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    The River Tam

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    The River Tam

    Post by Lastline on Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:00 pm

    The USS River Tam had been under the command of Nathan "Lastline" Merano for a long time. Lastline hadn't started out his career in space aboard a starship but rather as a fighter pilot. This is where Lastline thought he would spend his career, but after the Cardassian war came to a close the need for fighter squadrons had been reduced as the need for starship ramped up. Starfleet was fighting a multi-front war on one side the Klingons and on the other the Borg. Long since retired ships came out of retirement and these ships commanded and crewed by often inept or simply inexperienced crews. The federation was explorers not warriors and this became more and more apparent as the Federation was taking devastating loses on every front. Starfleet knew it was time for a change, Starfleet academy began to teach battle tactics and marksmanship and Starfleet sought soldiers not explorers. While the academy began to train the next generation of starship crews it needed personnel on the front lines immediately. Starfleet began to tap the shoulders of unlikely candidates to leave their current jobs and crew or command starships. Lastline was one of those, first he was promoted and than when his new orders came in he had to send them back for authentication. He was to immediately take command of a starship. Lastline took his first command hand picking his crew as he went along, liberated Borg, Jem Hadar, A Andorians even Klingons served under his command. As Lastline advanced through the ranks he received the command of newer and more powerful ships. And with these commands the stakes always rose, Starfleet would push him and his crew further and further into the front lines.

    It was on his promotion to the rank of Captain that he finally met the ship that he would ride all the way to the end of the war. The Galaxy class was at one time the pride of Starfleet many Galaxy class starships had been used in some of the most history making episodes in the history of Starfleet. Lastline had been assigned a Galaxy class starship, but it was long from the pride of starfleet. Since the war began leaps and bounds had been made in starship design. The galaxy class was now just considered another outdated design. This Galaxy class was no different it had been discharged from service and had been kept at Starfleet academy along with many other ship to be used as a training tool. This particular one had mainly been used to train engineers on training scenarios of catastrophic accidents. This Galaxy didn't even have an name anymore just its registry number. She was hardly ready to fight but she had been cleaned and prepped and according to the dock master was "ready to kick some Borg ass." That is where she was headed to fight the Borg and if Lastline took here there in its current condition they were only headed to one place, certain doom.

    Lastline had a week to take his new ship and get it into the fight. Starfleet had advised that Lastline and his crew use this time to relax and had even recommended Risa. Instead Lastline took his new starship to Serenity Station changed out all he weapons, and updated or changed out many parts and pieces. And finally gave her a name River Tam. Her plaque had been updated and now read the name of the ship and the ships motto "I can kill you with my mind". The first tour fighting Borg was a success but just barely the River Tam clearly wasn't able to go toe to toe with what the Borg was sending against her. As the River Tam pulled into Earth Space Dock to receive her new orders the evidence was apparent. Scars of many battles and patches from hull breaches and the worst of all she returned with a quarter less crew than she went out with.

    But they promoted him an Admiral, with ships under his command and a new ship they said one that befits such a honored a storied commander. He chose the River Tam as his flagship much to their surprise. The ship went into dry dock for a refit and with the help of Liberated Borg members Borg technology was successfully integrated with the River Tam's systems. Borg equipment poked through the hull and her two nacelles now glowed green. Her weapons and systems updated and her bridge totally redesigned. Her explorer days long behind her the River Tam was now truly a ship of war.

    The Borg and the Klingons as it turned out, other enemies showed and the River Tam was sent to confront them all. Lastline could feel it his flagship was struggling to keep up. And than disaster was just barely avoided the River Tam disabled by an enemy had been boarded but this was a ship of fighters and eventually the boarders were repelled but only at a terrible cost. Serenity Station had too come a long way and the River Tam limped back there and it was there that the River Tam would receive its largest overhaul yet.

    The now called her a dreadnought class. She sported three nacelles a max warp of just shy of thirty. Fully upgraded weapons armor the list went on and one. But as Lastline approached the ship by shuttle he noticed it a humongous cannon running under the saucer section. He would find it was called a "thermal lance" and starfleet command called it a "game changer". The new weapon even required a special bridge station and crewman to man it. Lastline's little River Tam was now a power a flying tank that took him through countless sorties. And than his latest orders came through. The River Tam had reached the end, she could no longer be upgraded she was to be reduced to a support role in Lastline's armada. Lastline was immediately to take command of a brand new Yamato class fresh from the Jupiter yards and packed full of the latest tech. Somehow the war was over but they were still fighting and new type of war ship was needed.

    The River Tam was docked her crew was off the ship and her warp core had been powered down for service. It was strangely quiet aboard the ship. Lastline had chosen to spend one last night aboard her, sleeping in his quarters he actually found it hard to sleep. It was just to quiet. His quarters had already been packed up and shipped off besides a few items. He got up in the morning and fished a duffle bag from the closet and took the sheets off the bed and packed up the few remaining items. He put on his duty uniform and put his Bajorin pistol in its holster on his duty belt. It was standing orders for all crew members to carry a pistol while on board ship. He took one final look around looking under the bed and through the closet and going through the furniture that was bolted to the bulkhead. He slung the duffle bag and than walked through the door and out into the corridor that normally would have been bustling with the River Tam's crew. Now all gone. There were so many stories and so many memories they washed over him like the tide. He took the turbo lift down to the shuttle bay. Which had been expanded into a flight deck. Now empty and quiet, he looked over to where his personal fighter the Sun Burst was kept. He still fly's her but for fun not for combat, one of the flight deck crew had even painted "reserved parking" on the Sun Burst's berth. He took the turbo lift up to the bridge running his hand across the bulkhead as he entered. He closed his eyes he could hear their voices the chaos of battle. He walked up to the command chair and just gazed at it for a moment. Finally he entered his ready room, the room had been completely cleared out save for the desk which still remained firmly bolted to the deck. The was a PADD on the desk he picked it up and activated it there was a message about how the name had been applied to his new ship the "heart of gold" he giggled. Remembering how he had sarcastically said "Thanks you guys have a real heart of gold." Somebody at the yard definitely had a sense of humor.

    He took one final look around and took in a deep breath, this office always had the oddest smell. He had come to love it. He tucked the PADD under his arm and tapped his comm badge. "This is Admiral Merano on board the River Tam one to beam up." And as teleporter engaged he said "goodbye."

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    Name: Pyriel Danto

    Re: The River Tam

    Post by Pyriel32 on Sun Feb 14, 2016 12:42 am

    This was nice

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