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    Lamart Movak

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    Lamart Movak

    Post by Katiilein on Thu Feb 25, 2016 6:37 am

    Name: Lamart Movak
    Age: 36
    Race: Cardassian
    Occupation: Captain of the U.S.S. Mantikor (previously Captain of the U.S.S. Medusa)
    Rank: Fleet Admiral


    Lamart was born to  two Cardassian Orphans on Bajor. He stayed with his family until he was 6 months old and his father joined the True Way. This lead to his mother - who saw herself as a friend to many Bajorans - leaving his father. She gave him to one of her Bajoran friends,  before trying to find his father to convince him that his way was wrong.

    On Bajor he grew up in the family Ucerim, together with his future Security Lead officer Fossoon Ucerim. In Lamarts words his childhood wasn't easy, since as a Cardassian he was shunned on Bajor, but he learned to understand the reasons. Despite all difficulties he remembers the years on Bajor and the family that took care of him fondly.

    When he was 16 years old his mother came back to Bajor in order to take Lamart back and along with her. This was difficult time for both of them, since for Lamart his mother was a stranger. Finally tho, after a long talk with his adopted father, Lamart decided to give Cassaya Movak a chance.

    With his mothers shuttle they made a long journey through the Alpha and Beta Quadrant towards Earth, where his mother was living by now with a human wine farmer.

    By the time he became an adult he had learned about Cardassia and its problems, through his mothers words. It was what lead him join Starfleet in the hopes of working on the possibility of Cardassia joining the Federation of Planets.

    As a cadet and young officer he was send on several missions to solve the problems of his time. It was then when he first met his father. Erok Movak was still working for the True Way, infact he had made his way up through the ranks. It was him, who had searched for Lamart and he tried to convince him, that as a Cardassian he shouldn't be part of a in his words inferior races military. Lamart declined his fathers offer to come with him and instead had his father arrested.

    Years have passed since Lamart started his career as a Starfleet officer and he most recently has been promoted to Fleet Admiral. He is seen by many as the only good Cardassian, a point of view, that he wants to change. Two years ago, he joined the Cardassian diplomatic mission in the Alpha Quadrant, which main goal is creating the base of a future alliance.

    Further information on Lamart Movaks work with Starfleet can be found in the Log Archive for Starfleet missions.



    Application Letter for joining Starfleet:

    "Dear Mr. Falstein,

    Since we have talked before, I know you are aware of my wish to join Starfleet. I know, that there are Concerns regarding my race. But that gives me even more reason to write this letter to you. I know I would be the first Cardassian joining Starfleet, but I also think I won't be the last. I dream of a future where my race has put their pride aside and realizes, they are only one of many and not superior.

    I believe, there are many Cardassians, who would agree with me, yet tradition, hierachy and military keeps society in order. It would be simply to easy to judge a whole race instead of the individual. All I request is to be giving a chance to proof myself to you. Let me show you, that I am just as willing to bring peace to the Galaxy as any human cadet. As proof for the sincerity of this request I have also sent you a letter by Commander James Grey. I have worked with Commander Grey and already learned alot about the different weapon types from him. To really know anything tho, you need proper education and I am certain, that only Starfleet can prepare me for the life I want to live.

    I would be glad to talk to you again about my goals as a Starfleet officer and I think it would be best if we could speak face to face. I am looking forward to talk to you again Commander Falstein.

    Sincere regards,

    Lamart Movak."


    Face of the Enemy Speech at an open debate on Bajor (2 years ago):

    "Hello and a good day, to everyone who has made their way to the market today.

    I know some of you might be shocked to see my face. War has ended long ago, but my face is still the face of what some of you see as the enemy. Perhaps it would calm you, if I told you I am a Starfleet officer, but that doesn't change the underlying problem. I know the terrible thing Cardassians have done to Bajor. They murdered millions, without compromise. And I apologize for that. But the Cardassia today is not the Cardassia of those years. All I can ask of you today is forgiveness. I know the people of Bajor and I know, that you are good people, capable of emotion and empathy.

    Forgive not those Cardassians, who as members of the True Way still blindly follow dreams of past lost glory. No, forgive those Cardassians, who want to change their world. Those, who do not think they are superior to anybody else. Those, who want to change their planets politics for a better. Please find a spark in your heart, to forgive them. It would only show again, what great people you are, because it needs greatness if the victim forgives the attacker. And if you forgive them, you are helping the Quadrant as a whole.

    I am Lamart Movak, Captain of the U.S.S. Medusa. I have fought the True Way, who still threatens peace on Bajor today. I can understand your reservations well. But my goal is to create the preconditions for Cardassia to join the Federation of Planets and for that to happen I need your help. Consider my request and think about my words, that is all I can ask of you, with the face of the enemy."


    On Klingons in Federation Now Magazine:

    "The klingons have always fascinated me. They are fierce warrior of honor, of course everybody knows that. But their past with Federation was a troublesome one and yet, they were able to make a treaty at Khitomer. It needs great men to do this, from both sides. I've learned to respect them and hope to learn of them."


    On Growing up on Bajor as a Cardassian in Federation Now Magazine:

    "It's true, the time was not easy for a Cardassian. But if there is one thing I know, it's that the Bajorans are in their heart good people. Of course you always have good and bad. But I most fondly remember all the good. The love my adopting family gave me, all they taught me. They already had a son, Fossoon Ucerim, he is one of my Leading Officers today. Infact, can you blame the Bajorans for hating those people, who killed millions of them? I can't.

    Like the teenage boy, who threw me into a lake and broke my arm. His mother had been tortured, raped and killed by a ravaging Cardassian troupe. The boy had to watch all that. Of course he hated me then. I just looked like them, with the scales on my neck and what you would call spoon on my head. I was a living bad memory for him. Of course It hurt me at that time, but I can forgive him now, because I know his reasons.

    I talked about it with Malek, my adopting father on Bajor. Adopting me had been a bold decision by him, after all part of the hatred hit him as well. Still he always gave me the same love, he gave his own son.

    Thus, thinking back I cannot understand Commander Benjamin Siskos decision to give the Cardassian Orphan Rugal back to his genetic parents, without even asking him what he wants. You can't break families that abruptly. There would have been a better solutions if it had been looked for. With all due respect to the Commanders achievements, this is the one thing I would like to discuss with him."
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    Flag Captain Alpha Squad

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    Re: Lamart Movak

    Post by HareBrained on Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:19 pm

    Just wanted to say this is really well done, what a great start!


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