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    Skills for Tatical DPS build season 11.5

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    Skills for Tatical DPS build season 11.5

    Post by Ryukotsu on Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:37 pm

    Here we are going to go through generally good Dps build for a tactical officer. This will be for the skills section only . A big part of this build is to reach enough tact points for focus frenzy a very powerful ability that when used on a single strong opponent can vastly increase dps.

    LT and LT Comm skills:

    First the LT slot is very simple , 3 full ranks in energy weapons training and 2 in projectile. The reason we are not taking 3 in projectile is that most players have only one or 2 torpedoes max on their ship, a forward and aft. The bonus from using a skill point for the 3rd rank just doesn't outweigh what you can get using it else where.  Leave eng, and sci empty for now

    This is enough to unlock the next set of skills at Lt Commander.

    Lt. Commander is a bit more full. First  in Eng , you want 2 point in EPS, bringing it to 100%. EPS system is VERY important for dps, since it affects the rate or power transferring from one system to another. Ie; weapon power staying high more easy.  This is a skill any class and build should invest in. You can avoid energy shunt for now, its useful but situational so not something that will effect you at all times.  Next you want 3 ranks in impulse expertise, This gives you better flight speed which increases your defense, and better turn rate allowing you to keep targets in your arcs and evade better.
    Next in Sci, you want 2 ranks in Drain Expertise. Bringing it to 100%. Drain affects plasmonic leach, a item that can drastically help dps, but only with max in this skill, it also boosts resistance against borg power drains. Less power you loose the less dmg you lose.
    For tactical you are going to want, 3 points in targeting and 2 points in defense. The final bonus is pretty small but targeting affects not only accuracy but over 100% it starts to give bonus to your crit chance.

    When you are done with those two  sections it should look like this.

    Now we will move on to commander and captain lv abilities.

    Commander , You want to start off first with Eng, putting 3 ranks into the Damage Control ability. This is how quickly your ship can regen hp.  You can skip Sci here for now and move on to tact.
    In tact, your going to put all 6 points, 3 to Weapons amplification and 3 to specialization. These skills increase your Crit severity, and Crit Hit. The more you CRIT the more you HIT. simple.

    Captian lv skills, Start with Eng, and put a point into both defense subsystems, and offensive subsystems. This will give a 4.8 bonus to all your subsystem power, and the more power the better. Then go ahead and put one more point into Weapon Subsystem. The more power you have in weapons subsystem the more you can over cap.
    Move on to Sci, we are going to want to put 3 points into the long range targeting, This will decrease weapon drop off penalty. It effects all energy weapons and makes a huge difference for cannons. This is a very important skill and one that all players no matter the build should take at least 2 points in.
    6 points once again for tactical here. Maxing hull and shield pen.

    When your finished it should look like this :

    Now to the admiral lv skills, Put 2 into warp core potential which increases power to all subsystems , then move to tactical and put 3 points into tact readiness. This points will decrease the recharge time for tact bridge ability, and more importantly bring us to 25 tactical points. Needed to unlock focus frenzy and very powerful ability and the frenzy assault to go with it.

    Now if you noticed with this build you are only using 43 of the 46 points available. I did this to allow some freedom to make your build yours. So the last 3 points you can use where ever you feel will best help your ships.

    when your finished the last section should look like this.

    Okay, Last but not least the skill perks you unlocked from the points put into each area.

    Since you finished ( at this point ) with 13 eng point, 5 sci and 25 tact you will have unlocked
    2 eng perks, 1 sci, and 5 tactical plus 1 ultimate enhancer.

    For the first eng perk you should almost always take battery expertise. Since pretty much all ships use some kind of battery ( or should) and some skills are even affected by this skill its a far greater benefit then the other option. Unless your running dedicated hanger ships all the time that is. Second two options are hull capacity or subsystem repair. Since generally you should have items or skills that instantly fix offline subsystems you generally should take hull capacity here, both are ok however hull capacity will also give a bit more survivability to a fairly squishy build.

    For your Sci perk either option is good, transwarp cool down, or sector space speed. Neiter is better then the other nor does either have an effect on combat.

    Now to tactical, first threat control. the ability to reduce how much threat you make will help you stay in the fight alot longer. before this skill would only raise the amount of threat you make, however now it will lower or raise the amount based on if you have it active or not. Very useful tool to help from being targeted so much. Second you can take either one, however you would more then likely get more from increased critical severity on a projectile then chance. Due to high amount of damage done when it hits, it would only hit that much harder. Third Energy critical. both are once again good options, however unlike projectiles, your energy weapons are your main source of damage and will be in use much more then projectiles. Due to this, you will benefit more from taking the higher chance to hit critical . So chance for energy, and severity for projectiles.
    Fourth, Defense over accuracy, this is because we took 3 points in accuracy and 2 in defense.
    Finally you get your ultimate ability of focus frenzy unlocked, as well as one enhancer.

    The enhancer I think you would benefit most from would be frenzied assault, since it creates bonus stacking damage for each hit, making your dps go up even higher faster.

    * remember these are only the perks unlocked due to the points we used in the build , if you unlock more from the extra 3 thats on your own.

    If you have any questions or comments regaurding this build feel free to reply here.

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