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    Escaping The Dream



    Escaping The Dream

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:07 pm

    Cannons wakes up on a med bed in the stations medbay. he gets up and notes the lack of people around. ussly there is at least 1 nurse on duty. he grabs his cloths that are next to his bed and puts them on. and heads to the main office but no one is there. Cannons scratchs his head and heads out into the main hall which shoudl be bustling with others but as he reachs the med bay doors they open and theres Baumer standing right in front of him. "ahh good to see you up Cannons how you feeling" "Oh Baumer im ah doing fine say wheres the med staff?" "right there" he points behind him and all the med staff are there now.

    "what the i sware there was no one hear a second ago" "well that could be the result of your concusion lets go back in the doc can take a look at yea" "well alright" they head back in and Cannons sits down the docter comes over and scans him a few mintues later he reports "your as fit as a fiddle and ready to return to duty" "great now lets get on to geting my ship out of the station you guys get it dislodged from the station yet ?" "huh? what you talking about your ship took on minor damages and is in its regualar docking port i think we would have known if it hit hte station." "wha tare you talking about when i came back from destroying htat transwarp hub i got shot out of the nebula so fast i could not stop in time to not hit the station." "well Captian if you must know you were struck by a discharge on the bridge of your ship in the engagemnet wit hteh borg you been out since almost hte begining of the battle."

    Cannons jsut stands there trying to remember but his memery keeps revealing the same thing. "your postive? cause my memery is preaty dam good" jsut as he finsihs he notices something weird on the admairals collar instead of admiral pips he has captian pips. "well you have been out like a light maybe your mind jsut made it up hmm" "um why .... uh never mind alright send me to my first duty and ill head out." "alright your ships been fully repaired and ill be sending you out on a deep space mission to find a missing ship hears the info on it" "aye sir thanks ill head over to Jonjahs bar for a sip of relief first if you don't mind" "hehe not a problem i might drop in a bit later my self" "alrght then see you roudn then Baumer" Cannons heads off down the coredor and looks over the data on the data pad.

    The ship is called the USS NightHawk a Apollo class ship that has had its enigines break down and need a tow back. Cannons reachs the bar and heads to sit down at the bar. "Good evening Cannons glad your feeling better how might i be able to serve you today." Jonjah replys. "well i could use a nice tall glass of beer and some of your chicken fingers to boot dam i love those things." "alirght coming right up capt'n" she heads into the kitchen and comes out a few minutes later wit ha steaming basket of chicken fingers and a large cup of beer. "thanks Jonjah wheres Pyriel ? iv been meaning to speak with him since i went over my next missions data." jsut then Pyriels hand slaps down onto his arm and replys "im right hear capt'n what can i do for yea" he sits down beside the little bit startled Cannons "ah that was a surprise. well i have some questions on this ship im going to be towing the data does not specify what happened to there engines do we have any clue what happend?"

    "ah saddly we don't we need to get the ship hear for better analisis so jsut get out there and tow that mother back hear." "alrighty thanks" jsut then Cannons notes a look from Jonjah directed at Pyriel a look of anger and frustraion. "um did i miss something between you 2 ?" "no you did not now Danto will be leaving Now" Jonjah replys in a uncomanly angery tone. "Danto just shrugs and heads out of the bar and dissapers out into the hall. "umm i think ill jsut keep it to my self" "good idea Capt'n" she states sweetly now anything else i can do for you ?" "nope the chicken fingers and beer were the best thing iv ever eaten once again thanks." "no problem yall come back now yea hear" Cannons nots the strange sentence she replys with and knows that she would not talk like that but he jsut shakes it off.

    Cannons walks out of the bar and heads for his ship. as he is going to the ship he then thinks "oh Zoey will want to know im up and about i shoulda looked for her first thing she was probly worried out of her midn about me." "Cannons to Peterson" theres sillence "Cannons to zoey" still silence. "hmm thats strange Computer location of Zoey Peterson" "Zoey peterson is not on file" "what the hell off course she is Computer locate Lt Peraly." "Lt Peraly is not on file" "alright what the hell is going on hear" Cannons heads to his ship. He gets onto his bridge and to his surprise he see's....

    To Be Continued.....


    Re: Escaping The Dream

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:08 pm

    Cannons finds not a single one of his beidge crew is present but there is a interly defeerent crew on the ship. the first officer gets up and says "Captain on hte deck" all the crewmen get up and salute the captain. "we are ready to get under way states Commander nelsian." umm alright take us out set course for the USS Nighthawk. ill be in my ready room when you need me." cannons walks into his ready room and the moment the door is closed yells "THIS IS NOT RIGHT" what the hell is going on hear" cannons goes and sits down at his computer and starts looking up people and ranks.

    During his search all the people he has served with he finds who have had recent promotions are bacck to there previous ranks. "damit what the hell is this some sorta diferent dimiension" Cannons gets up and heads back onto his bridge. he sits down in his Captains seat and they reach the Nighthawk a few hours later. "hail the USS Nighthawk" "aye Sir there on screen" "hello captain Cannons glad you could make it out hear to assist us" "not a problem lets get your ship under tow and be on our way the faster we get your ship to the station the faster you can be on your way" "yes i agree the ships ready for tow we proped for you as you came lets get under way and prepare for me and 2 of my crew to come aboard to please" "aye captian rick"

    Cannons heads down to the transporter room and waits for the Captians arrival as the transporter beams finish to his astonishment he see's with the captian....

    to be continued...


    Re: Escaping The Dream

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:09 pm

    As he looks up at the people standing in front of him to his astonishment its Zoey and peraly with Cpt Rick. "zoey peraly? what are you doing on the NightHawk?" "um how do you know our names this is the first time iv ever seen you?" "what are you talking about youv'e been my first in command for months now" "ah no ive been with Captain rick for 3 years now are you feeling ok?" "sigh never mind alright Captain so what do i have hte pleasure of your company for?" "for this" all of a sudden they whip out some phasers and shoot directly and the stun the cheif and the security officer with Cannons. but cannons had dogded the phaser blast and got out into the hall. Cannons runs directly to a weopons locker and grabs a compresion rifle and puts a general announcment across the ship.

    "To all hand the crew from the USS Nighthawk is hostile shoot on sight shoot to stun." "cannons to securaty meat me out side of weopons locker 3." The Securaty team reachs the locker and arms up. "whats our orders sir" "follow me and stay clsoe they probley beamed in more help from the ship lets go" they head out and to the transporter room. They arive jsut on the other side of the hall aroudn the corner from the transporter room and find 2 guys guarding the door. cannons waves his men to stun the men and then take up defensive postions. they stun the men and do as they were told. Cannons then opens the door and confronts the Captian.

    As Cannons enters the room with his hands up the men in the room pull there phasers out and aim them at Cannons. "ah Captain good of you to come back so fast." "yes well iv come to talk and see what it is you want other then the obvious" "well you are fast arn't you well we need you ship and since your hear you might as well get he crew to cooperate." "that all deepends on what that is if it is not against star fleet proticalls." "well then we might have a problem won't we." "like i said it depends. now what is it you need that you need to take my ship in force for?" "we are hear to jsut aquire your ship you must not resist or there will be fitalitys." "well you better shoot me now cause i will not jsut hand over my ship willingly."

    "well i was hoping you had come hear to jsut hand over your vessle but in this case i gues swe will have to kill you then." The Captain pulls out his phaser but the moment he does Zoey and Peraly Captains men as Cannons whips out his phaser and shoots the captain. cannons then focuses his phaser on the other 2 and asked "so what are your intentions Cause i have no idea what the heck is going on hear anymore" "well first lets put our weopons away hmm?" the all put there guns up then holster them. "alright i want some answers now why are you not part of my crew on the Daystrom and why has serenty station not got any record of you 2." "well for one we are not part of star fleet and 2 whats serenty station iv never heard of it?" its the station im posted at its the only station in this part of the system" "um there is no stations in the system"

    "what your kiding right i jsut left from there" "nope hear look" they head over to a console and search for any data on serenty station but find nothing "alright there is defantly something wrong hear. i am heading to the med bay" "alright then" Cannons heads out to the med bay. when cannons gets there no one one is around. "computer active the emh" "access denied emh program does not exsist." "what the hell Computer locate bridge crew" "access denid bridge crew does not exisist."
    "damit what the hell is going on hear" all of a suddin the computer reports "you are in a dream and we will destroy you"

    To Be Continued....


    Re: Escaping The Dream

    Post by Guest on Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:10 pm

    Cannons shocked to the core of what the computer just said gets his wits about shortly after the shock. Cannons mind starts to race as thoughts race threw his mind. he lands it on as this could be the main explanation for what is happening around him. but can't get over jsut how real it really is. Cannons heads out and goes to the bridge. the bridge is deserted so cannons goes over to a station and activates the veiw screen its completly black out side the ship. "great now my world is colapsing on me hmm i wonder how i can... yes that has to be... maybe i could.." Cannons leaves the bridge and heads for main enginering. Cannons taps away on a console doing quite compcated mathmatics and comes up wit ha formula that projects a strange type of field in the middle of enginering.

    Cannons walks over to near the strange wave and starts to second guess what might happen. but jsut then the walls all wround main engering start to fade as the blackness closes on him. with out all due haste Cannons jumps into the field as his world colapses

    Story has now moved back to med bay>

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    Re: Escaping The Dream

    Post by Sponsored content

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