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    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Fri Feb 05, 2016 8:42 pm

    Captain's Log. The Viper has been tasked with providing aid to Kobali Prime against a renewed Vadwaur attack. We put numerous troops on the ground and the TRT engaged the main force outside the Kobali Temple. However.....

    There was a long, drawn out breath before the log continued.

    One of our crew did not make it. It is with great sadness that I must report the death of Ensign Willie Wurz. She was a fine officer, and gave her life to ensure a Kobali soldier was out of the firing line.

    Talaina stood over the bed, holding the hand of her fallen Ensign. Her body ached from the combat, sore muscles begging for sleep. But she couldn't sleep. It was difficult, seeing the young face motionless like that. Willie had transferred with them from the Sentinel. Though not one of the main Bridge crew, Talaina had come to know her over the years. This was the second time she had witnessed Willie's corpse. "At least this time is more dignified." Saarish was nearby, but keeping a resctable distance and pretending to be doing busy work. He made no reaction to the odd comment from his Captain.

    "I wish there was something I could do. I should be able to do more."

    The door to Sickbay opened. Talaina turned around, the TRT armour weighing heavy on her tired muscles. She hadn't even had time to change out of it. Ttorkkinn entered with a Kobali male. "Captain" The Saurian started, "this is Graven. The Kobali who was saved by Ensign Wurz." The Kobali stepped forward and offered his hand. Talaina shook it and looked him over. He appeared to be early forties, medium build, pale skin and as bald as a newborn calf.

    "Graven. I'm glad to see you're ok." Talaina managed to keep her voice calm and level, though the glance Ttorkkinn gave her indicated he knew otherwise. The Kobali nodded solomnly.

    "Captain Kazzur. I can not thank you and your crew enough for what you did. If not for Ensign Wurz, that mortar would have certainly killed me. I owe her a life debt."
    "I'm sure she would appreciate you saying so, but that's not neccesary. Willie would have been happy to know she died saving someone."
    "Never the less, I need to express my gratitude. And..." He hesitated, shifting nervously from foot to foot. "I have an offer to make. I'm sure you know about how we Kobali reproduce."

    "Yes, it's not exactly something easy to keep hidden."
    "Well, I also know many species can take issue with how we survive. I don't know how you feel personally about it but..." Graven shifted nervously from foot to foot, hesitating before he continued. "I would like to grant Ensign Wurz the gift of rebirth. It would give her a new lease on life, and let me repay the debt I owe her."

    Talaina straightened up, her antenna lifting up to attention. This was a serious request. Personally, she found what the Kobali did to be a strange situation. On the one hand, they were desecrating corpses, reanimating them like zombies and calling them children. Re-writing the DNA of the original body until very little remained. But on the other hand, it was a corpse. A dead body. It's not like they take the life away from a person. They simply recycle the body after use. If the family members were ok with it, why shouldn't the Kobali get to live? It was a tricky situation, one that couldn't be hidden away behind the Prime Directive. From what Talaina understood, there would be no trace of Willie's personality. It would be a completely new being.

    "I understand what you are asking. But this won't bring Willie back."
    "Not completely, but a part of her will live on in the new Kobali. Captain, I ordinarilly wouldn't ask this, I know what the Alpha Quadrant thinks of us. But please, let me do this. I'll take her as my own daughter."

    Talaina looked back down to the Ensign, motionless on the bed. "It would honour her memory. And her sacrifice. But ultimately, the decision is not mine." Talaina looked Graven straight in his eye. "I need to discuss it with her family, with her parents. They are the ones who have first rights over her body."

    Graven nodded politely. "Of course Captain. I understand. May I talk to them?"
    "No. This will be a difficult time for them. I will bring it up when the time is right. When I go to tell them their little girl has died."
    "As you wish. If you excuse me, I must return to the surface. You know how to contact me when the decision has been made."

    Saarish waited until Graven was gone before walking over to his Captain. "You are not sssseriously considering this?"
    "Why not? Willie sacrificed herself to ensure a Kobali lived. Would she want any less after death?"

    Ttorkkinn stepped forward, his features softened with concern. "Talaina, I hope this isn't some fools guilt making you do this."
    "No my friend. It's not. This is about making a difference. About honouring an officer and a friend. Ultimately, the decision lies with her parents. Whatever they choose, I will honour."

    "That's going to be a tough decision."
    "Yes, it is. Saarish, can you put her in stasis until we return to the Alpha Quadrant?"
    "Of coursssse."
    "Good. Commander, inform the Bridge to return to the Alpha Quadrant. I'm going to get out of this armour."


    Talaina and Ttorkkinn stood outside the medical facility on Kobali Prime. The Saurian seemed nervous. "Are you ok?" Ttorkkinn leaned in close so he could talk quietly.

    "It's just the idea of this.... hmmmm... procedure. It doesn't sit right with me."
    "You would consign the Kobali to death?"
    "No. I understand they need to keep the next generation going, and this is the only way they can. It's just..."

    Talaina could see her friend was having trouble expressing his concerns. She waited patiently for him to vocalise his thoughts.

    "When someone dies, the funeral allows greiving. Family, friends, they can say goodbye. They put the body in the ground, or cremate it, or... sell it. It's a powerful moment, when they can say their peace to the deceased and begin moving on. But what happens here.... it robs the family of that chance. There's no body to say goodbye to. No closure. Instead, you have the dead walking around. Only it's not the dead. It's a completely new being. But what about those who cared for them?"

    Talaina thought long and hard before slowly replying. "Not everyone needs a physical body to say farewell. Klingons view the body as an empty shell, one who's spirit has already left. As you mentioned, Ferengi sell parts of the deceased. I understand what you're saying. And there is still time for goodbyes. But the being that comes from this is a new life. A person is not defined by their origins, or their lineage. They are defined by the actions they take in their own life, what company they chose to keep. Think about the circle of life. An apple is eaten by a worm. That worm is eaten by a bird. That bird is eaten by a cat. That cat dies and it's body decomposes, putting nutrients into the ground so an apple tree can grow. What happens here is no different. One deceased body is simply providing the nutrients for another. Don't judge the Kobali for what hand fate has dealt them."

    "Then let me ask you this. If you died, would you want to become Kobali?"

    Talaina paused, giving it some serious thought. "If I'm dead with no chance of recovery.... yes. I would want my body to be used to give someone else a chance to live."
    "You speak sense. It's something to think about."

    Talaina smiled and patted him on the shoulder. "That's all I ask."

    Graven and a Kobali female walked towards them. She was a slightly shorter woman, but had alot of energy to her walk. She smiled broadly, looking at everything. Graven stopped before the Starfleet officers. "Captain. Commander. I want to introduce my daughter. T'siz."

    T'siz shook both their hands energetically. "Hi! Pleasure to meet you both. I'm told I have you to thank for being born? Well, thank you so very much." Talaina returned the hand shake with a smile.

    "It's good to meet you too."

    T'siz kept shaking Talaina's hand staring at her. "Have... have we met before? You seem familiar."
    "Ok T'siz" Graven interjected. "I think that's enough excitement for now. Go back inside, I'll join you soon." Once T'siz said her goodbye and left, Graven turned back to Talaina and Ttorkkinn. "Forgive me for sending her away, but if she were to remember her past life with you, it may cause her to reject what's happened. Until she's fully aclimatised. I hope you understand."

    "I do. But you will explain to her when she's ready?"
    "Yes. We do to all our children."
    Ttorkkinn stepped forward. "And if she wants to rejoin Starfleet when she learns the truth? You won't force her back here?"
    "Oh no. Once she accepts who she is, and that she is Kobali, then she is free to choose her own life path. Everyone is. As long as they don't try to change back."

    "That satisfies me. Ttorkkinn, I think we should return to the Alpha Quadrant. Give Graven and T'siz some time. But, I would like to come back in time. See how she's doing."
    "I think we would both like that Captain. Until we meet again."

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