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    Gone Rogue

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

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    Gone Rogue

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:16 pm

    Bravok sat on the bridge of his B'rel. There was only the sounds of the consoles beeping and the quiet hum of the engines. After all, they were under cloak and waiting for someone to arrive. Talash sighed. "Where are they?"

    "Patience Talash." Tallara replied. Her antenna twitched nervously. The older Andorian checked her console. "Still no sign of them Captain."

    Bravok tapped at the eye patch bolted over his eye. He was getting too old for this kind of mission. Sneaking around was more akin to a Romulan tactic. Where was the glory of battle? Still, his crew needed to eat. "They'll be here. As long as we maintain cloak, we won't be detected." N'Nesh sashayed over behind Bravok's chair and draped herself over his shoulders.
    "Mmmmm, that's ok. We've got all the time in the world."
    "Knock it off N'Nesh. This isn't the time."
    "Ohh come now. A little fun while we wait?"

    Tallara turned in her chair and aimed her pistol at N'Nesh. "The Captain said no. Get back to your post."
    "Come on Kazzur, we used to be such good friends. Surely you won't shoot me? You certainly won't shoot me here, you'll risk hitting the Captain."
    "The Captain knows I'm the best shot on this tub. I ain't missing."

    N'Nesh pouted, twirling Bravok's grey beard around a finger before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and moving back to her console. Tallara kept her pistol trained on her well after she was typing at the console. Only when she was certain the Orion had stopped this latest bout of crazy did she holster her pistol and turn back to her weapons console, shaking her head. "That damned woman is getting worse every week." Talash just snorted.
    "She's Orion. The Galaxy's hookers. Of course she's acting up. Have you seen what we're flying here? You, me Cap'n, Laska over there and Kobor down in the engines are the only ones here who are not Orion whores. It's a miracle they've not just outright taken the ship. Come on Kazzur, we're not living here. Just alive. There's no point in making anything of it."

    While Tallara facepalmed, Bravok jumped to his feet and hit Talash in the back. "You think you can do better for yourself? You were nothing before you joined this crew. Now look at you. Fat. Depressed. You're no warrior, you're a rug." Talash turned to Bravok who was grinning. Tallara's console beeped, forcing her to interrupt.
    "Before you two start breaking the Bridge again, our contact is entering the system."
    "Ah, good." Bravok moved back to his chair. "On screen."

    The image on the viewer changed to show a Yridian freighter. "Ahhh, finally. We can get this done with. Wait for them to come to a stop, then move us within spitting distance of their Bridge and decloak." Bravok leaned back and smiled as he watched them fly up to the freighter. The lighting on the Bridge shifted slightly to indicate the cloak was disengaged. Imagining those pathetic little smugglers freaking out, Bravok stood up and ordered a comm open. "This is Captain Bravok. You're late."

    A Yridian male appeared on screen. He was wrinkly like all his species so impossible to gauge his age. "C-Captain! I didn't expect you to decloak so close!"
    "Cut the chatter. Do you have what we asked for?"
    "Yes. Give me the coordinates of your cargo bay and we'll beam it onboard."
    "We'll be beaming you over as well."
    "What?! That's not part of the deal!"
    "You want to get paid. We want to ensure what we have is genuine. You'll beam over with the cargo."
    "Oh-oh very well."


    The cargo bay lit up as crates transported in. The Yridian was stood amongst them with two bodyguards, twitching nervously. Bravok, Tallara and N'Nesh approached him.

    "He-hello. I hope you'll find everything in order." Bravok marched up to him and glared meanacingly.
    "What's your name?"
    "Well, I hope we find everything in order too."

    Tallara moved over to a crate and opened it. She took out a fist sized black orb with a couple of trigger buttons around the top. "High yield Iso-plastic charges. Perfect for demolishing bunkers, office buildings and starships if placed near their cores." Bravok grunted.
    "Excellent. Exactly what we were wanting. Can you get us more?" He turned to Jaglom.
    "Good." Bravok hit his arm communicator. "Bridge. The deal is done."
    "Understood." Talash replied. Bravok turned back to Janglom. "Your payment is being transported on board your ship. We'll have use for you again, of that, I have no doubt."

    Suddenly the whine of transporters echoed through the hold. A squad of large Gorn materialised, each one in battle armour, heavy weapons drawn. They had beamed in to encircle the group. Everyone pulled out their weapons and took aim, ending in a Mexican Standoff. One of the Gorn, with a distinct triangular snout, stepped forward, holding his assault pulsewave Disruptor in one hand. "Genltemen, you are all under arrest. Your ship has already been seized and your crew are in custody."

    Jaglom nervously moved beside Bravok. "I don't think so. I think you are going to let us go."

    The Gorn angled his head sideways. "Really? And why would I be doing such a foolish thing as that?"

    Jaglom suddenly grabbed Bravok and pressed a knife against his neck. "Because otherwise, I'll kill this Klingon."

    Another Gorn, one with the left side of his body and both legs seemingly replaced with cybernetics and a very short flat snout ending in a severe underbite stepped up with his minigun primed. "You think we care about the death of a smuggler? He's responsible for the death of thousands-"
    "Enough S'ag. We don't need to talk endlessly."

    Bravok took the distraction to press his neck into the knife. As pink blood trickled down the blade, he pushed forward, forcing the knife out of Jaglom's grasp. Bravok then slammed hsi head backwards, hearing the crack of the Yridian's nose. Pulling the knife from his neck, he staggered forward, clutching the wound. N'Nesh let out a cry but before they could do anything else, the Gorn squad opened fire, downing the three Yridians. The Gorn commander walked forward. "Srin, get a medical patch on Bravok." Holstering his pulsewave disruptor, the Gorn commander knelt down beside Jaglom and pushed him over. "We've been looking for you for a very long time. Finally we have the final piece of the puzzle. The ring leader of this entire little terrorist smuggling operation." The commander stood up and turned to his troops. "Beam him on board. Srin, how's Bravok?"

    "He'll live, though his voice will be horse for a few weeks."

    Bravok turned to the commander. "General K'hotiim, I trust this has meant the end of this endeavour."
    "Yes Agent Bravok. You no longer have to play the role of raider on the Cardassian border. Your ship is once more yours to command."
    "About time. We've been doing this for nearly seven years. If I see another Cardassian ship, I'm going to go crazy."
    "The Klingon Defence Force thanks you for your service. The discommendation on this ship and her crew will be lifted. On that, I give you my word."
    "Good. First thing we're doing is heading back to Klingon space and having some proper food."

    "One thing. You will no longer have access to the Praxus carrier. With the mission over, you no longer need access to its supplies or intelligence files. That should put to rest the rumours of you sometimes flying a carrier."
    "Fine. Whatever."

    K'hotiim saluted before he and his team beamed away, taking the prisoners with him. N'Nesh came over and placed a cloth over Bravok's neck, gently tending to his wound. Tallara also walked over.
    "Agent... Bravok?"
    "Agent? As in Klingon Intelligence?"
    "We were on a deep undercover mission to find the supply routes smugglers were using to move high explosives from Cardassia into the Klingon Empire. Somehow they were getting into the hands of terrorists who have amassed over a million deaths over the years. Like dishonourable targs, they dare not-"
    "Yes. But that's finally over now."
    Bravok opened his mouth to reply but was cut off.
    He was again about to reply when Tallara smashed her fist into his face. N'Nesh sprang forward but Tallara caught her arm and flipped her over onto her back, twisting the Orion's arm around Tallara's leg and twisting it sharply at the elbow past breaking point. Releasing her, Tallara stood up and advanced on Bravok. "I THOUGHT WE HAD AN UNDERSTANDING!!" She swung for him, but Bravok was ready this time. Ducking the swing, he retaliated, catching her jaw with an uppercut. It was enough to stop Tallara from fighting, but not enough to calm her down.

    "That's it! You betrayed my trust 'Agent'. I'll be packing up my things and leaving this ship at the next port of call."
    "DON'T! You can keep your green skinned whores. We're done."

    She turned and stormed off. N'Nesh had got to her feet and walked over to Bravok. "Tempermental little freak, isn't she?"
    "Shut up N'Nesh. We've lost a good member of our crew today."

    Previously known as Stunshock
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    Flag Captain Alpha Squad

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    Re: Gone Rogue

    Post by HareBrained on Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:04 pm

    Aha! The gravy thickens! Who's the "rogue" here though...?

    This is really good and I liked "Lazarus" too. I keep trying to write something for my own KDF crew so this has given me inspiration!

    Talaina Kazzur
    Done the Impossible

    Fleet Rank : Vice Admiral
    Number of posts : 721
    Location : Bonnie ol' England
    Ship Name : U.S.S. Viper
    Ship Registry Number : NX-204971-X
    Ship Class : Defiant
    Fleet Division : Command

    Re: Gone Rogue

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:15 pm

    The 'Rogue' has a double meaning in this. The prompt was to have your captain track down a ship captain who has gone rogue and done something that deserves to be brought in. So I flipped it and had the prompt from the viewpoint of the rogue. In this case, Bravok smuggling high yield explosives into the Empire for terrorists. But then flip it nicely, and in the end, it's just Tallara who has gone rogue by storming off the ship over the reveal.


    Oh, and thanks. I'm glad you are enjoying them. It's nice to find the time to write once more.

    Previously known as Stunshock

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    Re: Gone Rogue

    Post by Sponsored content

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