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    Action report

    Post by Seeker on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:37 am

    To: Admiral Martel, Admiral Pyriel Danto, Admiarl Lastline, Genrel Stavik, Firefly Fleet, Serenity Station

    From: Commander S'has, Romulan-Fedation task-force Alfa Quadrant

    Mission: Comander Sharish Minna from Ds9 asked the task-force to Recover a orb of the Profits from Truway forces in the badlands.

    Mission stasis: successful

    Action: the (RFAQ) taskforce consisting of the R.R.W. Raptor Star under my command, along with the R.R.W. White Star under command of Commander Kovel, I.R.W. Incepteris under the command of Comandder Normau. was joined by Captain Yonid of the Krenum warship Hades. Arrived in the Bad lands ran into a transport under attack by true way forces. with intell gain for them after saving them tracked the orbs trail to a heavy defended moons base. We beamed down infatuated the base and recovered the Orb retanse was hvy and crew took mild injures but every one made it back to the ship. but on returning it to Bajor, a viosn with the profits implied that the orb was of the mirror universe and must be returned their. ( on a side not Commander Normau Wallet went missing). Retruning to the Bad lands we entered a protal to the Mirror Universe and was met by a Teran empire fleet. All ship took damage but me made it to Mirror bajor and beamed down. where we where confunted but truway forces and more Teran empire after cuting through them and to the temple. we confuted the trueway leader who end up being a changeling. he has been detainded and his jar is in station brig. the Mirror profets thanked us for returning the orb and move use back to our bajor. (also returning Normau wallet). With intel gain we travled to a near buy ture way base Producing ketricel white and stormed it. planting charge. their we found a Vorta that told use the new link we under the impretion the founder where killed by us and we where trying to kill them and he wished to inform them of the truth. after blowing the station Alfa jemhardar shows up and had to be dispatched. From Here the R.R.W Raptor star contuies on alone as a fleet of war ships would not seem very diplomatic. Sadly Jem hardar in obit tryed to fend us off it was a hard fight with out the rest of the taskforce but we beamed down and fought our way to the link. where we where able to talk. lars the changeling lieing to the other had to be forcfully contained but the New link know the turth and though they don't want any thing to do with us they should no long be hostile.

    Recomendations and notes: The Incepteris took hvy damg and is need of repair. Request part to upgrade her systums. and the White star found manuring in the badlands was difficult. her impulse engine need to be align to this region of space if it will continue to serve here. Note the Raptor Star is being recalled to Romulan Space It will be renamed the R.R.W Datan in honor of our leader and New Class of Flag ship will be Released under the Name R.R.W Raptor Star


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