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    Survival of the Fittest.

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    Survival of the Fittest.

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:35 am

    Black Star wrote:Survival of the Fittest
    The Escape: pt.1

    She stands quietly near the turbo lift of the bridge. Her thoughts race as she and the others stare at the view screen, the person of James T. Kirk aboard the bridge of the Enterprise, looking back at them. Khan demands that Kirk give him all the information on the Genesis project, Kirk responding by explaining the situation away. But at that point, she is paying little heed to the exchange between the two men. All this had been too fast for her liking and she could not escape the feeling that all was going to end badly. Khan was too focused, too obsessed with his counterpart and such a thing only leads down the path of destruction. Something she didn't want to be part of.

    Kirsta Aloi begins to weigh her options as her thoughts drift back to where it all began. She had been the last Augment of the Eugenics Project but had become quite an interest to those involved when she exhibited a much less propensity towards arrogance and aggression then those who had proceeded her, that her aggression and arrogance only came to the fore when she was pushed too far, physically and emotionally. But the reasons for this were never discovered as the Eugenics war was going against the various Khans, a war she had never become involved with due to her uniqueness which kept her stuck in a lab, but that did not preclude her from learning about the events going on around her. During the two years she had been sequestered within the lab, being poked, prodded, tested day after day, her free time was spent in exercise, combat training, a myriad of black ops training and hundreds of hours sitting in front of a monitor learning all that she could. During the numerous hours of testing she endured, it was revealed she was more willing to listen to others views, thoughts and beliefs, something which took the researchers and scientists by surprise, given the current results of the others before her and because of this, they included in her education all knowledge of social interaction and communication. She proved to be quite adept and able to interact in most social situations, her favored mode of interaction being debates and discussions of whatever topic was found to be of interest between her and the one she was interacting with, but there were moments when her arrogance and aggression would reveal itself, creating moments of hostility and in one rare case, death.

    She shudders for a moment as she remembers that situation. She had been absolved of that event as it had been discovered a few days later, the researcher involved had harbored a resentment towards her. Which, according to a discovered, hidden diary, Kirsta had outright refused the numerous advancements he had made upon her and in her self expressed lack of interest in him, he had taken offense and had planned upon causing her failure.

    She is quickly brought out of her thoughts as she slams into the bulkhead, collapsing to the ground gasping for breath. She barely notices the sudden, urgent activity upon the bridge of the U.S.S Reliant as it rocks and shudders under the impact of phasor fire from the Enterprise, Khan ordering a return fire. She picks herself off the floor, stepping quickly to the turbo lift doors, entering as the doors hiss open. Kirsta turns watching the bridge scene before her vanish in the closing hiss of the doors. She knew it was time to go, but wasn't yet sure as to how. All she knew, deep in her heart, was that this was going to end badly but for now, she decided to head to Med bay just in case there were any injured. Kirsta had not been interested in learning anything medical, but had thought it wise to learn at least some basic medical knowledge, but anywhere was better than the bridge.

    Her mind drifts back to the place she had called home during her testing and training. She had known beyond any doubt, that those working with her still saw her as something more, something which could be used or possibly manipulated, but if that had been the case, the situation never came to fruition. A few days after the Eugenics war had ended, the stolen nations throwing off the shackles of their former tyrannical rulers, Khan Noonien Singh had arrived at the facility with a few of his followers.

    She shoves those thoughts from her mind as the turbo lift doors hiss open. She hesitates as a thought begins to form in her head. She grasps the control handle near her, the door closing in response as she changes her destination. She exits the turbo lift moments later, heading for the shuttle bay. Kirsta enters the shuttle bay, proceeding to one of the shuttles and enters it. She sits within the seat and begins familiarize herself with the command panel, thoughts and calculations buzzing about in her head as she taps away at the panel running a diagnostics program and then setting the shuttle's command protocol to accept only her authorization. She then buries that deep within the computer's memory to be activated only by her when the time was right.

    "No sense taking any chances," she thinks to herself. With the diagnostics done and everything set, she heads to the shuttle bay control room, quickly scanning the panel. She realizes that any activation of the bay doors will alert someone on the bridge and knows that the timing will have to perfect. The right moment for this to work would have to be taken advantage of quickly when it presented itself. She quickly enters a command protocol and does the same with it as she did with the shuttle. Having set everything, she looks about for a moment knowing that she would have to move quickly when the situation presented itself. Satisfied that everything was set, she decides to return to the bridge.

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