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    Dusk\'s Bio.


    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Medical Division Rank : MD Lieutenant JG.
    Number of posts : 96
    Location : Somewhere
    Ship Name : USS Omega_Black
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-741221
    Ship Class : Modified Intrepid class (Combat Support)
    Fleet Division : Science/Medical

    Dusk's Bio.

    Post by DuskSamurai on Mon May 04, 2009 12:00 am

    Short story short:
    A medical officer that went like really deep into security until he
    realized just how many 'nameless shmoes' there were in the said
    Security, so we switched to his backup, Medical, so when, on wherever
    he works after he got his license on medical, he works as security when he
    has nothing to do, and they need security once in a while.
    He works as a battlefield medic, but fills in for security when they need him!

    Long story long Smile (Going to use Qugie's setup, so, yeah xD)

    Personality: Laid back, but serious when need-be, prefer to be in the thick of things, but not the center of attention. Loves to hang out with people. He feels lots of regret and sadness inside still from his past, for the only woman he had ever really loved.

    2388 - Dusk was born.
    2389-2399 - Dusk had a less then a stellar childhood, from ages 1-10, he was extremely unpopular, and hated most of the time, he only had one real friend, she was his world, and he loved her dearly. At age 11, he had decided to stand up for himself and her from bullies.
    2390-2399 - Dusk lost his only friend, she died when he had become 15, some jock decided to try to date her, then the idiot got both of them drunk, and there was a crash on the hover-craft(car-like thing) Dusk never forgave himself since he had been there too, if only he had been able to resuscitate her, he fell into a deep depression. At 19 he enrolled into StarFleet academy, trying to run from his depression there, he went into Security, swearing to himself he'd make up for her death by preventing it elsewhere.
    2400 - By this time, Dusk was nearing the point of cutting himself, or phasering himself nightly, just barely surviving every night. The depression built up from her death over the time that was starting to really affect him. While he was there, one of his teacher's realized his problem, he spent one year outside of SA for medical needs, after recovery, his teacher recommended he move to main profession of Medical, as the real reason he never forgave himself was for the inability of competency, he accepts his teacher's recommendation, having realized that he'd be just another nameless protector until the promotions happen, so he moves his major to Field Medic, and minor to security/combat training.
    2402 - He completed his time in StarFleet academy, he still had a picture of her, and has majored and minored as he wanted. After which, hes assigned to the USS Triathlon, he takes all his most valuable possessions, including her picture. He served as a nurse until he got promoted to Head Field Medical officer in 2407, and relocated to a neutral zone starbase, and assisted at medical operations. Incidentally, he still has her picture to this point.
    2408-2409 - Classified stuff happens *****
    2409 - reassigned to Serenity Station, in which during his time onboard, he randomly cries, and he no long has her picture.

    Last edited by DuskSamurai on Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:19 am; edited 5 times in total


    Thinking of you where ever you are-

    We pray for our sorrows to end
    And hope that our hearts will blend
    Now I will step forward to realize this wish-

    And who knows
    Starting a new journey may not be so hard
    Or maybe it's already begun-

    There are many worlds
    But they share the same sky
    One sky one destiny-
    (Kingdom Hearts Poem)
    Fleet Admiral

    Fleet Rank : Admiral
    Serenity Diplomatic Corps : Senior Ambassador
    Number of posts : 4834
    Ship Name : USS Combination
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-77721
    Ship Class : Prometheus Class
    Fleet Division : Command

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jeff Baumer

    Re: Dusk\'s Bio.

    Post by Baumer on Mon May 04, 2009 12:05 am

    Nice! Good meaty back story! Love it!
    Director of Intelligence

    Fleet Rank : Fleet Admiral
    Special Operations Rank : SPO Fleet Admiral
    Intel Department Rank : INT Fleet Admiral
    Number of posts : 4699
    Location : Serenity Station
    Ship Name : U.S.S. ACHERON
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-97397-D
    Ship Class : Eclipse Class Intel Cruiser (Special Operations Refit)
    Fleet Division : Intel/Special Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Pyriel Danto

    Re: Dusk\'s Bio.

    Post by Pyriel32 on Mon May 04, 2009 12:05 am

    nice work

    Heart Of Gold

    Fleet Rank : Lt. Commander
    Engineering Dept. Rank : SED Lt. Commander
    Science Department Rank :
    Number of posts : 43
    Ship Name : USS Shadow Song
    Ship Registry Number : NCC-977011
    Ship Class : Discovery Class
    Fleet Division : Engineering/Ops

    Main RP Character Profile
    Name: Jackson Dwayne Paladin

    Re: Dusk\'s Bio.

    Post by JacksonPaladin on Mon May 11, 2009 10:53 pm

    Nice Bio.

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    Re: Dusk\'s Bio.

    Post by Sponsored content

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