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    A Day of Glory (A klingon Tail by JarHok)

    Director of Intelligence

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    A Day of Glory (A klingon Tail by JarHok)

    Post by Pyriel32 on Tue Nov 25, 2008 3:08 am

    This tale is about how I JarHok came to be noticed, and how I became a captain and the command of my own ship.

    It was just before the onset of the Dominion War, during the brief war between the Federation and Klingon Empire.

    I was Chief Tactile officer on board the IKS Vang, K’vort-Class, under Captain Koth.

    We were on patrol in the Badlands, when our sensors detected three Federation Ships, the USS Fleetwood Steamrunner class, and two Sabre class vessels, USS Stansfield and USS Fargo.

    We waited behind an interstellar nebula, which sheilded us from there sensors, as they came within in range we came out from behinde the nebular, we decloaked and fired our twin forward-firing wing-mounted disruptor cannons and dual photon torpedo launchers symultaniously destroying the USS Fargo.

    We then swooped across the left side of the USS Fleetwood, our disruptor fire splashing across their shields, as we passed over the USS Fleetwood we then fired two torpedoes from our aft launcher bringing the USS Fleetwood shields down to 65%.

    The USS Stansfield then gave chase fireing phasers and torpedoes hitting the aft shields of the IKS Vang bringing them down to 75%.

    The IKS Vang is unable to shake the USS Fleetwood so I suggest a plan to the Captain that we suddenly reduce speed to 1/4 impulse and so when the Captain Kothon permited me to carry out the the plan the following happend.

    "Stand by on my mark to drop speed to 1/4…MARK", the USS Stansfield the over shoots the IKS Vang straight into our disruptor fire, blowing apart the USS Stansfield.

    Captain Koth orders the IKS Vang to come about as the USS Fleetwood is trying to make a run for it. "Target there engines, prepare to board them’’. "Commander JarHok you will lead the boarding party’’.
    "Aye Captain"

    The IKS Vang target the USS Fleetwood’s engines with their disruptors disaberling them, followed by a full spread of torpedo’s to bring down their shields.

    As the USS Fleetwood’s shields go down I beam across with Klingon warriors to board and capture the ship.
    When I materialize on the bridge of the USS Fleetwood, I shove a security officer up against the view screen and cut back and across slashing open his neck with my mek'leth.

    I then turn to face the captain of the USS Fleetwood, swinging my mek'leth to my left knocking his phaser out of his hand I then kick him in the chest sending hip sprawling ito his captains chair, I follow by stabbing downwards with mek'leth impaling him to the chai with it.

    A fellow klingon warrior throws me a bat'leth which I twirl around in the air and decapitate a science officer, I charge across the deck and stop in between to security officers, I bring my around in a tight arc cuting across one security officers chest. I then slash back and up riping through the other security officers abdomine.

    I turn my bat'leth flat shoving it upward catching the last bridge officer on the jaw knocking him backwardds across a console, I follow and raseing my bat'leth above my head bringing it down for the finishing blow.

    General Martok hearing of my tacticle prowess in the engaement with the federation vessles gave me command of my own ship.

    General Martok was then kidnaped three day later my Dominion agents and replaced with a changling version.

    I then participated in Dominion war taking part in key may battles and engagements, later after the Dominion War finished I was awarded a temporary Diplomatic position by Chanalor Martok and to still be able to fight for the Empire when needed, later I was recalled to Qo'noS for my ship the IKS Tarren to be refitted, along with its sister ship to the IKS Rotarran, and then the IKS Tarren was given special dispensation of free rein by Klingon high Counsel.

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