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    A Lizard and a Cat walk into some sand

    Talaina Kazzur
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    A Lizard and a Cat walk into some sand

    Post by Talaina Kazzur on Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:46 am

    K'hotiim growled as he watched the stars streak by on the viewscreen. "K'Gan, report."

    "We will be approaching the station in one minute. Assault Squad is ready for deployment."
    "Good. The instant we drop from warp, transport the team over and open a hailing channel. We'll keep her distracted while the squad moves to her position."

    The K'tinga dropped from warp in the trinary star system and quickly closed to the old battered station in a high orbit over one of the stars. Hull temperature of the Qu'Vep started rising. K'Gan reported the Assault Squad had beamed over and the station was responding to hails. On the viewscreen, a Ferasan female appeared. A series of gold rings lined her left ear and her face had a very intricate cream coloured pattern over her blue fur. "I'm surprised to see a Gorn commanding a KDF ship."

    "Mafdet. You're actions this day have brought dishonour to the Klingon Empire, and the wrath of the nearby systems. This is your only chance to surrender."

    Mafdet purred softly. "And what does a Gorn care for Klingon honour? I know you have sent a team on board, but it will not stop my destiny. We Ferasans will achieve our true greatness. And there's nothing you can do to stop that."

    The comm channel cut off, prompting K'hotiim to smash the chair of his arm. He spun towards the Orion woman at Tactical. "KEZENGO! Target that station's power generators and destroy them!"

    Disruptor beams lanced out, slicing into the old hull with pinpoint precision. Lights on the station flickered out. Now it was a waiting game. With both K'hotiim and Thraak on the Bridge, the Assault Squad was missing two of it's primary members. He just hoped the replacement teams were up to it. S'ag would let him know afterwards. For now, all the Gorn could do was wait. But waiting was not his strong point. At least, as far as the Klingons were concerned. "Open a channel." He paused a moment. "Mafdet. For crimes against nature. For the mistreatment of civillians. For refusing to stand down to an Imperial officer. For arrogance and generally pissing me off, you are under arrest. Surrender to my officers before they are forced to kill you. Your crew will be treated according to all due laws of the Empire."

    Kezengo cut in. "Sir, S'ag is hailing." K'hotiim leaned back and motioned for him to go ahead.
    "Sir. We've taken the station. Some of the scientists surrendered, but most of the primary crew escaped through a portal of some kind. Srin is trying to figure out where it goes, but he says there's a lot of chroniton radiation eminating from it."

    A long growl was K'hotiim's reply. "Then she's gone through time. Thraak and I are beaming over."

    The Gorn materialised in an equipment lab that seemed to double as a command centre. Consoles and cables were scattered everywhere. A large viewscreen was on one wall and an active portal was sat in the very centre of the room. S'ag walked over to report. "That scientist is the one in charge of their research. He won't tell us where the prisoners are. I thought you would enjoy asking him personally."

    "I would. It's been a while since I tasted feline." The hulking brute walked up to the Ferasan scientists, who were all bound on the floor. K'hotiim grabbed the one S'ag had pointed out and hauled him to his feet, keeping a thick claw around the back of his neck. "The prisoners Mafdet took from the nearby colony. Where?"

    "I-I won't tell. You can't make me."

    "Oh brave words for a scientist." K'hotiim lunged forward with his jaws, sinking his teeth into the Ferasan's ear and tearing it free. Calmly chewing it, he simply stared at him, letting the blood stain the scientist's fur.

    "You monster!"
    "No. The monster was Mafdet. Slaughtering those women and children to get those components. For what I assume is for that portal. I won't ask again."

    The scientist just shook his head, so K'hotiim spat the ear onto the ground and dragged him over to a chair. Gripping the Ferasan's leg with his own foot claw and holding it in place, K'hotiim started bending him backwards over the chair. The Ferasan started screaming as his spine reached it's limit. K'hotiim didn't say a word, just kept slowly applying more pressure. Cracks started ringing out from the scientist's back as vertibrae started snapping one after another. The Ferasan clawed at the Gorn, but he just kept applying the pressure.

    "You know how to make this stop."

    There was still no answer, so K'hotiim jerked his hand forward, snapping the Ferasan in half. He released his hand and foot, letting the body slump very unnaturally over the back of the chair and walked to the next hysterical scientist. Grabbing her by her throat, he lifted her up and slammed her against the wall. "WHERE?"

    "One level down in a hidden lab. I swear, we didn't know what she wanted for them. I'll give you the access code, just please don't kill me!"

    K'hotiim dropped her and motioned for a pair of officers to go get them. K'hotiim himself walked over to Thraak. "Any idea where they went? Or when?"

    "It looks like a few thousand years in the past. It's difficult to locate a precise moment, but they have a lot of historical texts in their database from hundreds of worlds."

    S'ag walked over. "They ran through the portal as we entered the room. We didn't dare follow them without knowing what we would find, but we haven't changed any settings or shut it down."

    "Which in theory means we could follow them." Thraak theorised. "If we go, I suggest a small team. The smaller the better."

    K'hotiim nodded in agreement. "How many went through."

    S'ag shrugged. "Two. Mafdet and her first officer."
    "Any way we can get back?"

    Thraak picked up a small wrist strap from the nearby table. "This emits a beacon that allows the user to be located and recalled. I guess Mafdet created them in case they went somewhere they did not like."

    K'hotiim took the device and put it on. It barely fit around his wrist. "S'ag. You and S'raat are with me. The rest of you, stay here incase we need help."

    S'ag stepped forward, speaking in hushed tones. "I notice no Klingons here. This one of our missions?"
    "No. Temporal incursions are too dangerous. Even for our use. When we get back, this portal is being destroyed. S'raat. You ready?"

    With the three Gorn ready to go, they stepped towards the portal. It was a sparkling blue ball floating in the air. Nothing connected to it, but it shimmered, as if made from water. "Well... here we go."

    The three Gorn found themselves stood in a desert. A single yellow sun bore down on them from a cloudless blue sky. All three instinctivly smiled, enjoying the high warmth. K'hotiim looked around. Nothing but sand dunes in every direction. "S'raat. Any idea where we are?"

    S'raat scanned the area. "Class M world. No signs of power, technology or infrastructure of any form. No Ferasan lifesigns, but I am picking up human life signs that way. Not far."

    "Human?" K'hotiim turned to S'raat and cocked his head slightly to the right. "We're on Earth? Or one of their colony worlds?"

    "Impossible to say. It could be one of those alternate worlds Starfleet kept stumbling into in the mid 22nd century."
    "Set weapons to stun. I have no desire to erase myself from existence because I killed some random human. Or human-esque creature."

    K'hotiim started walking, his wide feet making travel on the sand fairly easy. His toes curled into the sand with each step. It was nice to feel real ground under his feet, especially such hot ground. Too much time spent on ships and stations. Something caught his eye ahead. A series of tents flapping in the wind. There was a considerable number, far too many to be nomads. And too well organised. It looked like a primitive town. "There. I want the two of you to stay back. I'm going to draw enough attention, we don't need to pollute the timeline more. If you don't hear from me in fifteen minutes, come and get me." K'hotiim started making his way towards the encampment.

    The place seemed to be some kind of market camp. Stalls were running along the 'street' and dark skinned humans in loose fitting robes were everywhere. In the centre was a more solid construction, a three floor tall pyramid built of stone. K'hotiim had no idea what they were saying, his universal translator wasn't set for whatever language it was. But when they saw him, they all reacted the same way. Their eyes went wide and they started screaming "SOBEK! SOBEK!" and fled towards the pyramid. K'hotiim was clearly not going to get any answers. He calmly marched towards them and stopped behind the crowd. There was a good thousand humans present. Men, women, children. He didn't understand how the fragile species could survive here, but frankly he didn't care. It wasn't why he was here.


    His voice echoed through the desert. One of the humans, an older man, slowly came forward. He said something fearfully. K'hotiim looked down at him. "Mafdet?" More gibberish. K'hotiim just growled and looked at the pyramid. It seemed out of place. Pushing past the human, he walked around it. On the far side, he smiled. The entrance was here, and either side was a statue of a Ferasan woman in some regal clothes. "MAFDET! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!"

    Scraping of stone against stone opened the door, revealing the Ferasan woman. Mafdet was wearing clothes similar to her statues. White cloth with a colourful shoulder collar embedded with jewels that reflected the sun with each movement. She walked out into the sun, a pair of humans with her. She smiled when she saw K'hotiim. "So, my 'would be capturer' finally catches up." She purred with anticipation.

    K'hotiim slowly cracked his neck and knuckles. "Yes, and now I'm here to take you back." Mafdet said something in the local tongue and the crowd rushed around her. She smiled and purred again.

    "As you can see, you will not take me without taking out my followers. They worship me. And I help them. They will lay down their lives for me."

    "Then you're not much of a leader if you use your own followers as shields."

    "You wouldn't dare attack them. You must know you're in the past. Anything you do could disrupt the timeline."
    "You've already disrupted the timeline. I would simply be setting it right."

    "You're bluffing."
    "I don't bluff."

    K'hotiim tapped some commands on his wrist gauntlet and activated his motion accelerator. He charged forward into the crowd, sending humans flying. Many of them tried to get out of his way but couldn't move in time, getting trampled under the Gorn. Mafdet quickly shouted something and the crowd scattered, giving her the space to leap forward and pounce on K'hotiim's face. She started scratching his face so he fell forward, rolling up to land on top of her. Her legs kicked upwards, causing K'hotiim to faceplant into the sand and flip over. Mafdet landed gracefully on her feet and jumped forward, landing on his legs and grabbing the battery pack on his belt. She tore it free and quickly leapt away, breaking it apart. With the battery pack broken, his motion accelerator shut down. As K'hotiim got to his feet, he knew he would be lucky to land a hit on her now. Which meant one thing left. He unholstered his assault blaster and fired, but the Ferasan was too quick. She jumped sideways, avoiding the blast, jumping again to avoid another. She pounced on him, using his high centre of balance to knock him over. She punched his face a few times before leaping off.

    As K'hotiim got to his feet, he saw her on all fours, arched back as she prowled around. She let out a meow. "You see? Here, I am a god. I've spent two hundred years making this place, and I will not let you destroy it."

    "Two hundred years? How? Ferasans don't live that long."
    "That's something you won't find out."

    She leapt again but a disruptor from the side knocked her into the crowd. S'ag and S'raat came in, weapons ready. S'ag rested the rifle, which looked more like a pistol in his grip, over his shoulder. "We got bored."

    "Glad you did. She's taken out my accelerator, I can't get a hit on her."

    S'raat smiled. "Leave her to me." He activated his own accelerator and charged into the crowd. After a few seconds, an angry ball of fur flew through the air, landing on S'ag with a hiss. Her claws raked against scales as the Gorn tried to get her off, but she seemed to clamp down. S'ag staggered around, grabbing her and starting to squeeze. She moved quickly, stabbing her claws into his left eye. S'ag roared and dropped to the ground, punching her off. "THAT STUPID CAT! SHE RIPPED OUT MY EYE!"

    Mafdet landed on her feet and hissed at S'ag. S'raat charged into her from behind, bowling her over. He pinned her down under her weight, giving K'hotiim the opening to run over and force handcuffs on her. S'raat stayed sitting on her as she continued to struggle. K'hotiim looked down at her. "You've caused a lot of trouble for us. If any of your followers try to help you, they will be killed."

    She hissed and spat at him. "You wouldn't! The timeline!"
    "IS ALREADY POLLUTED! And I no longer care about the history of this backwater world. Tell them to let us go or die."

    Mafdet nodded and stopped struggling. She spoke to them and the crowd moved away. K'hotiim lifted her up and kept a firm grip on the scruff of her neck. S'ag came over and glared at her with his remaining eye. "I'm already half cyborg, and now you go take my eye?? I should kill you painfully for that!" He punched her hard in the face, her snout breaking very loudly. S'ag went for another swing but S'raat grabbed his arm.

    "No S'ag. That's enough." S'ag started breathing heavy, growling at the Ferasan.

    "What of the other one?" Mafdet didn't speak. Either through choice, or because she physically couldn't, it was hard to say. K'hotiim tightened his grip on her neck and lifted her off the sand.

    "Your second. Where?"
    "She died. A few years after we got here, the settlement was attacked. She died saving us from the invaders."
    "Where is she buried?"
    "She was cremated."

    K'hotiim growled deeply. "How convenient. S'raat, signal our return. And you, Ferasan, will answer for your crimes."

    The three Gorn and Ferasan appeared back on the station. Srin was at the controls. K'hotiim shoved Mafdet towards a security detail of Klingons. "Brig. Now. Full security detail at all times." As they beamed back to the ship, he approached Srin. "How long have we been gone?"

    "Five hours. Thraak was able to figure out what she was doing with the prisoners. Some kind of genetic experiments to prolong lifespans. No idea if they made any success."

    "She says she spent two hundred years in that place. I think she made progress."
    "Fair 'nuff. What about the other one?"
    "She says she was killed and cremated. Even if she's lying, there's no way to track her. We couldn't pick up any lifesigns, not even from Mafdet. Somehow they found a way to mask their lifesigns. Wherever, and whenever she is, that one got away. I assume the prisoners have been freed?"
    "Yeah. And back on the Qu'Vep."
    "Good. Start pulling apart that time portal. No one is to use it."


    The caravan of travellers moved through the sand at a steady pace. After all, a god was with them. The Ferasan sat under the shade of her personal transport, carried by four burly and handsome men. Well, handsome for humans. They were almost at Mafdet's Sanctuary. Not a regular trip, but one she did enjoy doing. The time between seeing her friend and Captain was too far inbetween, but the Pharoah had many enemies and needed her protection. After all, without her and Mafdet, there would be no Pharoah to protect. There wouldn't even be a civilisation. The caravan stopped and someone ran up towards her. A young man, he dropped to his knees.

    "Oh great Goddess Bast. There looks to be trouble in Mafdet's Sanctuary."

    Bast sat up at this news. "What?" She unfurled herself and stepped into the light. From this vantage point atop a dune, they overlooked the Sanctuary by quite a height. Her enhanced feline eyes were able to make out Mafdet fighting three Gorn. And she lost. The young man stood beside his Goddess.

    "Should we not help?"
    "No. Sobek has come to take Mafdet. Her time has ended. If we intervene, all of us would die." She turned to the young man and cupped his cheek in a paw. "We must wait here until they have gone. I will take Mafdet's place and ensure your people are looked after. She knew this day would come. She has to go, but we both planned for me to replace her. After all, it is my destiny."

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