the command of Lt. Commander Worf during the Borg attempt to prevent first contact where he was enlisted to serve as an engineer. The ship being salvegable would later be Cayden's greatest intrigue. Cayden continued his education and graduated from starfleet academy in 2394 and served aboard a similar defiant class starship for three years reaching the rank of Lt. Commander as cheif security officer aboard the ship. In 2397 for unannounced reason, Cayden was granted a "paper" leave of absence with all details termed classified. Rumors persist of his continued service, yet in another fashion which no one knows the truth of. Finally in 2404 Cayden returned to normal active duty. He at this time was promoted to Captain and given a refitted Defiant Class ship, although not the same one his father lost his life on. Some say he had the choice of ship for favor of his last assignment. For 5 years he has served as Captain of the USS Adrastos, Defiant Class Ship with various diplomatic and security missions relating between the Klingon and Romulan empires. No significant battles have been vetted to his career through normal active duty status, but an aura of experience persists in this seasoned officer.... perhaps from those shadow years of service.

    Most recently he requested a position at Serenity Station which was granted. Following his permanent change of station Captain Cayden and the Adrastos will refit, repair, and upgrade their computer systems. Cayden is a brash warrior with a level display of cleverness and loyalty but, a constant shadow of knowledge that no one can seem to place.

    OOC: The prison camp aspect came from "Birthright I" and "Birthright II" from season 6 of ST TNG. I may be mistaken but am operating under the assumption this current year is 2409, is there a calendar out there with some sort of timeline affiliated with current time as well?

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Baumer on Fri May 08, 2009 11:42 am

    Nice! Very Happy This current time calender is sort of being created by Cryptic as we go. They are trying to work in the "30 years after Nemesis" range. Very Happy

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Pyriel32 on Fri May 08, 2009 12:05 pm

    dude nice bio

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Hogg J (JarHok) on Sat May 09, 2009 8:33 am

    great bio



    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Guest on Sat May 09, 2009 11:46 am

    Thanks my friends,

    still tackling all of the bios that are posted, it will take awhile Smile

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Baumer on Sun May 10, 2009 1:32 am

    No worries Very Happy there are plenty to go through hehe

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by JacksonPaladin on Mon May 11, 2009 10:07 pm

    Nice read, good job on your bios, Cayden, one problem your characters age is 20 years more than it should be. Your character was born in 2373 the current timeline is 2409 which would chronologically make him 36 years of age not 56, sorry for being so critical, just thought I would point that out not trying to be an ass or anything just an observation.

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    Re: Ivaht Bi'Res Cayden Bio

    Post by Sponsored content

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