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    Jensen's return to Serenity Station

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    Jensen's return to Serenity Station

    Post by Stravik on Sun Feb 21, 2016 11:06 pm

    The U.S.S. Regent sits in high orbit around Nukara with the U.S.S. Graywolf and the U.S.S. Frontier in a lower orbit. The U.S.S. Regent has been the flagship and space defense force for the past year overseeing troops movements on Nukara. She had fulfilled a successful tour of duty and yet somehow the Tholians were still able to continue to maintain the fight on the planet below. Stravik looked intently at the orders he had just received from Starfleet command. He set the PaDD down on the desk in front of him and smiled "It's about time they sent me home" he mutters to himself. He stands up to look out the observation window in his ready room. "What shall I do first when I get there I wonder" he whistles lightly "Second Chance Saloon here I come." he turns briskly and walks around his desk towards the door.

    Stravik step onto the bridge "Colonel the Graywolf reports all troops have been brought on board and they are ready to leave orbit" Stravik walks over to the guest chair on the bridge and sits down "And our troops are onboard as well Robin?" Captain Teller sits down in the captain's chair. "Yes sir" he looks towards the viewscreen "set a course home to Serenity Station then Captain"

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